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News for 27 March 2023

All the news for Monday 27 March 2023

2023 Test matches AUS v CHN (W) - 27 March
Bunbury and Perth (AUS)

All times GMT +8


23 Mar 2023 18:00     AUS v CHN     0 - 0


25 Mar 2023 16:00     AUS v CHN     0 - 2
26 Mar 2023 16:00     AUS v CHN     3 - 4

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Hockeyroos fall just short as China wrap up the series

The Hockeyroos and China have saved the best until last, playing out a seven-goal thriller with the visitors prevailing 4-3 in the final match of the series, presented by JDH, at Perth Hockey Stadium at Curtin University on Sunday night.

11th Hong Kong Quadrangular Hockey Tournament - 27 March
Senior Men, Hong Kong (HKG)

All times GMT +8

23 Mar 2023 19:45     THA v HKG (One Pool)     2 - 2
25 Mar 2023 18:30     HKG v TPE (One Pool)     3 - 1
26 Mar 2023 12:15     TPE v THA (One Pool)     0 - 5

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6th Women’s Hockey Invitational Tournament - 27 March
Hong Kong (HKG)

All times GMT +8

24 Mar 2023 15:00     THA v TPE (One Pool)     5 - 0
25 Mar 2023 16:15     HKG v THA (One Pool)     0 - 2
26 Mar 2023 14:30     HKG v TPE (One Pool)     4 - 2

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Hong Kong Hockey Quadrangular Tournament (men's)

By Tariq Ali

Following is the list of teams' ranking in the past Men's Hong Kong Hockey Quadrangular Tournaments

Final Standings
1 2006 1 Neimenggu 2 Hong Kong 3 Guangdong 4 Chinese Taipei
2 2008 1 Guangdong 2 Chinese Taipei 3 Neimenggu 4 Hong Kong
3 2009 1 Air India 2 Guangdong 3 Chinese Taipei 4 Hong Kong
4 2010 1 Air India 2 Guangdong 3 President Eleven 4 Hong Kong
5 2011 1 Chinese Taipei 2 Hong Kong 3 Macau 4 Yunfu
6 2012 1 Batu Pahat Malaysia 2 Guangdong 3 Hong Kong 4 Tianjin
7 2015 1 Guangdong 2 Hong Kong 3 Chinese Taipei 4 Thailand
8 2017 1 Guangdong 2 Chinese Taipei 3 Thailand 4 Hong Kong
9 2018 1 Guangdong 2 Oman 3 Chinese Taipei 4 Hong Kong
10 2019 1 President Selected Team 2 Hong Kong 3 Thailand 4 Chinese Taipei

Hockey Punjab, Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu, Hockey Jharkhand, and Hockey Madhya Pradesh crowned Champions of 1st Hockey India Junior Men Zonal Championships 2023

New Delh: The first Hockey India Junior Men Zonal Championships 2023 concluded today in the North, South, East, and West Zones, with Hockey Punjab, Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu, Hockey Jharkhand, and Hockey Madhya Pradesh crowned as Champions in their respective Zones

Hockey Haryana, Hockey Jharkhand, Hockey Madhya Pradesh, and Hockey Karnataka crowned Champions in their respective Zones in 1st Hockey India Junior Women Zonal Championships 2023

New Delhi: The 1st Hockey India Junior Women Zonal Championships 2023 concluded today with Hockey Haryana, Hockey Jharkhand, Hockey Madhya Pradesh, and Hockey Karnataka winning the Finals in their respective zones.

Cardiff & Met make Welsh hockey history with promotion to English top flight

Cardiff & Met are unbeaten at home in the league 2022-23

Cardiff & Met hockey club have become the first Welsh team to win promotion to the English Men's Premier Division.

ISC Semi finals match reports

Sunday afternoon saw two semi finals in both the Men’s and Women’s Irish Senior Cup.

Match report Belfast Harlequins V UCD and all weekend games.


UCD lost Michelle Carey for the rest of the season when she sustained a medium term injury at Women’s National team training camp on Monday on a day that saw Loreto’s Yasmin Pratt suffered a similar length injury. Both will be side-lined for at least six weeks.

Grange and Watsonians are still in Scottish Premiership pole position

Grange`s relentless drive for the men`s Premiership title continues with a 3-0 win at Clydesdale, so the league leaders are still in place at the top.

Collaboration is key to Nacho’s success

Sarah Juggins

Nacho Lopez    

Ignacio ‘Nacho' Lopez has been a hockey coach for many years. But not for one minute is he an ‘old style’ coach. Where coaches in the past ran their teams strictly along ‘command style’ coaching – telling the players what to do – Nacho is one of a modern breed of coaches who seek buy-in and collaboration with the athletes.

Repositioning Modern Hockey into a  Rocket Science.

By Shane Sadanand

This is purely a hypothetical situation. Today, 9th August, 2024!  We are watching Paris Olympics hockey final at Stade Yves-du-Manoir. Indians are taking on  Belgium in the final. Scores are  tied at 2-2.  Only two minutes are left for the final hooter. One Indian attack has just been foiled by the Belgium defence. And they are preparing for an all out counter attack.

Belgium have to win at any cost. It will be a fitting farewell to the golden boys of  2011 Champions Challenge if they win the final now. Only 108 seconds remaining and they don't want a shootout where Indians hold a slight advantage nowadays. Indians have been trained under the watchful brain of artificial intelligence for the past 6 months.

As Alexander Hendrixx prepares for the execution, Indian forwards started yelling to their defence. APJ2, APJ2..... They are sure of a scoop that lands just in front of Indian goal line where Cosyns will stop the ball. Climax has five options. It can lead to a PC, a goal, a defence save, goes out or a perfect save by Indian goal keeper Krishna Pathak.

Let's stop the trailor here and go deep into the mind of the computer processor that controls Indian players' game. "Rule APJ" is all about arial balls and its control. It considers hockey ball as a projectile or a rocket and is named after the great Indian rocket scientist and former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. So in future Indian scoops in the hockey turf will be different and will be known as APJs. It will be quite different from what it is used to be.

Now let us  come to the reality.  The last minute scoop and its response by Indian players will be decided by a few rules and theories.

APJ rule will decide the trajectory, speed and landing position of the ball and more. In the initial fraction of the second of that scoop  Krishna Pathak's mind will follow the theory of goosebumps. Four reasons are behind goosebumps. Excitement, fear, cold and crude expectations. This theory of goosebumps will advise Krishna Pathak to make necessary mindset for the situation. He might have trained in the camp for the correct reading of the situation using " modified biological motion perception".

Krishna 's decision to formulate a plan for  the save will be decided by "Dravid Principle" and by avoiding "Sewag Principle".

If Belgium scores a goal, India's retaliation will be based on the theory of vacuum space. That is to score two goals in forty seconds.

You can also remember the Newton's third law of revenge. Every goal will cause equal and opposite response in other goal!

This is pure fiction. If  Indians are  trained using Artificial Hockey Intelligence, in the 58th minute of the Olympics final against Belgium the final scoreline will be 5-0 or 6-0  in  favour of India. That's what AHI offers to Indian hockey. It gives 104 ideas to win an Olympic final.

For me, to convince Indian system about the utility of AHI is as good as scaling Mt. Everest seven times.

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