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News for 08 October 2016

All the news for Saturday 8 October 2016

Chile silences Uruguay

Paraguay wins big against Ecuador; and host Peru falls to Venezuela on Day 4 of the Men’s South American Championship

2016 South American Championship & World League R1 (field hockey) – Chiclayo, Peru – 07 Oct 2016 - Uruguay vs. Chile    . Photo: Talia Vargas - PanAm Hockey

In the much anticipated tournament match up between Uruguay and Chile, Contardo’s penalty corner hat trick leads Chile to five-nill win over Uruguay ; Ecuador’s Harold Soria scores first tournament goal for Ecuador, but Ecuador fell to Paraguay as Russo has a hat trick. Venezuela wins by five goals over host Peru on Day 4 of the Men’s South American Championship / Hockey World League Round 1

On the fourth day of the Men’s Competition, Uruguay and Chile met; Paraguay and Ecuador; and host Peru and Venezuela to end the day

Peru-Venezuela (1-6)

The final match on day 4 was between host Peru and Venezuela. Venezuela looked to attack early and earned the first penalty corner of the match in the third minute. Peru’s keeper and Captain Felix Mafferetti came up with the save. And then Peru looked to score as Peru’s Fabrizio Corno just missed connecting with teammate Steven Orellana waiting in front of the goal cage. Five minutes later, Venezuela was back on attack with two more penalty corner opportunities. Mafferetti and his teammates on defense blocked both penalty corners and again, Peru looked to push on attack. Yet, Venezuela quickly regained possession and Venezuela’s Jose Oropeza scored in the 11th minute to give his team the lead.

For the next ten minutes both teams traded possession mostly in the midfield and each failed to capitalize off a couple scoring opportunities. In the 22nd minute, Venezuela earned another penalty corner, but the shot went well wide of the goal cage. Two minutes later, Venezuela’s Wilmer Vargas was awarded a green card. Peru was unable to take advantage of the green card. For the rest of the half, Venezuela and Peru continued to battle each other for possession and both teams played strong defense to prevent shot opportunities. Thus, the score remained Peru 0, Venezuela, 1 at halftime.

Peru came out fired up to start the second half of the match and Vincenzo De Martis’ goal tied the match in the 37th minute. Venezuela then ran back on attack and earned two penalty corners, the second of which Reymer Malave converted. Venezuela continued to pressure on attack and Mafferetti made more big saves to keep Venezuela from increasing their lead. In the 48th minute, however, a penalty corner shot by Venezuela’s Captain Andy Adrian bounced off the pads of Mafferetti and into goal to make the score Peru 1, Venezuela 3. In the 54th minute, Venezuela earned another penalty corner and Raudin Simanca lifted in the shot to give his team a three goal lead over Peru. Peru then looked to score, but Venezuela’s keeper Junior Benitez saved a shot by Alberto Vives. Venezuela quickly regained possession and Oropeza converted a penalty corner for his second goal for Venezuela in the 58th minute. After Peru played with good positioning to keep Venezuela from penetrating their attacking circle for almost ten minutes, Venezuela’s Cristian Vargas dribbled through defense to make the score Peru 1, Venezuela 5 in the 64th minute. Behind Mafferetti and Peru’s back defender Ricardo Cruz, Peru played strong defense to hold off more Venezuela attack for the rest of the match. With Peru unable to get another shot off by the end of the match, the final score remained Peru 1, Venezuela 6.

Uruguay-Chile (0-5)

The crowd was packing and cheering for both teams in the much anticipated match up between Uruguay and Chile. Chile dominated and controlled possession in their attacking half for the first 15 minutes of the match. Uruguay, however, had very strong positioning that keep Chile from taking a shot and kept the match very fast paced. Uruguay had its first attacking opportunity in the 15th minute when Karim Issa took a shot. Chile’s keeper Adrian Henriquez made the save and the match remained scoreless. In the 20th minute, Chile’s Vincente Goni was given a green card. Uruguay had trouble taking advantage of the green card as Chile maintained possession. Chile earned the first penalty corners of the match around the 24th minute. After Uruguay’s keeper Sebastian Cadenasso stopped a hard penalty corner shot by Chile’s Juan Amoroso, Chile’s Ignacio Contardo collected the rebound and scored to give Chile the lead in the 25th minute.

Play continued to be in Chile’s attacking half; and Chile almost had another opportunity to score when Captain Sven Richter looked to take a shot. Uruguay’s Gonzalo Martinoni made a great defensive tackle to regain possession for his team. Chile, however, was able to quickly get the ball back into their attacking circle and earn another penalty corner in the final minutes of the first half. Uruguay continued to play strong defense, but Chile was able to earn another penalty corner as time expired in the first half. With a strong low drag flick, Contardo converted another penalty corner giving his team a two goal lead over Uruguay. Even though time had expired, when Richter’s goal was scored the intensity of the match then picked up and Contardo was given a 10 minute yellow card. Thus, the halftime score remained Uruguay 0, Chile 2.

The second half started with Contardo serving the yellow card; and Uruguay looking to capitalize on attack. Uruguay’s reserve keeper Rodrigo Castro started the second half.  It was Chile’s Martin Rodriguez, however, who had the first scoring opportunity of the second half. In the 40th minute, Rodriguez blasted a reverse shot from the top of the circle to make the score Uruguay 0, Chile 3. Again, tensions ran high between the two teams after the goal was scored. And Uruguay’s Luis Salmini and Chile’s Axel Richter were each awarded a yellow card. After Chile had trouble executing a penalty corner play in the 45th minute, Chile’s Pablo Purcell sent in a hard drag flick off a penalty corner to give his team a four goal lead over Uruguay in the 49th minute. Five minutes later, Chile had two more penalty corners, but Uruguay’s reserve keeper Rodrigo Castro made a save on the second penalty corner. Right after, starting keeper Cadenasso re-entered the match for Uruguay; and reserve keeper Sebastian Valdes entered the match for Chile.

Play continued to be in Chile’s attacking half and Chile earned another penalty corner in the 61st minute. Contardo tipped in a third penalty corner shot to give Chile a commanding five goal lead over Uruguay. Uruguay kept holding good positioning denying Chile many shot opportunities. Chile, however, earned another penalty corner in the 68th minute, but the penalty corner flick by Axel Richter went high. Uruguay had their best scoring opportunity in the final minute, but lost the ball off the end line. Thus, the final score remained Uruguay 0, Chile 5.

Paraguay-Ecuador (9-1)

Under the cloudy skies of Chiclayo Peru, on day 4 of the men’s competition the first match was between Paraguay and Ecuador. Paraguay earned a series of penalty corners in the beginning of the match. Ecuador played strong defense to block up the penalty corners and Palacios then saved another penalty corner shot by Russo to keep the match scoreless ten minutes into the match. Paraguay kept dominating possession.  In the 18th minute, Paraguay earned another penalty corner and this time Russo’s penalty corner shot found the back of the goal to give Paraguay the lead over Ecuador. Soon after, Paraguay’s Aram Monges blasted a shot on goal, but Palacios made another big save to keep the score Paraguay 1, Ecuador 0.

Ecuador continued to play strong team defense and blocked another penalty corner opportunity by Paraguay in the 23rd minute. Paraguay did not earn another penalty corner until the 30th minute. Palacios made more saves and another big save that enabled his team to regain possession and run into their attacking circle for the first time in the match. With the shot by Ecuador’s Harold Soria going off the end line in the final minute of the first half, the score at halftime remained Paraguay 1, Ecuador 0.

Paraguay ran immediately with the ball into their attacking circle to start the second half. Paraguay’s Aram Monges was able to score past Palacios in the 36th minute. A few minutes later, Paraguay earned their first penalty corner of the second half and Enrique Gimenez’s flick hit the backboard to make the score Paraguay 3, Ecuador 0 in the 39th minute. Ecuador did not let up and went on attack after the restart and earned their first penalty corner of the match. Ecuador’s Harold Soria scored off the penalty corner to pull his team within two goals of Paraguay in the 42nd minute. Paraguay then rushed back on attack and Federico Ruetalo increased his team’s lead back to three goals over Ecuador with a nice reverse shot in the 45th minute.

Ecuador’s Juan Usca then earned a yellow card; and soon after Paraguay looked to capitalize off another penalty corner that Ecuador successfully blocked. Ecuador continued to have strong defensive positioning to prevent Paraguay from scoring another goal while Usca was out with the yellow card. In the 53rd minute, Russo slammed in a shot to make the score Paraguay 5, Ecuador 1. Palacios then made two more big saves to keep Paraguay from quickly scoring another goal off the restart. Paraguay’s Elias Vera was able to break through Ecuador’s defense to put his team ahead by five goals in the 58th minute. A few minutes later, Paraguay’s Sasha Dolinsky tipped in a cross from Ruetalo. Paraguay continued their attacking intensity as Juan Benegas and Ruetalo each scored in the final five minutes of the match.

All matches are being live-streamed; and a reminder that each match is being played in two 35 minute halves and cannot end in a tie.

The final day of the Men’s Competition will be on Sunday the 9th of October. Please continue to also check the Pan American Hockey Federation’s website for the Men’s competition for photos and post-match interviews and more; as well as awards on the final day of competition: http://www.panamhockey.org/en/competitions-53-2016-south-american-championships-men-

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Double shoot-out in AHL semi-finals

Men's semi's both go to shoot-out

Holly MacNeil

The men’s semi-finals were spectacular this evening with both matches going to shoot-out to decide who would play in the final of the Australian Hockey League.

The Victorian Vikings and the India Junior National Team were up first, with Victoria coming out on top. In the second semi-final the WA Thundersticks took on the NSW Waratahs with the shoot-out ending up at 3 – 1; the home team the WA Thundersticks victorious.

The women’s finals saw the Queensland Scorchers and the Victorian Vipers through to the final; with the ACT and NSW to face off for the bronze medal.

The first semi-final of the day at the Perth Hockey Stadium saw Victoria taking on the ACT. It was Victoria’s match from the beginning, with Madi Ratcliffe scoring a cracker of a field goal in the first minute of play.

The ACT tried to fight back but Victoria were pushing, making the Canberra Strikers defence work hard. The Strikers managed to come back in the second with a penalty corner from Michaela Curtis, but Victoria were determined.

Coming back from the half time break at 1 - 1, captain Emily Hurtz scored within the first minute of play, and was backed up by Georgia Nanscawen who nailed a field goal in the 43rd minute. In the final quarter Sophie Taylor secured the victory for the Vipers with a penalty corner leaving only four minutes on the clock.

Next up, Queensland took on New South Wales, and after a quiet first quarter, Rebecca Greiner scored the first goal for Queensland.  The Scorchers continued to attack, and in the third quarter Jodie Kenny was awarded a penalty stroke leaving the final score at 2 – nil.

Over to the men’s competition, and India were first up against Victoria. Victoria took an early lead, with three goals scored in the first half thanks to a double from Chris Ciriello, along with a field goal from Aaron Kleinschmidt. Going into the half time break it was looking like a sure thing, but India came out fighting.

Varun Kumar scored India’s first goal of the game in the third quarter giving them a much needed boost. Into the fourth and in the last six minutes of play Kumar was at it again, nailing two more penalty corners to bag himself a hat trick, and in doing so tying the score between Victoria and India.

The match went to a shoot-out, with Victoria netting 4 out of the 5 shots, and India netting 3, resulting in Victoria progress through to the gold medal match on Sunday while India will play for bronze.

In the final match of the day, WA took on NSW to decide who would compete against Victoria in the final on Sunday. The first half was fast paced, with both teams fighting to make the final, however neither managed to crack the scoreboard.

The third quarter continued with much of the same, with the fourth quarter seeing the first goal of the match after Chris Bausor was awarded a penalty stroke which he converted to goal with eight minutes to go in the game.

With only a minute of the game to go, NSW evened the score with Luke Noblett knocking in a perfectly timed goal and taking the match to the second shoot-out of the evening.

The full shoot-out wasn’t needed, with WA walking away with the win after just seven of the ten shots were played.

In other matches today, the States and Territories who did not make finals competed in classification matches to decide on the minor positions. Classifications matches will continue tomorrow.

The under 13’s continued with the Australian Carnival today, with both the boy’s and the girl’s competition set to conclude tomorrow.

For full results on the day, please use the following links:
Men’s League
Women’s League 
Boy’s League
Girl's League

Today’s AHL results:
Women’s League
TAS 1 – 2 NT
MAS 1 – 1 NZ
WA 2 – 1 SA
VIC 4 – 1 ACT
QLD 2 - 0 NSW

Men’s League
SA 2 – 2 NZL
NT 5 – 1 MAS B
ACT 0 – 3 MAS T
QLD 5 – 3 TAS
IND 3 – 3 VIC (3 – 4 SO)
NSW 1 – 1 WA ( 1 – 3 SO)

India v Victoria shoot-out detail
James Webster (VIC) goal
Manpreet (IND) goal
Aaron Kleinschmidt (VIC) goal
Parvinder Singh (IND) miss
Will Gilmour (VIC) miss
Gurjant Singh (IND) goal
Russell Ford (VIC) goal
Parvinder Singh (IND) goal
Chris Ciriello (VIC) goal
Santa Singh (IND) miss

Western Australia v New South Wales shoot-out detail
Flynn Ogilvie (NSW) miss
Aran Zalewski (WA) goal
Jack Hayes (NSW) goal
Trent Mitton (WA) goal
Matthew Willis (NSW) miss
Matthew Bird (WA) goal
Lachlan Sharp (NSW) miss

Saturday’s Fixtures (AWST)
Women’s League
10am: Classification 4 SA - TAS
2pm: Classification 5 NZL - NT
6pm: Classification 6 WA - MAS

Men’s League
8am: Classification 5 NZL – MAS B
12pm: Classification 6 SA - NT
4pm: Classification 7 ACT - TAS
8pm: Classification 8 MAS T - QLD

Sunday’s Fixtures (AWST)
Women’s League
Bronze medal match
12pm: ACT - NSW
Gold medal match
2pm: QLD - VIC

Men’s League
Bronze medal match
10am: IND - NSW
Gold medal match
4pm: VIC - WA

Hockey Australia media release

AHL: Tigers roar in classification

By Jugjet Singh

AHL: Malaysian Tigress in action against New Zealand Futures. Picture By Ferzalfie Fauzi (Harian Metro)

MALAYSIAN Tigers beat Canberra Lakers 3-0 in the Australian Hockey League Fifth-Eighth Classification match in Perth Friday.

The Tigers, which is the national men's team, will play Queensland Blades Saturday to decide their fate in the first season in AHL.

Shahril Saabah (fifth), Haziq Shamsul (seventh) and Ramadhan Rosli (49th) scored for the Tigers.

However the Malaysian Blues, the back-up team, were thrashed 5-1 by NT Stingers in the Ninth-12th Classification match, when only Akhimullah Anuar was on target in the 43rd minute. They play New Zealand Futures Saturday.

The Tigress, women's national team, were held 1-1 by New Zealand Futures in the classification, and now top the losers pool by seven points.

Nurul Nabihah Mansur (42nd) was the scorer for Malaysia.

RESULTS: Men -- Fifth-Eight: Malaysian Tigers 3 Canberra Lakers 0; Ninth-12th: Malaysian Blues 1 NT Stingers 5.

Women: Classification: Malaysian Tigress 1 New Zealand Futures 1.

SATURDAY -- Men: Fifth-Eight: Malaysian Tigers v Queensland Blades;  Ninth-12th: Malaysian Blues v New Zealand Futures.
Women: Classification: Malaysian Tigress v WA Diamonds.

Jugjet's World of Field Hockey

India colts lose to Victorian Vikings in AHL semi-final

PERTH: Varun Kumar's hat-trick went in vain as Indian men's team went down 4-3 in a penalty shootout to Victoria Vikings in the semi-final of the Australian Hockey League, on Friday.

Down 0-3, the Indian colts made a strong comeback, courtesy a hat-trick from Varun to take the game into a shootout after regulation time.

The two teams were the ones with the strongest defences in the pool stages, India conceding seven goals, and Victoria nine.

In the first quarter both teams focussed on organising their defence and controlling the midfield.

Locked in a stalemate after the first quarter, the Vikings were the ones to strike first when Chris Ciriello converting a penalty corner in the 20th minute.

Two minutes later Aaron Kleinschmidt took advantage of a goalmouth melee to double Vikings' lead.

India secured a penalty corner soon but Varun's flick was smartly parried away by Durst Johan in the Vikings goal.

In the final minute of the quarter, Ciriello scored his second penalty corner of the game to give Victoria a 3-0 lead heading into halftime.

India had several chances to pull a goal back in the third quarter but to no avail.

A brilliant passing move at the top of the Victorian circle saw Ajit Pandey drag his shot high. Minutes later Durst was in action again, pulling off a smart save from Anand Lakra's bursting run and shot from the top of the circle. Off the rebound, Durst smothered Parvinder Singh's shot illegally, which earned India a penalty corner but Victoria saved the first attempt, but were penalised with another.

Varun missed his drag-flick but improvised with the loose ball to score and open India's account in the game.

The teams went into the final break with India trailing 1-3.

Simranjeet Singh's green card early in the final quarter handed India a disadvantage, but it didn't matter as they pushed forward in search of goals to get back into the game.

Armaan Qureshi came closest after picking up a pass from Dipsan Tirkey inside the circle and turnin, only to shoot wide.

With six minutes left in the game, India won another penalty corner and this time Varun didn't need a second invitation, dragging his shot perfectly into the bottom left corner, to reduce the margin to 2-3.

With the momentum having shifted, India started pushing for the equaliser and won another penalty corner in the 56th minute. Varun made no mistake, slotting it into the bottom corner again to drag India level.

Victoria went a man down in the final minutes courtesy Tim Cross's yellow card and the juniors made the most of the numerical advantage, constantly attacking the Vikings circle.

With a minute to go, Harjeet Singh had a shot from the top of the box, but Durst parried it away. It was to be the final bit of action as the two teams went into a shootout for a place in the final.

In the shootout, the Vikings held strong missing a single chance out of five, and winning by the narrowest of margins to take their place in the summit clash.

India will be playing for the bronze medal on October 9.

The Times of India

Incredible Holcs debut in the EHL

Hat tricks from Harry Trusler and Sam Ward saw Holcombe cruise to an 8-1 win over KS AZS AWF Poznan in a breathtaking first appearance in the EHL.

It left the Polish side chasing shadows while the English club will now hope to get a big win over reigning champions SV Kampong on Saturday to advance to the KO16.

Trusler got the English side on the board when he pounced on a mid-circle rebound to pop home. Nick Bandurak made it 2-0 at half-time with a low reverse when found on the left of the circle.

Ward got in on the act after the big break for 3-0 before he and Trusler added their second in quick succession. Trusler completed his triple in the 50th minute only for Patryk Pawlak to get one back from a penalty stroke.

But further goals for Ward and Robert Field notched up the 8-1 victory and a great start for the Kent club.

Pool A: Holcombe 8 (H Trusler 3, S Ward 3, N Bandurak, R Field) KS AZS AWF Poznan 1 (P Pawlak)

Euro Hockey League media release

Five-star Cardiff sweep past Amsicora

Cardiff & Met swept aside the challenge of Italian champions SG Amsicora to record a first win for a Welsh club in the EHL with a 5-0 success in Pool B.

They made much of the early running but found Amsicora robust in defence for the most part in the first half until Rhys Gowman broke down the right flank and popped the ball back to Ioan Wall who coolly rolled in the opening goal.

The second half, though, was a much more open affair with Jack Pritchard needed to take a Luca Angius chance off the line. Thereafter, Cardiff cut loose. Luke Hawker’s low drag-flick extended the lead to 2-0.

Benhamin Carless then guided home Liam Brignull’s ball through the circle in the wake of a mis-trapped corner. Brignull fired home the pick of the bunch on his backhand for 4-0 before Chris Hardy’s high drag extended the margin further for a comfortable victory.

Speaking afterwards about the win, Luke Hawker said: "It's always good to start positively. It's great to make history, first to be the first club to come to the EHL and then to get the first win on behalf of Wales. It's a privilege really.

"They sat quite deep and we had a lot of ball. We knew it would never happen easily and had to stick to our game. In the end, if we had enough possession, we would come good and put a few past them. Really pleased.

"Having a day off tomorrow is good for us to switch off. Most of us work all week and take leave to come to this. We will review today's game and then view Hamburg and see what they are at and see if we can cause what some people might call an upset."

Pool B: Cardiff & Met 5 (I Wall, L Hawker, B Carless, L Brignull, C Hardy) SG Amsicora 0

Euro Hockey League media release

Turner and van Strydonck relieved to see off Saint Germain

Royal Leopold just about saw off a huge challenge from Saint Germain to get their EHL Pool C campaign up and running with a 4-3 win.

After a rip-roaring opening, in which Saint Germain made a number of big chances, Leo burst their bubble with a devastating counter-attack. Dorian Thiery broke out of defence before playing into the path of Arthur Verdussen who left Glenn Turner with the simple task of tapping in.

Dimitri Cuvelier then laid on the second for Verdussen, a backhand cross that the scorer did well to get in front of his man to chip over Martin Zylbermann.

Maxine Plennevaux scored a third goal before half-time from the penalty spot after an unceremonious shove on a striker in shooting mode; 3-0 at half-time.

Hugo Genestet tried to start the comeback with a stroke of his own, awarded in similar circumstances, in the 40th minute, but Verdussen’s second goal seemed to have put the game to bed at 4-1 with just 18 minutes to go.

But Genestet fired in a low corner to make things interesting and, with more and more sustained pressure, Saint Germain were right back in the mix with six minutes to go when Martin Genestet got on the end of a right wing cross.

It set up a tense closing phase but Leo kept their calm and prevailed for a 4-3 win.

Speaking afterwards, Glenn Turner said he really enjoyed his first experience of the competition: “First game of the EHL and it was great. You could tell all the guys were excited beforehand in our team. It was pretty awesome.

“They started really well but we got those two goals before they made it really interesting at the end. I hope it was fun for the spectators even if it wasn’t fun for us. Hopefully tomorrow we can get the win because I want to continue in this competition.”

He added that it has been a whirlwind time since he arrived in Europe just five weeks ago in the wake of the Olympic Games.

“It’s all been so quick. I was only home a week after the Olympics and then had to get myself organised. But it’s the best thing I have ever done – me and my family are really enjoying it and the club has been awesome to us. Sometimes I just sit back and think ‘did that just happen’. It’s a cool experience and now is the right time to do it.

Reflecting on the game, Elliot van Strydonck added: “It was a dramatic game and a bad one from us, especially in the last quarter but also in the first and third. We have to analyse it. We did win which is the only good thing but we struggled a lot, giving away a lot of easy corners, a stroke and too many cards.”

After the match, he was mobbed by young fans looking for autographs from the Olympic silver medalist. He said he is enjoying the extra adulation from the fans.

“We got a lot of attention [from young fans] and I think it will continue, especially when we play Argentina at the end of October in a replay of the Olympic final. It’s great for hockey and the Belgian nation because we gave a lot to win the medal. It’s nice to get more attention.

“We have been growing but now we proved that we are really on top of the world and can see that people are not only talking about football but also about the Red Lions.

Pool C: Royal Leopold 4 (A Verdussen 2, G Turner, M Plennevaux) Saint Germain 3 (H Genestet 2, M Genestet)

Euro Hockey League media release

Efficient Kelburne too much for Kazan

Bromac Kelburne showed a clinical edge to see off Dinamo Kazan and give themselves a major shot at reaching the KO16 when they meet UHC Hamburg.

After a couple of early Kazan corners – one of which hit the base of the post from an Almaz Kurbanov switch-flick – Kelburne bounced back to hit the front in the 24th minute.

Iain Scholefield’s run drove at the heart of the Russian defence before the ball slipped across the circle to the right where McKenzie spun around and thumped home.

And they had major chances to extend the lead, first when Chris Nelson’s reverse hit the post and, next, when Josh Cairns saw his penalty stroke rebound off the frame of the goal too.

The second eventually came via Jonas Nommensen, using his German indoor-style skills to spin and push home from mid-circle after McKenzie had drawn a save from Marat Gafarov.

Kazan continued to press forward, winning several corners, but Kelburne kept scoring from their fewer chances. Cairns whipped home a penalty corner for a 3-0 advantage in the 53rd minute.

Timur Nikolaev got one back from the injector’s spot from a corner but it was too late to threaten getting anything other than a losing bonus point.

Pool D: Bromac Kelburne 3 (J McKenzie, J Nommensen, J Cairns) Dinamo Kazan 1 (T Nikolaev)

Euro Hockey League media release

Hat-trick heroes help Holcombe hammer Poznan

Hat-trick hero Sam Ward celebrates scoring in the EHL. Credit Euro Hockey League

Trebles from Harry Trusler and Sam Ward fired Holcombe to an 8-1 win over KS AZS AWF Poznan in a superb debut in the Euro Hockey League.

Trusler gave the Kent side the lead early on; securing the honour of Holcombe’s first European goal in the process. The No17 struck two more to complete his hat-trick whilst England striker Sam Ward also helped himself to three goals. Nick Bandurak and Rob Field also netted with Patryk Pawlak notching a consolation for the Polish side.

Early on Holcombe set up their press just inside the Polish half, occasionally sending a man to put pressure on the defence before swamping the midfield ensuring a series of successful turnovers and a series of threatening raids on the Poznan goal. The opener came from a driving run forwards by Dan Fox. His pass caused confusion in the Poznan defence and Trusler was on hand to loft in his first of the match and Holcombe's first goal in Europe.

The second quarter was all Holcombe with Poznan not really threatening. Despite all the pressure Julian Halls’ side could only find one goal in the second period. Just before half-time long ball played into the circle found Bandurak whose backhand strike beat the goalkeeper at the near post to make it 2-0 to Holcombe.

Ward added his name to the score sheet, guiding home a left win cross from close range before turning provider moments later, crossing for Trusler to slot home. Ward added his second with a delightful sliding backhand, lofting the ball over the goalkeeper before Trusler converted Barry Middleton’s cross to complete his hat-trick.

Pawlak clawed one back from the penalty spot but Field converted a penalty corner and Ward tapped in his third to make it 8-1, sending Holcombe into tomorrow’s big game with Kampong brimming with confidence.

Holcombe's second match of the EHL is against reigning champions Kampong, tomorrow at 5pm. Watch live on http://ehlhockey.tv/

Holcombe HC 8
Harry Trusler 8, 42, 50 (FG, FG, FG)
Nicholas Bandurak 28 (FG)
Samuel Ward 38, 43, 57 (FG, FG, FG)
Robert Field 52 (PC)

KS AZS AWF Poznan 1
Patryk Pawlak 50 (PS)

England Hockey Board Media release

2017 Hall of Fame – Nominate Now!

The EHF is delighted to open the nominations for the EHF Hall of Fame to the fans of hockey!

Who do you think so join Teun de Nooijer, Natascha Keller, Santi Freixa, Nikki Symmons and Pol Amat in the EHF Hall of Fame?

What retired international European player really is a STAR both on and off the pitch?

Who has the qualities that we are looking for, a real ‘game changer’, an ambassador for hockey, who gives of their time to inspire the next generation?

You have a name?


Nominations are open for today until 1st December 2016. After that we will create a shortlist..

Make sure YOUR favourite player makes the short list!!!!!




EuroHockey Media release

Rivals Surbiton and East Grinstead set for clash

Surbiton’s Rebecca Middleton, who scored twice last weekend. Credit: Tim Reder.

Level on points after just three games, Surbiton and East Grinstead are preparing to do battle on Saturday afternoon in the Investec Women’s Hockey League Premier Division.

The clash at Sugden Road is expected to draw another big crowd, which will only add to the atmosphere.

“It’s great to have so much interest, as our Gold medal-winning Olympians come back to the club,” said Surbiton’s assistant coach Niall Mutch.

“In terms of the match, East Grinstead are always a tough team to play – we drew with them down here last season.

“We’re level on points, but really we’re not fixated on the league table. That will take care of itself if we perform well. We have a strong and deep squad to call on, and we will try to keep things simple and take things one match at a time.”

Elsewhere, second-placed Holcombe are also eyeing the top of the table. Depending on the Surbiton versus East Grinstead result they could go top if they beat visitors Slough.

After suffering their first defeat last weekend, Clifton Robinsons are preparing to take on Bowdon Hightown as they bid to get back to winning ways.

The division’s top scorers so far with 12 goals in three games, the University of Birmingham are at home against Leicester who are yet to score.

And on Sunday Reading host Canterbury as they aim to secure their first points.

In the Investec Conference East, the only team with a 100 per cent record intact, Sevenoaks, entertain West Herts on Saturday. Harleston Magpies are also unbeaten – they go to St Albans this weekend.

Leaders Beeston will be aiming to make it four out of four in the Investec Conference North when Timperley come to Nottingham Hockey Centre, while the University of Durham – who are also unbeaten – go to Loughborough Students.

And two unbeaten teams face each other in the Investec Conference West, with leaders Olton and West Warwicks at home against third-placed Buckingham. Meanwhile, second-placed Trojans host Bristol Firebrands.

For full details of all pre-season player movements see http://www.englandhockey.co.uk/fl/ehl/playermovement_f.asp?l=3342

FIXTURES – Saturday, October 8

Investec Women’s Hockey League

Investec Premier Division
Univ of Birmingham v Leicester 12:30
Clifton Robinsons v Bowdon Hightown 13:00
Surbiton v East Grinstead 14:00
Holcombe v Slough 18:00

Investec Conference East
Cambridge City v Northampton Saints 12:30
St Albans v Harleston Magpies 13:00
Wimbledon v Chelmsford 14:00
Southgate v Hampstead and Westminster 14:00
Sevenoaks v West Herts 17:00

Investec Conference North
Loughborough Students v Univ of Durham 12:30
Ben Rhydding v Brooklands Poynton 13:30
Wakefield v Liverpool Sefton 13:30
Beeston v Timperley 14:00
Sutton Coldfield v Belper 14:00

Investec Conference West
Olton and West Warwicks v Buckingham 12:00
Stourport v Isca 12:00
Gloucester City v Oxford Hawks 12:30
Exe v Swansea City 13:00
Trojans v Bristol Firebrands 13:30

FIXTURES – Sunday, October 9

Investec Premier Division
Reading v Canterbury 12:30

England Hockey Board Media release

Scottish National League preview

Graham Moodie`s Edinburgh University are sitting resplendent at the top of the first division after two thumping victories, but this weekend`s clash with Grove Menzieshill at Peffermill will see if the progress is built on solid foundations.

Moodie said: "We expect it to be a very tough match and a great chance to see how we compare with one of the best sides in the league. We believe we can win the match if we play as well as we can."

The students are traditionally slow starters to the league campaign, but this season they have full points with 13 goals in the process - Ian Moodie and set-piece expert Dan Coultas the prime goalscorers.

Newly promoted Watsonians have also started with a bang with back-to-back victories, and will be looking to add Gordonians to their victory list. The Granite City men have started their campaign with two thumping defeats, but this is their first match at home, and they’ll be looking to put some points on the board.

The other games in the card involve four of the five teams that presently prop up the league with no points, so a win would be a bit of a relief. Hillhead take on Western Wildcats while PSL Clydesdale are at home to Uddingston.

The match of the day in Sunday`s Scottish Cup round one involves Grange`s visit to Auchenhowie to take on Western Wildcats in an all-first division clash. Harry Dunlop`s Wildcats have had a torrid start to the domestic season with league games against Menzieshill and Kelburne, now they have Grange in the cup. Although Western won the equivalent league fixture last season 4-3, the Wildcats have lost several players in the interim while Grange have been able to strengthen their ranks with some home-grown signings as well as a couple of Australian recruits.

The other top flight clash involves Watsonians entertaining Hillhead, with Gordonians, Clydesdale, Menzieshill and Uddingston up against opposition from lower leagues.

In the women`s first division Milne Craig Western are the pace setters but now have a tough assignment at home against a Dundee Wanderers that finished last season`s league in third spot. The Glasgow side have racked up 19 goals in their two outings so far, with ten different scorers.

Player/coach Sam Judge will be hoping that her charges at Edinburgh University can get back to winning form against capital neighbours CALA after managing to scrape a 1-1 draw with Wildcats two weeks ago. It will be interesting to see if the latter can continue this season`s early progress under Kareena Marshall with another three points from their trip to Watsonians.

Grove will be looking to maintain their 100% record with a home win against a Kelburne side that picked up their first league point of the season against Watsonians two weeks ago.

The only all-first division clash of the women`s Scottish Cup involves Dundee Wanderers entertaining Watsonians; it would be a surprise if the home team did not book their place in the draw for the next round.

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Kenya Police face KCA-U test in hockey league


Fredrick Okoth (left) of Kenya Police and Frank Okumu of Greensharks during their Kenya Hockey Union premier league match at City Park Hockey Stadium on May 1, 2016. | PHOTO | MARTIN MUKANGU | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Former Kenya Hockey Union men’s Premier League champions Kenya Police take on Kenya College of Accountancy University (KCA-U) in a do-or-die match Sunday afternoon at the City Park Stadium.

Eight matches are on the cards this weekend – four on Saturday and four on Sunday with the 2016 season set to end next month.

Newcomers Amira Sailors’ title credentials will be tested this afternoon when they face Strathmore University Scorpions in the women’s premier league while Sliders and USIU Spartans clash in another match at City Park.

Men’s champions Butali Sugar Warriors, who have already qualified for the playoffs, take on Parklands Saturday evening looking to extend their unbeaten run to six matches.

However, focus will be on the Pool B clash between Police and KCA-U as both teams chase the last playoff spot.

Greensharks, who top the pool with 13 points, secured a playoff spot last weekend after their 4-1 rout of Chase Sailors. Police lie third in the pool with seven points and a defeat will end their quest of reaching the knockout stage.

Police, however, have a game in hand over second-placed KCA-U and Sharks who have both played five matches.

Police coach Kenneth Kaunda has called on his charges to deliver their best performance this season in the highly competitive group.

“It is a tough situation in the group but we have got to do our job and get the result we want. KCAU are a formidable side but we have players that can hurt them,” Kaunda told Saturday Nation Sport Friday.

Kaunda said he will stick with the team that beat Parkroad 4-0 in their previous match. Talismanic striker Moses Cheplaiti will lead the attack with internationals Sammy Oungo, Willis Okeyo and Calvins Kanu providing support.

KCAU skipper Gordon Odiwuor believes pressure will be on their opponents.

“Our destiny is in our own hands. A win will take us through to the playoffs but it won’t be easy because Police will come guns blazing,” he said.

Amira, who are second in the women’s league behind champions Telkom Orange, will be wary of an unpredictable Scorpions side.

Amira have impressed in their debut season in the top flight and a win this afternoon will see them dethrone Orange from the summit.

“This is the first of three matches that will really test us as a team and I believe the ladies are up to the challenge,” Amira coach Linet Anyango said.

Scorpions, who lie fifth in the log, will be looking to bounce back from their disappointing 1-1 against Sliders two weeks ago.

Fixtures (All Matches at the City Park Stadium)


Premier Women: Strathmore v Amira (12pm), Sliders v USIU-A (2pm) National Men: Impala v Wazalendo Youth (4pm)
Premier Men: Butali v Parklands (6pm)


Premier Women: KU Titans v Daystar University (9am) National Men: Wazalendo Youth v Karate Axiom (11am), Daystar v Kimathi (1pm)
Premier Men: Kenya Police v KCA-U (3pm)

Daily Nation

Police's tough test

League giants keen to seal playoffs place

By Elizabeth Mburugu

Chase Sailors George Mutira with the ball as Kenya Police Felix Okoth blocks when they played Men Premier at City Park yesterday, 17/07/2016. Chase Sailors scored 3-2. PHOTO: JENIPHER WACHIE

Hockey giants Kenya Police will lock horns with Kenya College of Accountancy University (KCA-U) in a Kenya Hockey Union men’s Premier League must win match tomorrow at City Park Stadium.

The 2013 champions Police are currently third in pool B and only a victory will revive their hopes of sealing a playoffs slot. They will be engaged in a fierce battle against the students who are second in the group with one foot in the play-offs.

With a single slot remaining in the pool after in-form Greensharks snatched one, the law enforcers have no room for mistakes. Police captain Brian Saina told Feverpitch they have to be at their best and win convincingly. "We have to give it our all because unlike our previous matches the outcome of this particular one will be what counts. This is the decider and there is no room for error, we just have to get it right,’’ Saina said.

Three points separate the two sides and a victory for Police will put them ahead of the students on a superior goal difference. Gordon Odiwuor of KCA-U said they desire to continue with their impressive show and a conquest against THE highly fancied Police will boost their confidence.

"Everyone goes to battle with victory in mind regardless of how strong the opponent is. It is no different with us and we are going to fight tooth and nail because we desire to make the last four. We have come thus far and we won’t just let this opportunity slip out of our hands by allowing them (Police) to have it easy.”

In another men’s Premier League encounter, defending champions Butali Sugar Warriors tackle Parklands today.

The Standard Online

Tim White appointed Head Coach for JWC

Tour to take place in November

Holly MacNeil

South Australian Sports Institute Head Coach, Tim White has been appointed Head Coach of the Australian under 21 hockey team, the Jillaroos, for the 2016 Junior World Cup.

Tim has been a vital component of the Jillaroos coaching staff over the last three years where his leadership, nurturing and teaching of young athletes has been an integral part of the development of a number of talented players who have already transitioned into the Hockeyroos.

Since beginning his coaching career in 2012, Tim has excelled at numerous coaching appointments including co-head coach of an Australia “A” tour, numerous Australian Hockey League and under age national championship roles, and since December 2014 Tim has been a key assistant coach for Jillaroo tours and camps.

Tim will hit the ground running immediately working with the Hockey Australia High Performance Program and national selectors during the 2016 Australian Hockey League, before leading the final preparations and tour to Chile in November.
Tim said: “It’s a fantastic challenge to be appointed as the Head Coach for the 2016 Junior World Cup tour. The Jillaroos are an exciting and talented group, and we’ve had fantastic preparation with tours to the UK and Argentina along with our qualifiers against New Zealand earlier in the year, so we have a lot to build on from those tours.

“Now it’s a matter of putting the finishing touches on and getting over there. We’ve been competitive against Argentina, Great Britain and Holland, so we’ll hopefully be one of the teams to beat.”

Hockey Australia National Talent Pathway Manager, Michael Crooks said: “We are delighted to announce the appointment of Tim as the head coach of the Jillaroos for the Junior World Cup which will be held in Santiago in November.

“Tim has proven himself as the person for the job through his stellar coaching record. We wish Tim and the team the best of luck at the Junior World Cup.”

The Jillaroos Junior World Cup athlete squad and final coaching staff will be announced on the 10th of October.

Hockey Australia media release

MP Hockey academy win hockey tourney

Ramendra Singh

BHOPAL: Gourav Bhagtani and Aniket Varun slotted in three goals apiece as MP Hockey Academy, Bhopal, rode on to their prowess to beat Mumbai Schools Sports Association 8-3 and won the inaugural SNBP All-India Under-16 hockey tournament 2016 at the Mhalunge-Balewadi Sports Complex here on Friday.

The Bhopal team's credentials were up there for challenge but an organised side as Mumbai Schools Sports Association too failed to break their resilience, just as other teams fared against them all through the tournament.

The MP Hockey Academy deservedly won the title and Rs 30,000 cash prize thanks to a perfect start provided by Bhagtani, who drew the first blood in the seventh minute of the game.

Bhagtani made it 2-0 in the 12th minute before Simant Singh reduced the margin to 2-1 through his 28th minute strike that ricocheted into the boards. The Bhopal team further consolidated its lead in the 34th minute through Himanshu Sanik before Aniket scored first of his three goals in the 42nd minute of the match.

Rajveer Dharival's 44th minute goal gave some solace to the Mumbai team but Aniket and Bhagtani scored in a space of six minutes to take the match out of Mumbai's hands. The Mumbai team settled for the Runners-up trophy and Rs 20,000 cash award.

The Times of India

Jacques Column: Importance of captain in hockey team

Jacques Brinkman

The vital steps involved in team preparation goes like this: The basic team is ready, the tactic part is finished.

The next step is: Who is the captain? A good leader is the foundation of any successful team. The captaincy is more than shaking hands before the game and occasionally report to the referee.

The captain is, together with the coach, the key link in the team. He or she is the one who pulls the cart in good and bad times. For playing and winning finals, it is essential that the correct player captain wears in the field.

The fuss is certainly not for nothing. Decisive moments in a match requires the captain on the ball, exudes invincibility and scores.

As in the past Johan Cruyff, Ties Kruize, Tom van 't Hek, Marc Delissen excelled in the field hockey domain. Whereas, its a universal truth that Franz Beckenbauer, Diego Maradona and Michel Platini stand out in the football world. Remarkably and interestingly, these all legends were fulcrum in the their football team, were fair, very experienced, very well respected world over.

These captains could motivate teams mates, were tactically strong and, the last, they had the elusive charisma in abundance.

Therefore, we now are in an interesting situation with regard to who will lead The Dutch Hockey men's team

For new titles in the men's hockey is the choice of the right leader is crucial. Who is the successor to the current captain of Oranje Robert van der Horst?

With respect to India, happy to see Sardar Singh ably taking the mantle, while goalie PR Sreejesh his deputy.

Am sure they will inspire the team to lofty laurels.


Hockey star turned footballer Pauline Naise joins Harambee Starlets camp


National hockey team player Pauline Naise during a past training session. PHOTO | MARTIN MUKANGU |  NATION MEDIA GROUP

National hockey team star Pauline Naise is among the 24 players that reported to the Harambee Starlets training camp on Friday at the Safaricom Stadium, Kasarani.

Naise has featured for both the junior and senior national hockey teams in a number of international assignments.

She last featured for the national hockey team in February 2015 during the World League Two series in Uruguay before taking a break from the sport at the end of last season after leading her club USIU Spartans to a fourth place finish in the league.

The midfielder, who features for Football Kenya Federation Women’s Premier League side Vihiga Leeds, was among the four new players that have been called up to the team that is preparing to make a debut in the African Women’s Cup of Nations next month in Cameroon.

The others are striker Janet Bundi of Women Premier League (WPL) Zone B side Nyamira County Starlets, Soccer Queens’ Esther Nyandika and Bertha Omita - who turns out for WPL Zone B side Oserian.


Speaking to Daily Nation Sport from Kasarani, Naise expressed delight at having earned her first call up to the national team.

Naise remained optimistic of making the team for the Morocco friendly match as well as the Africa Women’s Cup of Nations finals in Cameroon.

“I did not expect to be called for this duty but I am so happy that after so many years, the coach has seen it fit to call me. I like to play hockey but football is my first love,” the 22-year-old midfielder said.

“This is my first time here and I am still unsure of whether I will make it to the tournament so I just want to put up a convincing performance during training.”

Starlets have a busy schedule in the next few weeks, as they have three friendly matches lined up ahead of the continental showpiece.

Starlets will play Morocco away in Marrakech on October 16, before hosting Cameroon (October 22) and Egypt (October 28).

At the continental showpiece, Starlets have been drawn in a tough Group B which also has Mali, Ghana and defending champions Nigeria.


Jacky Ogol, Enez Mango, Vivian Corazon, Jackeline Akoth, Purity Nyongesa, Samantha Akinyi, Vivian Akinyi, Lilian Awuor, Ann Aluoch, Wendy Achieng, Elizabeth Ambogo, Christine Nafula, Irene Ogutu, Cherise Avilia, Dorcas Shikobe, Caroline Anyango, Neddy Atieno, Esse Akida, Dorcas Anyango, Mary Kinuthia, Esther Nandika, Pauline Naise, Bertha Adhiambo, Janet Bundi.

Daily Nation

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