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News for 04 October 2016

All the news for Tuesday 4 October 2016

Chile, Uruguay, and Venezuela with shut-out wins on Day 2 of the Men’s South American Championship

2016 South American Championship & World League R1 (field hockey) – Chiclayo, Peru – 03 Oct 2016 - Chile vs. Peru. Photo: Talia Vargas - PanAm Hockey

Chile’s Ignacio Contardo and Mathias Drummer each have two goals to help Chile to victory over host Peru. Uruguay’s Captain Diego Laborde also has two goals win over Paraguay. And Venezuela’s Cristian Vargas’ six goals and four goals by Captain Andy Adrian helped Venezuela to a 16 goal victory over Ecuador.

All matches are being live-streamed; and a reminder that each match is being played in two 35 minute halves and cannot end in a tie.

Ecuador-Venezuela (0-16)

The opening minutes of the match between Ecuador and Venezuela were almost entirely in Venezuela’s attacking circle. Captain Andy Adrian kept looking to attack with forward teammates Wilber Bracamonte and Cristian Vargas. Ecuador’s Wilson Torres and Jimmy Cedeño helped their team to play strong defense preventing Venezuela from scoring until the 8th minute despite constant pressure. Vargas gave Venezuela the lead in the 8th minute; and then one minute later Javier Ramos increased his team’s lead to two goals. In the 10th minute, Venezuela earned the first penalty corner of the match, but could not complete the play to get a shot off. Venezuela quickly earned another penalty corner and Adrian put in the hard low shot to make the score Ecuador 0, Venezuela 3. Venezuela’s fourth goal came in the 15th minute as Wilmer Vargas found Adrian waiting on the far post who deflected the ball into net. A minute later, Venezuela had increased its lead to five goals over Ecuador with a third consecutive goal by Adrian.

A couple minutes later, however, it was Cristian Vargas that scored again off as Palacios had come far out of the goal. Venezuela’s Adan Laya made the score Ecuador 0, Venezuela 7 in the 25th minute.  Venezuela kept up its intense attacking pressure and had a number of consecutive penalty corners. Ecuador’s keeper Lincoln Palacios came up with many big saves to keep Venezuela from increasing their lead, but in the 30th minute, Vargas scored again, this time off a penalty corner, to make the score Ecuador 0, Venezuela 8. Two minutes later, Adrian had scored his fourth goal of the match; and then Raudin Simanca scored in the 34th minute to make the halftime score Ecuador 0, Venezuela 10.

At the start of the second half, Venezuela immediately earned three penalty corners. Ecuador continued to play strong defense and prevent Venezuela from scoring off these corners. Around the 40th minute, Ecuador had some possession in their attacking half and forced Venezuela’s keeper Junior Benitez to come far out of goal for the first time in the match. Venezuela soon regained possession and ran back on to attack and forced a penalty corner. Cristian Vargas converted the penalty corner to make the score Ecuador 0, Venezuela  11 in the 44th minute. A minute later, Venezuela completed a nice passing sequence to find Wilmer Vargas on the post to push in the goal for the nine goal lead. In the 49th minute, Ecuador substituted Captain and keeper Lincoln Palacios with reserve keeper Bryan Ormaza.  Ecuador continued to play strong defense and held Venezuela without another goal until the 53nd minute when Wilber Bracamonte pushed the ball between Ormaza’s legs. Fresh off the restart, Venezuela was back on attack and then Cristian Vargas had back-to-back goals the second of which was a beautiful high goal to the opposite post to make the score Ecuador 0, Venezuela 15. It was soon Ecuador 0, Venezuela 16 off a goal by Simanca, his second of the match, in the 56th minute.

Ecuador continued to fight and a save by Ormaza in the 60th minute led to a breakaway on attack by Yeremy Bombon. Venezuela quickly regained possession before Bombon was unable to get a shot off. Ecuador, however, held Venezuela without another scoring opportunity until the 67th minute when Venezuela was awarded a penalty corner. Ormaza made a stick save to deny Venezuela’s shot and Ecuador ran back into their attacking half.  While Venezuela continued their attacking pressure, Ecuador was able to keep the score at Ecuador 0, Venezuela 16; holding Venezuela without another goal for 14 minutes.

Uruguay-Paraguay (5-0)

Less than one minute into the match, Uruguay’s Alexis Lopez scored to give his team the early lead over Paraguay. For the next few minutes, Paraguay’s Santiago Chamorro, Aram Monges and Elias Vera did a good job defensively to force play into the midfield. Uruguay earned the first penalty corner of the match in the 5th minute, but Paraguay played good team defense to break up Uruguay’s penalty corner play; and was again able to force play into the midfield for the next five minutes. In the 10th minute, Uruguay was awarded another penalty corner, but the shot went wide. Uruguay kept up their attacking pressure and earned three consecutive penalty corners; the third of which resulted in a penalty stroke that Captain Diego Laborde put in to make the score Uruguay 2, Paraguay 0.

And then Paraguay substituted keeper and Captain Hugo Lopez with reserve keeper Roberto Fleitas. Uruguay kept up their attacking pressure and successfully converted a penalty corner in the 22nd minute as Laborde scored again to put his team ahead by three goals. Uruguay then substituted their starting keeper Sebastian Cadenasso with reserve Rodrigo Castro. Paraguay did not let up and was able to hold possession in their attacking half for a number of minutes. Julio Russo and Sebastian Chamorro played hard on attack to keep forcing the ball into their attacking half. In the 30th minute Uruguay’s Gonzalo Martinoni was awarded a green card. Paraguay looked to capitalize rushing into their attacking circle, but could not get a shot off. Uruguay was awarded a penalty corner in the final minute of the first half, but Fleitas made a quick save to keep the score Uruguay 3, Paraguay 0 at halftime.

Paraguay almost scored in the first minute of the second half, but Uruguay regained possession.  Alexis Lopez was awarded a green card in the 37th minute. One minute later Uruguay’s Luis Salmini and Paraguay’s Elias Vera were each awarded yellow cards. Paraguay. Uruguay earned their first penalty corner of the second half in the 41st minute. Alexis Lopez’s drag flick sailed into goal and Uruguay went ahead of Paraguay 4 to 0. Despite Uruguay continuing to dominate possession, Paraguay did not let up and had their best shot opportunity in the 48th minute, but the shot hit the post. Intensity continued to rise in the match and Paraguay’s Guillermo Benitez received a yellow card in the 49th minute. Impressively, Paraguay was able to earn their first penalty corner of the match while Benitez was still out with the card. Uruguay’s Cadenasso saved the shot by Julio Russo. Uruguay regained possession and rushed back on attack. Agustin Rivero found Gabriel Lopez to make the score Uruguay 5, Paraguay 0. Soon after, Paraguay was back on attack as Monges had a breakway. Cadenasso rushed far out of goal to stop Monges and Paraguay just missed scoring on an open net. Both teams continued to battle with intensity for possession. Paraguay’s Elias Vera received another yellow card. Maximiliano Tixe had a hard shot on goal, but Fleitas came up for the save. Paraguay played strong defense to hold off the Uruguay attack; and their persistence paid off with a penalty corner as time expired. With Russo’s penalty corner shot going wide, the final score remained Uruguay 5, Paraguay 0.

Chile-Peru (8-0)

After narrowly losing to Uruguay on Day 1, host Peru was still looking for its first win of the tournament. Chile was awarded the first penalty corner of the match two minutes into the match, but Peru’s Captain and keeper Felix Mafferetti made a glove save to keep the match scoreless. Chile’s Martin Rodriguez, Ignacio Contardo and Jan Berczely all keep trying to pressure on attack and look for a shot. Peru’s defense, especially Hugo Visosa and Ricardo Cruz, worked hard to keep Chile from getting shots off despite play in their attacking circle. Chile’s attacking pressure eventually led to another penalty corner in the 12th minute. With Chile unable to complete the penalty corner play, Peru regained possession. For about the next five minutes Peru was able to have more possession, including some possession in their attacking circle.

 In the 20th minute, however, Chile earned another penalty corner that Juan Amoroso converted to give his team the lead. In the 22nd minute, Martin Rodriguez slammed a penalty corner shot from the top right of the circle, but Mafferetti made a great leg save. Three minutes later, Rodriguez found Mathias Drummer who tipped the ball into the center of the cage to make the score Chile 2, Peru 0. Chile continued to keep their attacking pressure and Chile’s Ricardo Achondo did a lot of dribbling in the circle to find Captain Sven Richter to give his team a three goal lead in the 30th minute. Cruz and Abel Romeo played strong defense in the final minutes of the first half to help keep Chile from scoring further before halftime.

The second half started like the first half with Chile earning a penalty corner in the opening minutes of the second half. Peru continued to play strong defense and hold off the Chilean attack and keep Chile from quickly increasing their lead. Peru’s Vincenzo De Martis then had one of Peru’s best attacking chances of the match on a break away, but Chile’s keeper Adrian Henriquez was there for the save. For the next ten minutes, Peru played very strong defense to force play into the midfield and keep Chile out of their attacking circle. In the 50th minute, however, Chile found Felipe Renz right in front of the net for the quick tip in to make the score Chile 4, Peru 0. In the 55th minute, Chile’s Ignacio Contardo gave Chile a five goal lead over Peru. Three minutes later, Drummer easily pushed the ball into goal after Mafferetti had come out to challenge the play.

Then Chile’s Diego Amoroso received a green card and Peru took advantage getting a quick shot on goal that was just outside the goal cage. Peru kept trying to pressure on attack, but after a couple minutes Chile regained possession and ran back on attack. Chile’s Jan Berczely blasted a shot into goal to make the score Chile 7, Peru 0. Two minutes later, Contardo scored again to make the score Chile 8, Peru 0. With Peru unable to gain momentum after the restart, Chile was quickly back on attack and earned a couple penalty corners. Chile was unable to convert the first penalty corner; and the second was saved by Mafferetti. With Peru unable to capitalize off a few more minutes near their attacking circle, the final score ended Chile 8, Peru 0

The Men’s Competition will continue on the 5th of October. Please continue to also check the Pan American Hockey Federation’s website for the Men’s competition for photos and post-match interviews and more: http://www.panamhockey.org/en/competitions-53-2016-south-american-championships-men-

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

USMNT Advances to FIH Hockey World League Round 2 with Victory Over Barbados

Photo Credit: FIH/André Mallén’

SALAMANCA, Mexico - The U.S. Men's National Team put in a dominate performance yesterday to finish undefeated and as FIH Hockey World League Round 1 champions to secure a spot at FIH Hockey World League Round 2 in March 2017. The 6-1 win over Barbados added to USA's 33 goals while only allowing 2 over the 4 match tournament. Going into the final, the USMNT was familiar with their opponent as they had played Barbados in the first game and came out on top with a 3-1 victory. With the roster that was representing the USA, the squad kept developing their play throughout the week culminating in a dominant performance in the final.

Paul Singh (Simi Valley, Calif.) opened the scoring in the 5th minute after some equal exchanges of possession in the opening minutes. After some good passing around the 25 yards, Michael Barminski (Ventura, Calif.) passed it to Singh who' subtle deflection went past the Barbado's goalkeeper. This lone goal did not stop the USA from pursuing what they came to the tournament to achieve - advance to Hockey World League Round 2. Just 3 minutes later top goalscorer and player of the tournament Will Holt (Camarillo, Calif.) found the back of the net after a great tackle by Nick Molscan (Wanganui, New Zealand) at the 50 yard line resulted in the two players running toward the Barbados goal with Holt firing a shot into the bottom left of the cage to make it USA 2, BAR 0.

In the 13th minute, Manny Martinez (Lakeside, Calif.) capitalized on another counter attack after a great forced turnover in the midfield resulted in the fast break and shot fired from the top of the circle into the corner of the goal.

Just 7 minutes, Singh showed some great skill along the right baseline to earn USA a penalty corner. Off the opportunity, Holt fired a low drag flick into the right corner of the goal to take the lead to 4-0 going into halftime.

After the break, Team USA continued their dominance and after a corner breakdown, Barminski drew the defense, slipped the ball to Holt who fired a backhand shot on goal that went between Barbado's goalkeeper's pads.

Not satisfied with the five goal cushion, Ajai Dhadwal (Agoura Hills, Calif.) capitalized on a quick free hit and slotted the ball past the Barbado's goalkeeper to extend USA's lead to 6-0.

Barbados kept fighting and managed to convert on a penalty stroke after a foul was earned during a penalty corner. The match continued to be even thought the final 20 minutes of play with neither team giving an inch or able to trouble the scoreboard.

"Today's performance was the culmination of our mission this week," said Chris Clements, USMNT Head Coach. "We have only played eight matches this year and for the players to be able to perform the way they did is incredibly commendable. All of them came in prepared and raring to go from their various clubs and seasons, and represented the USA admirably. To play a final in this manner was impressive. After some great preparation and development during the week, the execution of our game plan was clearly on display. I could not be prouder of what our players achieved this week. They and the staff worked tirelessly, and  rewarded themselves with this performance."

The U.S. Men's National Team thanks the families that came to Salamanca, Mexico to support the team, the USA Field Hockey Men's Foundation and the Booster Club of the Men's program. It was great to have their support for this tournament.

Team USA also won three awards for their performance at FIH Hockey World League Round 1. Holt was named the Top Goal Scorer of the Tournament and Player of the Tournament, while Sean Cicchi (Thousand Oaks, Calif.) earned Young Player of the Tournament.

The USMNT have advanced to FIH Hockey World League Round 2 which will take place in March 2017.

USFHA media release

Mayira Sabir's 5 goals in Pakistani's 11-0 win over Cambodia in AHF Cup

Mayira Sabir scored 5 goals vs Cambodia

Pakistani girls buried Cambodia in goals in their second match of the Asian Hockey Federation Cup in Bangkok, Thailand.

Led by a Mayira Sabir Five, the green shirts ran away with a 12-0 win.

In a completely one sided game, Pakistan went into offensive from the word go.
After wasting a couple of good  chances, account was opened in the 8th minute through the first penalty corner. Ishrat Abbas's forceful and well placed hit sounded the board. Soon it was doubled through a first time strike by Afshan Naureen.

The well combined raids continued and ball remained in the Cambodian half. 18th minute saw a superb individual goal by Hina Pervaiz. In a wonderful run, she side stepped a couple of opponents before flicking in to make it 3-0.

For next 5 minutes, it was mainly a mid field affair. Pakistani girls rejuvenated and laid siege to the opponents' goal during the last 10 minutes of the first half.

Despite missing numerous chances, they managed to add three more to the score sheet. A right side raid was capped well by skipper Hina Kanwal. Then another sweeping move saw Mayira Sabir netting her first and team's fifth goal of the day. Like the first , the last goal of the half was also an Ishrat Abbas penalty corner  conversion.

Half Time 6/0

It was the same story in the next 35 minutes: Pakistan attacking the Cambodian territory at will.

A couple of penalty corners weren't availed in the beginning. However, in the 44th minute, Mayira Sabir scored off a rebound after a Hina Pervaiz effort had been parried by the net minder.  Mayira completed her hat trick in the 52nd minute applying the finishing touch on a move which had goal written all over it to make it 8-0. Her fourth goal arrived immediately, this time via a top of the circle back hander. Kalsoom Shahzadi entered Pakistan's score into the double figures. Dying minutes saw a flurry of penalty corners coming Pakistan's way, the last of which was put in after an in direct drill, by who else but Mayira Saber, her fifth goal of the day.

With one win and a draw, Pakistan now have four points  and are well in contention for a semi final spot.

They face strong Singapore side in their last pool match on Thursday.

SCORERS: Mayira Sabir 5, Ishrat Abbas 2, Afshan Naureen, Hina Pervaiz, Hina Kanwal, Kalsoom Shahzadi

PHF Media release

Australian Hockey League - Day 5

WA Thundersticks win again

Holly MacNeil

The fifth day of competition at the Australian Hockey League took place today, with three matches taking place for both the men’s and women’s leagues.

In the women’s league, Victoria defeated Tasmania with Madi Ratcliffe scoring a cracker of a field goal from a deflection early in the first quarter and Lily Brazel following up with a penalty corner late in the third.

Malaysia owned the pitch in the match against South Australia, with the final score 4 – 2, a double from Malaysian captain Ruhani Siti Noor Amarina giving the team an early boost, with Silin Fazilla Syvester and Awang Surizan backing up. Suns captain Jane Claxton and Lucy Holland Smith scored a field goal and penalty corner for South Australia respectively.

In the final women’s match of the day, NSW dominated NT, leaving the field with a 4 – nil victory. Grace Stewart, Mariah Williams, Mikaela Patterson and Cara Simpson were on form netting the goals for the Arrows.

In the men’s league, Tasmania were defeated by visiting team India going down 3 – 2 in a hard fought game. It was a tied game until the 54th minute when Armaan Quereshi knocked a field goal in for the India Junior National Team.

The ACT were victorious against the Malaysia Blues, coming away with a 3 -1 win thanks to Lewis Shepherd, Jack Wallace and James Day.

The WA Thundersticks were again on form coming away with another win, this time taking out South Australia 3 - nil. After a quiet first half, Trent Mitton nailed a field goal in the 33rd minute, with captain Chris Bausor clocking two penalty corners in the 57th and 60th minutes.

In the under 13’s competition all teams from both the boys and girls’ carnival took part in one round of matches at the Perth Hockey Stadium. The teams will take to the field for a single round again tomorrow.

For full results on the day, please use the following links:
Men’s league   
Women’s league 
U/13 Boys   
U/13 Girls 

Today’s AHL results:
Women’s League
VIC 2 – 0 TAS
MAS 4 – 2 SA
NSW 4 - 0 NT

Hockey Australia media release
IND 3 – 2 TAS
MAS B 1 – 3 ACT
SA 0 – 3 WA

Hockey Australia media release

Blues lose again, Tigress roar

By Jugjet Singh


THE Malaysian Blues suffered another blow Down Under, and this time it was a 3-1 defeat in the hands of Canberra Lakers in the Australian Hockey League (AHL) in Perth Monday.

The Blues, Malaysia's back-up squad coached by Wallace Tan, lost their fourth consecutive match in their AHL debut.

They lost 4-2 to India Juniors, 2-0 to Western Australia, 4-0 to SA Hotshots and even though were 1-1 at one point yesterday, collapsed in the fourth quarter.

Canberra Lakers took a 24th minute lead, but RAFIZUL EZRY equalsied in the 29th minute off a field goal. However, two more goals in the 50th and 54th minutes doomed the Blues.

The Malaysian national women's team, Tigress, were in better form as they beat SA Suns 4-2 to keep alive a chance of playing in the semi-finals.

Skipper Siti Noor Amarina opened scoring in the fourth minute and added another in the 30th minute. The other goals were scored by Fazilla Slyvester Silin (33rd) and Surizan Awang (37th).

The women have two wins and a draw for seven points.

Men -- Malaysian Blues 1 Canberra Lakers 3.
Women: Malaysian Tigress 4 SA Suns 2.

Tuesday: Men -- Malaysian Tigers v New South Wales.

Wednesday: Women -- Malaysian Tigress v Victorian Vipers.

Jugjet's World of Field Hockey

Armaan's twin strike help India beat Tigers 3-2 in AHL

PERTH: Young striker Armaan Qureshi scored two goals to guide India to a 3-2 hard-fought win over Tassie Tigers and record their third victory in the Australian Hockey League, on Monday.

In a highly entertaining first quarter, both the teams traded early chances.

Jayden Pearson in front of Tigers' goal saved a penalty corner in the opening minutes to deny India.

Soon after India defended strongly to deny the Tassies via penalty corner.

In the 10th minute, Armaan gave India the breakthrough with a field goal.

Two minutes later, the Tigers equalised with James Dick finding the net to draw level.

India then earned a penalty corner from the next move and Varun Kumar made it count by slotting the ball home to wrest back the lead heading into the first break.

In the second quarter, both the teams earned a few penalty corners but the defensive line-up stood tall as India went into the halfway break with a 2-1.

After the change of ends, India were content with passing the ball around neatly in their ranks, and soaked up the pressure from the Tigers going into the final break with the lead.

The Tigers, though, got the equaliser in the 50th minute via a penalty conversion by William Shaw.

But India struck back four minutes later to restore their lead when Qureshi scored his second of the game.

Speaking after the game, India coach Harendra Singh said, "The boys showed a lot of maturity in controlling the game and not giving away possession impatiently, in the periods where the Tigers were defending well. It was also this sort of mind set that helped us bounce back immediately, each time we conceded an equaliser. Overall it was a smart performance."

India will play Western Australia Thundersticks in their next Pool B encounter on Wednesday.

The Times of India

There's no place like home

Ashley Jackson celebrates scoring against India. Credit Ravi Ghowry

They say you should never go back, but Great Britain’s all time leading scorer Ashley Jackson has done just that. The midfielder who is approaching 250 international caps made the switch from boyhood club East Grinstead to Kent outfit Holcombe for the 2015-16 season; but has now returned to Sussex for this campaign.

"Moving away from my home club was a big decision but one I needed to do for my own development.” Jackson told the East Grinstead Courier. “My heart has always remained with East Grinstead and the personal draw back was one that I could not ignore.”

Jackson praised his former club and in particular chairman David South, thanking them for the opportunity they gave him, adding:

"David's enthusiasm and commitment to both hockey and Holcombe is inspiring and great to have experienced. Finishing the regular league season undefeated last year was a great achievement and testament to his passion and I was proud to be a part of their team.”

“I wish the Holcombe team the very best for this season's campaign both domestically and in Europe.”

The return of the prodigal son is likely to galvanise the Saint Hill club. Grinstead finished outside the playoff places last season and by their own lofty standards endured a disappointing campaign. Head Coach Karl Stagno for one is excited about linking up with one of the most talented individuals in world hockey:

"East Grinstead and the team are delighted to have Ashley back.” said Stagno. “I am personally looking forward to working with Ashley again and building on where we left off, I am also looking forward to seeing Ashley working with the team as we look to improve on last year's league position."

Jackson joins international team mates David Condon, Nick Catlin (another summer arrival from Holcombe) and Chris Griffiths who is working his way back from injury.

His comeback game for the club took place this past weekend as the Sussex outfit played host to Brooklands MU. The script was written and the hometown hero did not disappoint; scoring twice in a 3-1 win to the delight of the home crowd.

The season is only just getting started but for Ashley Jackson, there’s no place like home.

England Hockey Board Media release

Scholefield says Kelburne’s talent growth their key strength

Bromac Kelburne finished their build-up for the EuroLeague next weekend with a comfortable 4-0 mauling of Western Wildcats.

Ben Peterson found an early opening goal with a low shot from a set piece after German Jonas Nommensen and youngster Jack McKenzie created early chances.

In the second half, Lee Morton waltzed his way past three Wildcats` defenders along the bye-line and his cross was forced home by New Zealander Nick Finlayson to double the lead

The third came when a Peterson shot was illegally stopped on the line and the same player sent goalkeeper Gavin Sommerville the wrong way from the spot. With only two minutes left, a Peterson cross caused chaos in the Wildcats` circle, the ball went into the air and Morton batted it into the net from close range for the fourth.

It’s been a strong start to the campaign for the Scottish side and Iain Scholefield – a veteran of 128 international caps – says the squad is in top form following a perfect start to their league campaign.

“The squad is shaping up nicely with a number of new additions to strengthen the team which has a good blend of youth and experience throughout. The squad is in good health and looking sharp after a hard block of preseason fitness thanks to our conditioning trainer Claire Gibson.”

Kelburne open up the EHL weekend on Friday morning at 11.45am (CET) against Dinamo Kazan in a well-matched battle before facing Atletic Terrassa on Sunday morning at 9am.

They view both games as winnable and are gunning for a third trip to the KO16 in their eighth EHL campaign.

“We are going into these two games knowing that we will have to be in top form to gain positive results. Russian teams are traditionally very hard to play against with their physical style of play.

“The Spanish team of Terrassa are always going to be a big challenge but one we are looking forward to. They have a host of world class players, however, we also have a number of greatly talented players to match them.”

The Paisley side’s panel features plenty of former internationals like Scholefield, captain Johnny Christie and his brother Michael along with Chris Nelson and Mark Fulton. They dovetail with a large number of players developed from the club’s youth system which has formed the basis of the Scottish national team for the last decade.

It is something Kelburne are immensely proud of with the likes of Kenny Bain, Alan Forsyth, Michael Bremner, Ed Greaves and William Marshall coming through their ranks before moving to top clubs in England and beyond.

The club’s Twitter hashtag - #wegrowtalent - references this fact. Scholefield is another to have grown up with the club before playing hockey in a number of European countries before returning to the club and he hails Kelburne’s work at youth level.

“I feel the basis of Kelburne's success are the basic principles and values which are taught to players no matter what team they are playing in.

“From the five-year-olds up to the first squads, we try to instil the same ethos of working hard and playing attractive attacking hockey. The club is based on a strong youth section and we are constantly trying to develop and evolve to ensure we make it as fun and as effective as possible for the juniors.

“We will always go into games with the same mentality of getting the best result for our own team.”

Euro Hockey League media release

No Runaway Victories This Week in Hong Kong Premier Hockey

By Bill Cox

Koen Phijffer scores for HKFC to draw level with Pak-A at 1-1 in their HKHA Premier Division match at Hong Kong Football Club on Sunday Oct 2, 2016. (Bill Cox/Epoch Times}

HONG KONG—Top of the HKHA Premier standings remained the same as the top 4 teams won their matches last Sunday Oct 2, leaving SSSC-A and HKFC-A on 12 points, Khalsa-A and KNS-A following on 9 points. However, with only one match to be played this coming Sunday (the delayed match between Pak-A and Khalsa-A), a Khalsa win would take them to the top of the table on goal difference.

In the early match of the afternoon at Sports road, HKFC-B, completed up a well-earned 2-1 win against Shaheen-A to move them into a clear 5th place in the table on 6 points.

In the later match at the same venue, HKFC-A had a hard battle against an experienced Pak-A side but eventually came away with a 4-2 win. Club playing their strategic passing game pressured the Pak-A defence throughout the match but found it hard to capitalise on their possession advantage. Pak-A with experienced defenders were able to successfully cut off Club attacks and looked dangerous breaking for the HKFC-A goal with forward pushes by Waqas Mohammad, feeding front man Khurram Shahzad. Pak-A were the first to score with a well-struck reverse stick shot from the right hand side of the circle by Shahzad with 12 minutes left of the 1st half.

Khurram Shazad of Pakistan Association (Pak-A) prepares to fire in Pak-A’s 2nd goal to equal the score with HKFC-A in their Premier Division match at Sports Road on Sunday Oct 2, 2016. (Bill Cox/Epoch Times

HKFC-A responded with 2 goals in quick succession to take a 2-1 lead.  The first strike was by Koen Phijffer from a rebound off the Pak-A goalie following an initial attack by Thomas Moore, and the 2nd, a goal by Howard Haskin in another close-to-the-goal confrontation, with 6 minutes remaining of the half. But Pak-A hit back gaining a penalty corner with just seconds left of the clock, from which they made a positive strike to finish 2-2 at half time.

HKFC-A’s 2nd goal scored by Howard Hoskins in their match against Pak-A at HKFC on Sunday Oct 2, 2016. (Bill Cox/Epoch Times}

Pak-A had two further penalty corner chances early in the 2nd half but could not make them count. The deadlock was broken by an attack by Club 12 minutes into the half from a solid hit from the edge of the circle by Kieran Smith. Amidst top quality play by both sides HKFC-A gained breathing space by converting a 4th goal with 16 minutes left on the clock. But the battle continued, with tackles becoming stronger and several players sin-binned, attacks by Club were countered by good performances by the Pak-A goalie and defenders, to hold the score at 4-2.

In the matches at King’s Park, KNS-A beat KCC-A 4-1, SSSC-A overcame HKCC-A 5-3 and Khalsa won 4-1 against Valley-A.

Premier Standings Oct 2, 2016, (Courtesy of HKHA)

This week

There is only the postponed match between Khalsa-A and Pak-A scheduled for this coming Sunday (Oct 9) to be played at King’s Park.

The Epoch Times

After Harvard loss, Penn field hockey set to regroup before rest of Ivy play

Quakers will likely need to win out for shot at Ivy title

By Will Agathis

Junior goalkeeper Liz Mata has been the anchor to Penn field hockey's defense, starting the last 25 games for the Quakers and logging a 19-6 record in that span. Photo by Ananya Chandra | Sports Photo Editor

The season is only halfway done for Penn field hockey, but already we have seen records broken, overtime thrillers and major positional changes. The hype that built around the program last year is continuing to grow as the 2016 season wears on.

That budding exposure is well-earned for a program that plays the NCAA’s top-ranked teams and features a nationally acclaimed goal-scorer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the Quakers (6-3, 1-1 Ivy), with a lineup that is replete with talent from top to bottom.

Junior Liz Mata — the Red and Blue’s starting goalie for the past 25 games — has succeeded over the past two years behind a varying supporting cast on defense and continues to accumulate wins for the Red and Blue, with a 19-6 record to boot.

The defense, mostly young, has delivered and grown together quickly with two new starters this year. They have allowed just nine goals in their last five games and were able to hold two Ivy opponents to a combined three points.

Sophomore Paige Meily is now leading at center back after splitting time between back and midfield in her freshman season. She traded her midfield spot with senior captain Claire Kneizys, the team’s former top defender.

On each side of Meily are juniors and returning starters in Madison Hendry — who started in her freshman campaign before missing all of 2015 with injury — and Jasmine Li, who started in all 16 of the Quakers’ games last year.

The midfield, despite missing two starters from last year, is improving and able to drive play on offense. One major development at that positional group has been the play of Rachel Huang. After stints in 2015 at both attack and midfield, the junior has mostly stayed at the latter position this season with success. Her four goals and 10 points are second on the team and both totals are already an improvement over last season’s performance.

Expectations are high for a midfield corps that features both of the team’s captains, with captain Elise Tilton on pace to cap off her Red and Blue career with her best goal-scoring season. Meanwhile, Kneizys, the team’s other captain, is new to the midfield but is already performing well.

Positioned at the top of the field, the attack needs little introduction. The team’s offense has not had the same success as last year in goals per game — 2.44 in 2016 versus a robust 3.38 the prior season — but unlike previous years, this program is seeing goals scored from everyone.

In fact, only once in coach Colleen Fink’s seven years with the team have there been at least four players with six or more goals. This year, there are four players on pace for eight or more: juniors Alexa Hoover, Gina Guccione and Rachel Huang and sophomore Sofia Palacios. That type of production is unprecedented for this squad and has created matchup nightmares for opponents.

But perhaps most noteworthy of this team compared to their Ivy League counterparts is their tenacity. In nine games this season, the Quakers have not once lost the lead and have erased two-goal deficits to force overtime on two different occasions, in a winning effort against St. Joe’s and more recently in a double-overtime heartbreaker against Harvard on Sunday.

The team’s never-say-die attitude and mantra, “Our Way,” has carried the Red and Blue on the field through thick and thin. And as long as they can keep that tenacity and fight alive, they have the talent to unseat Princeton and all their Ancient Eight foes in the quest for an Ivy League title.

The Daily Pennsylvanian

No national-level teams in Mumbai hockey league this season

Shrikant Bhagvatula

Like a number of hockey tournaments that have lost their glory days or died a silent death, the Mumbai hockey league has lost its sheen and is fighting a battle for survival.

It has played a key role in the development of hockey stalwarts like Dhanraj Pillay, Joaquim Carvalho, Mervyn Fernandes, MM Somaya, Viren Rasquinha, Adrian D’Souza and current stars like Yuvraj and Devinder Walmiki.

In more than four decades of its existence, top national teams like Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, Air India, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and Namdhari XI have participated in the Mumbai Hockey Association’s Super Division League (MHAL), the most prestigious domestic hockey league along with the Karnataka hockey association’s Super League in Bangalore.

For years, the MHAL league had been the regular feature of the domestic circuit along with the Bangalore league and has played a key role in development of many players.

But like a number of hockey tournaments that have lost their glory days or died a silent death, the Mumbai hockey league has lost its sheen and is fighting a battle for survival.

The league is played in six divisions with the Super Division League being the most prestigious which has seen most of country’s top teams vying for honours at the Mahindra Stadium over the years.

However, this year, the league will be held from Monday with only seven teams in the fray and not one national-level competitor participating. The Mumbai Hockey Association (MHA) proudly lists Air India, ONGC and Indian Oil among teams registered with it and these teams have participated in the Super Division League for years. But this year, they seems to have given short shrift to the league and cried off citing other engagements.

Thus, local outfits, Western Railway, Central Railway, Indian Navy, Central Secretariat, Union Bank of India, Abhi Foundation and Bombay Republicans will be vying for the top prize of Rs 1.10 lakh out of a total prize fund of Rs 2 lakh. The runner-up team, decided after a series of round-robin matches followed by a final between the top two finishers, will pocked a cheque of Rs 70,000 for their efforts – which is not a big amount for a team comprising 18 players.

In contrast, the same Super Division League had 14 teams in 2015 including three national-level teams Air India, Indian Oil and Punjab National Bank.

MHA blames Hockey India

Asked why they are conducting the league with only seven teams, Mumbai Hockey Association (MHA) secretary Ram Singh Rathor blamed lack of approval and dates from Hockey India for the absence of national-level teams.

“We had sought dates from Hockey India but were told that there was no vacant slot for this period because of a clash with Obaidullah Gold Cup and Shastri Hockey Tournament. As our season starts with the Super Division League, we had to go ahead with it without teams like Air India, Indian Oil because they are playing in other tournaments. The local teams wanted to play in October as they would not be free later in the season, so we decided to go ahead with only the local teams,” Rathor told HT on Sunday.

Rathor admitted it was an unfortunate situation and said they have conveyed their displeasure to Hockey India. “We have decided to apply for dates for the 2017 edition now itself so that we don’t face this kind of situation next year,” Rathor added.

Whether the MHA becomes more proactive and actually applies for dates well in advance to avoid recurrence of this type of situation, Hockey India too have to be more tolerant towards the only functional domestic league in the countries. A slot of around 20 days can be created for a league that has produced so many stars. Hockey has long lost its pre-eminent position to cricket in this country, losing prestigious events like the MHA League will further undermine the position of the sport.

Hindustan Times

Kate Richardson-Walsh: Winning Olympic gold was a turning point for women's hockey - but we're still poor

Victoria Monk

‘By winning a gold medal, there is now a turning point for the female players,' Kate Richardson-Walsh. Credit: David Davies/PA

To celebrate the second annual Women's Sport Week, Telegraph Women is running a series of interviews and features to give a picture of life for female sportswomen in Britain today.

In the first, Victoria Monk speaks to gold medal winning Olympic hockey player Kate Richardson-Walsh...

The success of the GB women’s hockey team at the Rio Olympics propelled the sport into the spotlight. Some 10 million people tuned in to watch the final- many of whom had never seen professional hockey before. And it couldn’t have been a better spectacle: lots of goals, a penalty shoot out- this match had it all.

Leading the GB team to success was four-time Olympian Kate Richardson-Walsh. At home, we looked on in awe as this super-woman helped Britain achieve more than any British hockey side has managed in 28 years (the men won gold at the Seoul Olympics in 1988). Richardson-Walsh and her teammates looked like consummate professionals - athletes at the height of their powers.

So you'd be forgiven for not realising that this amazing team does, in fact, consist of lawyers, teachers, accountants and students.

Eh? What about the expensive cars, designer clothes and exotic holidays that go hand-in-hand with a professional sports playing career?

Not quite. 

The Women's GB hockey squad stand on the podium after winning their Gold medal in Rio.

"In a squad of 31, we had around 22 players who were full-time funded athletes," explains Richardson-Walsh.

"Within that there are different levels of funding, too - the top tier was around £16,000 a year and then the level below that - part-funded athletes - were on much less, around £10,000. All of us had to work a little bit in order to support ourselves."

Winning gold, then, has changed the lives of Team GB's female hockey players - the last few weeks have been, says Richardson-Walsh, a 'turning point'.

"They are getting far more media coverage and sponsorship opportunities. Before, that just simply wasn’t the case, even though we’d arguably had more success than the men’s team."

She tells me that the governing body for British hockey treats both the men's and women's teams equally. But it's in other areas where the women are overlooked.

"There are more international opportunities for men. There’s an Indian hockey league - it’s on TV and there’s big prize money. They get paid a lot for it, too. I think the highest paid player got $100,000 last year."

"There's also the European hockey league- if a guy plays for a club in England and they finish in the top two in the league, then they go into the European hockey league. Again, there’s prize money, it’s live streamed, there’s a huge audience and they get massive crowds."

"There is nothing like that for women and no way to earn that kind of money. So although hockey is trying to push the boundaries, there just aren't the products to support women at the moment."

Richardson-Walsh acknowledges that women are at a disadvantage in other disciplines, not just hockey.

"I love watching football but I do think that the finances of it are unbelievable. There’s football in this country but there’s also baseball, NFL, golf - lots of big male sports where there’s just so much money."

"We just need some female sports and for female athletes to be able to break into that."

Hollie Webb scores the winning penalty against the Netherlands in the Rio Olympic final Credit: PASCAL GUYOT/ AFP/Getty Images

She uses tennis as an example of a sport where women have, arguably, cracked it and attract the sort of sponsorship, prize money and support that women in other arenas crave.

"Women’s tennis has done an amazing job at making the sport into a spectacle for people to watch. Those players get the coverage and the sponsorship that they deserve. I think that they are great role models for female sport. Year-round you can turn on the television and watch women playing tennis and winning prize money. I think we need more sports like that for women."

When it comes to increased coverage for women in hockey, in the wake of the Rio Olympics, Richardson-Walsh is cautiously optimistic that the sport can retain the new viewers that her team's gold medal triumph attracted.

"I think we’re partly there in terms of getting coverage," she explains. "But in order to be inspirational to young girls and get people wanting to sponsor, there need to be more competitions on - and they need to be televised."

The Telegraph

U-18 Asia Cup: Strong defence turned India's fortunes: Kariappa

Sunil Subbaiah

BENGALURU: Delighted after guiding the U-18 Indian hockey team to title triumph at the Asia Cup in Dhaka on Saturday, coach BJ Kariappa said tight defence was the key to its success. "In the short two-week conditioning camp that we had in New Delhi, we chalked out a plan and the boys executed them very well in the tournament. But what turned our fortunes was our strong defence," Kariappa told TOI on Monday.

Barring skipper Nilam Sanjeep Xess, goalkeeper Pankaj Kumar Rajak and striker Mohammad Umar - who played in the SAF Games earlier this year - the rest of the line-up lacked exposure.

"For most of the players it was their maiden international tournament but they looked absolutely confident throughout," Kariappa, who was recently appointed as the Hockey India high performance manager of South. "The tournament was a challenge but the players gave their 100 per cent."

The team started on a poor note, losing to Bangladesh 4-5 in the opener but bounced back beating Oman 11-0 before defeating traditional rivals Pakistan 3-1 in the semifinal clash.

Kariappa said the team were unruffled in their match against Pakistan. "Despite the ongoing tension at the border there was absolutely no pressure on our players when they faced Pakistan. They took the lead and played a near-flawless game to beat them," he said.

Moving forward, Kariappa is confident these players have a bright future. "There are a lot of talented players in this team. We can build a larger pool which can form the second and third strings at the national level," he said.


India lost to Bangladesh 5-4 (league)
bt Oman 11-0 (league)
bt Pakistan 3-1 (semifinals)
bt Bangladesh 5-4 (final)

The Times of India

Hockey players lack facilities: Shahbaz Ahmed

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Hockey Federation’s (PHF) controversial secretary general Shahbaz Ahmed Senior on Monday, as usual, gave a lame excuse that lack of proper facilities for national players was responsible for poor performance at international level.

Briefing the Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC), Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan, here at the Parliament House, Shahbaz emphasised the need of meaningful encouragement and backing by the government and concerned quarters to help the game regain its lost charm and glow.

The PHF secretary said there were only four to five cities where proper hockey was being played.

“We are doing maximum efforts for the promotion of women and men’s hockey at the grassroots level.”

He boasted that Pakistan finished third in the recently concluded Under-18 Junior Asia Cup Hockey Tournament which, he added, was a ‘great achievement.’

IPC Minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada, also present in the briefing, was of the view the PHF should be made independent for the betterment of the game.

The Chairman IPC Committee was also informed that the blue astro-turf was another big issue for players on which the modern hockey was being played and Pakistan players were not used to it.

The Daily Times

Scottish U16 and U18 Girls Inter Districts Report

Inter-Districts Girls fog

There was another action-filled weekend of hockey at the weekend as the Glasgow National Hockey Centre played host to the U18 and U16 Girls Inter Districts competitions.

Two days of excellent hockey were played out as Scotland’s youth international coaches and managers got together to select the squads for the Scotland U16 and U18 performance programmes.

Teams from seven districts took part over the weekend – East; North; West; Midlands; Highland; South; South West and a joint squad of MidEastWest took the number of teams to eight.

U16 Competition

On what was a misty morning in Glasgow the U16 tournament got off to a flying start with twelve goals scored over the first two games. Midland, last year’s winners, enjoyed a 5-0 victory over South West with Lucy Smith scoring two of the five. Over on pitch two, last year’s runners up, West, put seven goals past a hard working North side with Kirsty Cannon netting a hat trick.

Midland continued their dominance into their second match inflicting an 8-0 defeat on North. In what was a very one-sided match Midland proved to be clinical in front of goal. Goals in this match came from a variety of players including Lucy Smith, Izzy Folan, Ellie Stott (2), Hannah Marchant (2), Ellie Ritchie and Ruth Blaikie.

East proved to be too strong for South, defeating them 6-0. Georgia Jones bagged a brace with Olivia Bell, Katy Martin, Tori Williamson and Sophie McGlynn claiming the other goals.

The final games of day one in the U16 competition saw West take on South and East play against South West. Both East and West went into the game knowing victory would see them tied on six points with Midland going into day two. It was West who claimed the victory as they put six goals past South to claim the three points, while East defeated South West 4-0.

Day two started in very misty conditions but this did not stop the players from showcasing their potential to the national coaches. North claimed their first three points of the competition with a 2-1 win over South. West began the day with a 4-0 victory over South West with goals coming from Lucy Williamson (2), Kisten Canon, and Katie Allison.

The second matches of the day began as the sun finally started to make an appearance in Glasgow. East claimed a vital three points at the expense of Midland in a 2-1 victory. Early in the second half East took the lead through Katy Martin before they doubled their lead through a goal from their captain Olivia Bell. Midland pulled one back late in the game through Shona Campbell but it was not enough as East held on for the victory.

South West picked up their first three points of the tournament with a tremendous win over North. Lucy Bliss scored three of the four goals with Emily Clark getting the other.

West took a vital step towards clinching the title after beating East by two goals to one - goals coming from Kisten Cannon and Katie Allison from West, and Georgia Jones claiming the goal for East. The result meant West were out right leaders of the group on twelve points, with both Midland and East on nine with one game remaining. Midland made sure they kept the pressure on West with a 2-0 victory over South.

East’s final game saw them defeat North by six goals to nil. They would have to wait until the last match to find out their fate. On pitch two South West overcame South beating them 2-0 to claim fourth place.

Midland versus West would be the deciding game of the competition with West needing just a point to claim the title. Midland took the lead through Lucy Smith but West grabbed a goal back shortly before half time through Lucy Williamson. This goal proved vital as the result remained level making West District outright winners of the competition with East as runners up.

Inter-Districts Girls 16s

Final Placings:

1st West
2nd East
3rd Midland
4th South West
5th North
6th South

U18 Competition

Inter-Districts Girls

The U18 event also got off to a high scoring start with a total of nine goals scored over the first two games. In Pool A, Midland 18s equalled the 16s’ score by beating the hybrid team of EastMidWest by five goals with Katie Stott netting three. West began the competition with a strong 4-0 win over North. Emma McDiarmid grabbed two goals with Kayleigh Justice and Lucy Findlay netting the other two.

The second matches of the competition saw East take on Highland, and South West face South in Pool A. East were last year’s winners and didn’t lose a match in 2015; they were determined to carry on their winning streak. The district secured a comfortable 11-0 victory over the Highlanders with both Katie McCullum and Ella Watt bagging a brace. Over on pitch two, a much closer game took place with both sides having chances. South West took the lead through Lexi Sabatelli, however South responded in the second half with a goal from Jenny Wright. Both teams pushed for an equaliser and South West had the ball in the back of the net. The goal was disallowed and the game finished 1-1 with the teams sharing the points.

In Pool B Midland secured a 2-0 win over North in what was a tough game for both sides. North made it very difficult for Midland to secure all three points. Next on the pitch, it was West’s turn to take on the hybrid team, and West came out on top with a 4-0 victory; securing their place in the semi-finals alongside Midland who they were yet to face.

East secured their place in the semi-finals with a hard-fought 2-1 win over South. In a close match there were ten minutes remaining when East broke the deadlock through Katie MacCallum. They then doubled their lead five minutes later through Ella Watt. This goal proved to be vital as with three minutes remaining South grabbed a goal back through Tara Aitchison. East managed to hold on and collect all three points.

South West claimed their first win of the tournament by inflicting a 6-0 defeat over Highland. Imogen Davies claimed two of the goals with Rebecca Conroy, Louise Redpath, Mirrin Gillespie and Lexi Sabatelli also getting on the scoresheet. The result meant South West and South were fighting for the second semi-final place and it would be decided after the last matches in Pool A.

Midland took on West in the final Pool B match which would decide who tops the group. It was Midland who prevailed after a last minute penalty flick, scored by Emily Dark, to win 1-0. Midland therefore claimed first place in Pool B with West finishing runner up.  The other match in Pool B finished North 0 EastMidWest 2.

South and Highland were playing on pitch two and South took an early lead through Imogen Johnston Jones. For the remainder of the match it was very close with both teams having chances. However South secured the win with two late goals from Lucy Murray. This was not enough to claim a semi-final place however as South West held East to a goalless draw meaning both these sides were through to the semis.

The classification matches began for the 18s on Sunday with districts competing for positions 5-8. In the first crossovers North achieved a hard fought 2-1 victory over South, elsewhere the hybrid team of EastMidWest defeated Highland 2-0. These results meant that South would face Highland for 7th and 8th and North would play EastMidWest for 5th and 6th.

Next up was the semi-finals where East took on West, and South West faced Midland. East were looking to make the final for a second year in a row however they were completely outplayed by a strong West side who were able to advance to the final with a 5-0 victory over their rivals from the East. Goals in this match came from Lucy Findlay, Abi Harrowell, Kayleigh Justice, Marnie Richmond and Sammy Bell.

Midland were looking to continue their unbeaten run in the competition, South West however had other ideas. Goals from Louise Redpath and Rachel Bain and a consolation goal for Midland after the hooter saw South West win 2-1 and advance to the final to play West. East would play Midland to battle for 3rd and 4th place.

Disappointed not to make the final both East and Midland were determined to finished third - the game was set to be a close encounter. The match was indeed very close with Midland leading 2-1 until the final minute when Alex Massey netted to bring the scores level and send the match to penalties. Emily Cross for East scored the decisive penalty giving East a 4-3 victory in the shootout therefore claiming third place with Midland having to settle for fourth.

Over on pitch two EastMidWest fought hard against North to claim 5th place with a 1-0 win; the solo goal coming from Sarah McTaggart. South comfortably beat Highland 6-1 to take 7th with Highland finishing 8th.

The final was a very hard fought match, South West made it difficult for West but it was West who came out on top as 2-0 winners with Abi Harrowell and Kayleigh Justice securing the title.

Inter-Districts Girls 18s

Final placings:

1st West
2nd South West
3rd East
4th Midland
5th EastMidWest
6th North
7th South
8th Highland

Photographs by Duncan Gray and Mark Pugh.

Duncan Gray: http://www.duncolm.co.uk/
Mark Pugh: https://mpsphotography.smugmug.com/

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Singapore to feature in national Under-14 hockey meet

by S. Ramaguru

KUALA LUMPUR: Singapore will compete in the Malaysian Under-14 hockey tournament at the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Stadium from Nov 19-27.

A total of 15 teams, including the 14 state affiliates of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC), will be taking part in the boys’ category.

A total of 12 teams, including Singapore, will vie for honours in the girls’ category. Sabah, Johor and Perlis are the notable absentees.

Both the categories will be played under the 11-a-side format.

MHC competitions manager Brian Fernendez said they were surprised with Johor’s decision to skip the tournament.

“Johor have a good development plan and age-group teams. We’ll try to get them to take part,” he said.

The Star of Malaysia

Media accreditation – Hockey Junior World Cups 2016

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) can announce that the media accreditation process for the upcoming Hockey Junior World Cup 2016 events in Santiago, Chile and Lucknow, India are now open. Media interested in covering these competitions can find full details below.

Hockey Junior World Cup Women Santiago 2016

When: Nov 24-Dec 4 2016.
Where: Club Deportivo Manquehue, Av Vitacura 5703-5901, Vitacura, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Teams: Belgium, Chile, China, England, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Argentina, USA.

Applying for Media Accreditation

For accreditation requests from international media (outside Chile), please click here.

For accreditation requests from Chile-based media, please contact Alfredo Mella on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The closing date for media accreditation requests is Friday 4th November 2016.

Uttar Pradesh Hockey Junior World Cup Men Lucknow 2016

When: 8-18 December 2016.
Where: Major Dhyan Chand Hockey Stadium, Guru Govind Singh Sports College, Kursi Road, Lucknow, 226026, Uttar Pradesh, India
Teams: Austria, Belgium, England, Spain, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, South Africa, Argentina, Canada

Applying for Media Accreditation

Accreditation requests from international media representatives (those outside India): click here.

Accreditation requests from India-based media representatives: click here.

The closing date for media accreditation requests is Thursday 10th November 2016.

As always, applying for an accreditation for this event does not automatically guarantee the right to receive an accreditation. All persons who are successful in their application for an accreditation will receive a confirmation email. Applications not completed in full will not be approved for onsite media access.

Any enquiries regarding media accreditation for FIH Events should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

FIH site

HC stays CIC direction to HI to disclose sponsorship details

NEW DELHI: Delhi High Court on Monday stayed a Central Information Commission's (CIC) order directing Hockey India (HI) to disclose details of sponsorship amount received by it in the last two years and the commission it had paid to get them.

Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva also issued notice to expelled BJP MP Kirti Azad seeking his response on the plea of HI which has moved the court challenging CIC's direction.

"Issue notice to respondent no. 2 (Azad). Till the next date of hearing, the order will remain stayed," the court said and fixed the matter for further consideration on February 8 next year.

The CIC directive had come on the plea of the BJP MP who had sought the response of HI, the apex body which conducts activities for both men's and women's hockey in the country, on seven points, including sponsorship details.

The MP had also sought to know the details of expenditure incurred on consultancy and legal expenses in the last two years with name of each consultants and lawyers engaged by HI and the Hockey India League.

Senior advocate Rajiv Nayar, appearing for HI, asked how was the BJP leader entitled to have such information.

Earlier, the Hockey India had argued before the CIC that these details were already in the public domain through their website and hence they need not provide them under the Right to Information Act.

Azad had argued before the CIC that he had not received the information on the points relating to sponsorship amount, commission paid to get sponsorship and expenditure incurred on consultancy and legal expenses.

The charge was countered by HI counsel who had said that the website was complete and they could provide printouts.

However, the Commission had said in its order that it was of "the considered view that the appellant has been deprived by the respondents deliberately from having the benefits of the RTI Act, 2005, even after lapse of more than 11 months period. As such, the Commission feels that appellant's second appeal deserves to be allowed partly ... Therefore, it is allowed accordingly."

It had said Hockey India will provide printouts of their website with regards to three issues -- sponsorship amount, commission paid to get it, and legal and consultancy fee paid by it -- and if the information is not available on the website, they will furnish it to Azad.

The Times of India

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