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News for 12 October 2015

All the news for Monday 12 October 2015

Men: Brazil scored, was approved and celebrated the Pan American Challenge Gold Medal

The goal scored by Matheus Borges in minute 15 was definite. Brazil earned the trophy of the tournament after facing Venezuela, their tough rival

Patrick Espejo

Matheus Borges achieved his childhood dream: a final with his national team, score the winning goal and make the victory lap with the Gold medal around his neck, although the rest of the squad push the sticks with him. Brazil came to Chiclayo as favorites and left as champions.

Borges received, found the open space, and finished off from a crossed shot to put the ball to the net across dozens of legs, and beating good goalkeeper Junior Benítez. It was the last play of the first quarter and condemning the match.

“Thanks god, I was able to place the ball just there, where there was a space. Afterwards, the team did a good job, blocking all spaces and preventing short distance shots,” said Borges. In fact, Brazil, covered all possible attack from left and right, and when they tried from the center, the rivals found this way close to the attacking circle, also blocked.

With man marked Cristian Vargas, best scorer of the tournament with 11 goals, Venezuela tried all their weapons, the strength and speed of his players, but found a well-positioned defense on the pitch, and when this line was overtaken, they found goalkeeper Rodrigo Faustino always ready to contain the action.

Brazil finished the Pan American Challenge unbeaten, with four victories (over Panama 18-0, against Puerto 5-1, Uruguay 4-0 and today against Venezuela 1-0, one draw with Guyana 2-2 on the third day of the tournament).

“Our first goal was qualifying for the Pan American Cup, and we’ve achieved it. We wanted to become champions, we’ve achieved as well. This has been a hard year, of intense work, many matches, tours, and this trophy crowns the effort made”, said Coach Cláudio Rocha.

Venezuela could not believe the result. They were conceded with two penalty corners, the first one six seconds before the end of the match, and the second after regulation time had expired, and they failed in bothexecutions. “We wanted the Gold Medal, but we had to face solid Brazil, who didn’t allow it to happen. Good for them. Anyway, we’ll return home proud because we’ve qualified for The Pan American Cup”, said José Oropeza, considered best player of the tournament.

Organized by PAHF and the Peruvian Hockey Federation, The Pan American Challenge took place in Chiclayo, 760 km north of Lima, on October 3rd through October 11th.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Men: Uruguay celebrates the historical Bronze Medal win

Uruguay defeated Guyana in a penalty shoot out, and finished in third place of the Pan American Challenge held in Chiclayo

Patrick Espejo

“Guys…we made it! Against all odds…..this victory is dedicated to all those who always supported us”

Ignacio Costas was excited. He was responsible for the last shot off, the goal for the victory, thus winning the Bronze Medal of the Pan American Challenge. This tournament, organized by PAHF and the Peruvian Hockey Federation, ended today in Chiclayo.

Uruguay defeated fierce Guyana 3-2 in the penalty shoot out, after the 2-2 draw in regulation.

“We were anxious. Shoot outs are just like playing roulette, but we knew we had good players to execute them…and well, a great goalkeeper”, said goalkeeper Rodrigo Cabrera, important player when it came to the definition, with a laugh.

Guyana played a great match. In fact, they played a great tournament, as Coach Robert Fernandes recognized. “It’s been almost seven years since last time Guyana participated in an international field tournament, so this result is very important to us. As we don’t have a synthetic turf hockey pitch, we had to train on a football pitch. However, the players have a lot of potential. More than half of the squad are still junior players, so we expect more from Guyana in the next tournaments”, he said.


With the Bronze medal at stake, the match started with a balanced sequence of actions until Guyana, with a great teamwork, broke Uruguay’s defense and opened the scoreboard with a goal off a low shot by Marvin Dannett.

Yet, Uruguay’s tenacity was shown in the second quarter. Juan Manuel Canessa scored following a penalty corner, and just when Guyana was recovering, a second well-executed goal by Joaquin Rodriguez was scored. “That was an incredible moment. We thought about everything; our families, friends, workmates, people we haven’t seen for…I don’t know, a month”, said Costas.

However, Robert France was able to reach the attacking area and defined the 2-2 draw, result that remained until the end of regulation.

Guyana led at the beginning of the match with a goal after Aroydy Brandford and Marvin Dannett’s play, but Uruguay’s strength, known as “garra” (claw), changed the scoreboard. Meanwhile goalkeeper Rodrigo Cabrera was busy preventing Guyana from scoring, Diego Laborde, Alexis López and finally, Ignacio Costas sealed the victory for Uruguay.

“This will be a great boost for the sport in Uruguay, it’ll help hockey to develop”, said Captain Patricio Draper.

The Pan American Challenge took place in Chiclayo, 760 km north of Lima, between October 3rd and October 11th, and was organized by PAHF and The Peruvian Hockey Federation.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Women: Brazil’s forcefulness rewarded with the Gold Medal

Brazil’s precision helped them become champions of the Pan American Challenge played in Chiclayo

Patrick Espejo

The image of Mayara Fredizzi lying on the pitch in Chiclayo looking towards the sky while her teammates ran to congratulate her, will be the reminder of the moment that Brazil secured the Gold  Medal of the Pan American Challenge that ended today in Peru. Her goal was the third of her team in the final of the tournament organized by PAHF.

She was the same player that scored the second goal of the match, after Evelin Beljon’s goal that opened the scoreboard for Brazil, with lots of passes, patience, and waiting for the open spaces to reach the attacking circle.

“We gave ourselves in heart and soul, we wanted the Gold Medal, and we’ll return home crowned. Now, nothing we’ll stop us in our way to The Pan American Cup,” said Maia de Almeida, who ended with a bleeding knee.

“We would like to thank all the people who trusted us, to everybody who believed in this long term process”, said their Coach Ignacio López, Argentinean who lives in Brazil. “Lots of “meninas” (girls) made their debut here. This is good. They are the players who will replace the older ones”, said Javier Rubín, Team Manager.

Brazil knew how to handle the match. Anita Rodriguez, Luciana Peralta and Jacqueline Peyloubet played a close game that Barbados could not break, despite the fact Barbados had the best offense of the tournament until the final. Only in the fourth quarter, when Barbados risked all- even replacing their goalkeeper by a substitute player- Shani Best was able to score. Yet, it was not enough.

“We feel we played a great tournament. Of course, we wanted to take the Gold Medal, however this team did a great job. We faced an important continental rival, with players that combine experience and youth, and we were able to get to the final. We all know we’ll do better in future tournaments, I haven’t got a single doubt about it”, said Coach Allison Archer.

Brazil won the Gold Medal while Barbados the Silver Medal, Peru sharing podium won the Bronze Medal, who in the previous match defeated Puerto Rico.

Organized by PAHF and the Peruvian Hockey Federation, The Pan American Challenge took place in Chiclayo, 760 km north of Lima, on October 3rd through October 11th.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Women: Peru crowned their campaign with the Bronze Medal

With Canela Devoto and Ximena’s Ardiles’s goals, the Peruvian team finished third in the Pan American Challenge, the most important result of their brief history

Patrick Espejo

Claudia Ardiles, Captain of Peru, experienced a mixture of feelings, tears of joy and weariness after battling until the end of the match. In a huge embrace Claudia, her sister Ximena Ardiles, María José Fermi, Marianella Álvarez and Camila Méndez jumped in the midfield while the chant from the stands went,  Peru…Peru…Peru! Host Peru had just defeated Puerto Rico 2-1, winning the Bronze Medal of the Pan American Challenge that ended today in Chiclayo.

Both goals by Canela Devoto and Ximena Ardiles defined the victory over Puerto Rico, who played a great match, pressing, and even scoring in minute 43 with a goal by Josefina Delgado.

“This is what we wanted. We promised we would make it to the podium, and we’ve achieved it. It was difficult, we went through hard times, especially in this match as Puerto Rico played a great match, but we made it”, said Fermi, solid Peruvian defense player.

It seems that the Peruvian Hockey Federation pitch, in northern Peru, brings them luck as they won the Silver Medal of the Bolivarian Games (a regional multi-sport event) only two years ago on the same pitch. “This is the best result our hockey has achieved in all its history. This will help create awareness about how the sport has grown and the potential it has”, said Coach Luis Pacheco, who returned from coaching in England to help promote hockey in his country.


They say that a good team starts from the back to the front. Everything relied on Ana Palomino, who stretched herself as far as she could saving a penalty shot from Josefina Delgado.

However, this effort paid off, as with a well executed penalty corner Canela Devoto broke the parity in minute 11, thus Peru took the lead, with an excited crowd in the stands as witnesses.

Yet, in minute 22, a pass on the left found Ximena Ardiles free, who, with a hard shot made it to the back of the net between the post and the goalkeeper Stephanie García.

Peru knew how to handle the timing. The confidence of players Fermi and Marianella Álvarez defending in midfield organized the defense line and added to the great performance of link Yurandi Quino, who not only contributed strongly containing but also was responsible to open the game to the sides.

“It was tough for us. Hockey is not professional in Peru: the players study and work, we have to train at night, in hired pitches. We hope, that after this great result, they realize that a synthetic turf pitch should be installed in Lima”, said Valeria León. Peru finished unbeaten, with three wins and two draws.

Organized by PAHF and the Peruvian Hockey Federation, The Pan American Challenge took place in Chiclayo, 760 km north of Lima, on October 3rd through October 11th.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Noronha y Oropeza best tournament players

Ana Palomino and Félix Maffereti, both from Peru, were awarded best scorers of the tournament. Alberto Budeisky, PAHF President delivered the prizes

Patrick Espejo

The loudest applause of the evening went to Brazilian Tatiana Noronha Machado and Venezuelan José Oropeza. Both players were chosen as best players of the Pan American Challenge, organized by PAHF and the Peruvian Hockey Federation that took place at Colegio San José in Chiclayo, Northern Peru.

Both athletes were awarded in a ceremony led by the President of PAHF Alberto Budeisky and the Honorary President of PAHF Antonio von Ondarza, Andrés Della Mattia, Tournament Director and Gianni Delucchi, President of the Peruvian Hockey Federation.

The crowds in the stands celebrated the prizes given to the Peruvian athletes roaring loudly, as besides winning the Bronze Medal, both goalkeepers from the men and women’s team were awarded as the best of the tournament. These were: Ana Palomino and Félix Mafferetti.

Mayara Fedrizzi (Brazil)was awarded best scorer of the tournament, and Cristian Vargas (Venezuela) as well.

The awarded athletes received the same prize, a typical Peruvian carved altarpiece, with the figure of a goalkeeper, a player, and a forward.

The awarded athletes were:


Goalkeeper of the Tournament:  Ana Palomino (Peru)
Scorer of the Tournament: Mayara Fedrizzi (Brazil)
Player of the Tournament: Tatiana Noronha Machado (Brazil)


Goalkeeper of the Tournament:  Félix Mafferetti (Peru)
Scorer of the Tournament Cristian Vargas (Venezuela)
Player of the Tournament:  José Oropeza (Venezuela)

The President of the Pan American Hockey Federation, “Coco” Budeisky thanked all participants and congratulated the organizers of the tournament for carrying out a tournament under PAHF regulations. On the closing, Delucchi invited the athletes and the nations of the regions to come back next year, in October 2016 when the World League R1 will take place, as Chiclayo was chosen to host the event this week.

The Pan American Challenge took place in Chiclayo on October 3rd through October 11th.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Successful closing of the Course in Chiclayo

Over 25 physical education teachers attended the course dictated by Ernesto Lucero on October 8th, 9th and 10th in Chiclayo.

M.Josefina Chavez Diaz

Ernesto Lucero, PAHF Coach and Educator of the FIH Academy, conducted the Coaching Course which was attended by more than 25 physical education teachers in Chiclayo.

Lucero developed different subjects related to hockey; from basic technical skills to training including, teaching methods and other fundamentals of the sport.

The course dictated at the Colegio San José, where the Pan American Challenge is held, lasted three days; October 8th, 9th and 10th, and included theoretic and practical lessons.

On the closing of the course, Alberto Coco Budeisky PAHF President, Gianni Delucchi President of the Peruvian Hockey Federation, and Laura Macchiotti, PAHF Event Coordinator, delivered the certificates to all the participants.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Arul: Goalkeeper Ridzwan let us down

MALAYSIA were humbled 4-2 by Sultan of Johor Cup silver medallists Britain at the Taman Daya Stadium in Johor Baru yesterday.

A hat-trick of penalty corner goals from skipper Luke Taylor doused Malaysia's fire after coach Arul Selvaraj's boys came back from two goals down to hold Britain 2-2.

"Many things that went wrong but the worse was our goalkeeper. Extremely poor goalkeeping from Ridzwan Azmi and he has to take responsibility for this defeat because he let in three soft goals," said Arul.

Arul also took to task the three senior players in the team for not carrying their weight: "Three players who have played with the senior side in many tournaments also had a poor outing and they should take part of the blame too. I hope this does not happen in Kuantan (Junior Asia Cup)."

The three experienced players are Shahril Saabah, Haziq Syamsul and Meor Azuan Hassan.

Malaysia played well in attack and defense to keep Britain busy and it was an entertaining match which was truly enjoyed by the capacity crowd.

Fitness was on Malaysia's side, as they ran circles around the British, but could not find the mark as the match reached the 30th minute mark.

Britain won the first penalty corner of the match in the 25th minute but the ball hit the bar.

However, in the 32nd minute, skipper Luke Taylor's second penalty corener attempt was palmed by goalkeeper Ridzwan Azmi, but the ball rolled in for the lead.

Immediately upon restart, Malaysia won their first penalty corner but poor trapping saw them trailing 0-1 at the half-time break.

Malaysia bungled their second penalty corner as well in the 44th minute, and Britain mounted a counter-attack to score their second goal off Robert Gleeson.

However, the Malaysian side kept fighting and Azwar Rahman scored the first off a field attempt in the 48th minute, while Shahril Saabah equalised at 2-2 in the 50th minute off Malaysia's third penalty corner.

However, Brtain re-took the lead in the 62nd minute, when Taylor scored his second off another penalty corner.

Luke got his hat-trick in the 68th minute, and it was all over for Malaysia.

Defending champions India hammered Pakistan 5-1, to confirm their favourites tag. At half-time, India took a comfortable 4-0 lead into the dressing room.

The India goals were scored by Ajay Yadav (fifth), Sumit Kumar (23rd), Armaan Qureshi (27th), Parvinder Singh (34th), Santa Singh (60th). The Pakistan consolation was scored by Muhammad Dilber in the 45th minute.

In the first match of the day, debutants Argentina beat Australia 1-0 when Ladislao Gencarelli scored off a declection in the 65th minute.

Argentina play Malaysia today, and coach Mariano Ronconi will be sending his team one to the pitch 'blindfolded'.

"Frankly speaking, I don't have a clue about the Malaysian team but that is not a problem as we are going to play to our strength and learn as well as adapt as the agame progresses," said Ronconi.

RESULTS: Argentina 1 Australia 0, India 5 Pakistan 1, Malaysia 2 Britain 4.
FIXTURES: Oct 12: Australia v Pakistan (4.35pm), Britain v India (6.3pm), Malaysia v Argentina (8.35pm).
Oct 13: REST DAY.
Oct 14: Britain v Pakistan (4.35pm), Argentina v India (6.3pm), Malaysia v Australia (8.35pm).
Oct 15: Pakistan v Argentina (4.35pm), Britain v Australia (6.3pm), Malaysia v India (8.35pm).
Oct 16: REST DAY
Oct 17: Argentina v Britain (4.35pm), Australia v India (6.3pm), Malaysia v Pakistan (8.35pm).
Oct 18: Final and placing matches


               P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
INDIA          1  1  0  0  5  1  3
BRITAIN        1  1  0  0  4  2  3
ARGENTINA      1  1  0  0  1  0  3
AUSTRALIA      1  0  0  1  0  1  0
MALAYSIA       1  0  0  1  2  4  0
PAKISTAN       1  0  0  1  1  5  0

Jugjet's World of Field Hockey

The force is strong in Luke as Brits crush Malaysia

by S. Ramaguru

Britain’s James Simpson (right) tussles for the ball with Malaysia’s Nor Azrul Abdul Rahman during the Sultan of Johor Cup match. Britain won 4-2. – Bernama.

JOHOR BARU: Britain skipper Luke Taylor destroyed Malaysia’s hopes of a winning start in the Sultan of Johor Cup with a hat-trick at the Taman Daya Hockey Stadium.

Taylor punished Malaysia’s defensive frailties to lead the Britons to a 4-2 win.

Britain earned their first penalty corner after 32 minutes and it proved to be the turning point. Taylor took the flick and sent it past Malaysia goalkeeper Mohamed Azmi Ridzwan.

A minute later Malaysia had a penalty corner but it was poorly executed.

Britain started off strongly in the second half and won two penalty corners in the 38th and 39th minutes. Luckily, Mohamed Azmi was equal to the task to stop the attempts.

In the 45th minute, Britain took advantage of Malaysia’s defensive error to score goal No. 2.

A long ball into the D was completely missed by the Malaysians and Robert Gleeson had the easy task of slotting past Mohamed Azmi.

Stung, Malaysia poured forward in numbers and were rewarded in the 49th minute when Mohamed Azwar Rahman deflected home a cross in the D to make it 2-1.

And two minutes later, Malaysia restored parity. They gained their second penalty corner of the match and this time Mohamed Shahril Saabah made no mistake with the conversion to make it 2-2.

But in the 61st minute, the Malaysians gave away a penalty corner and it proved disastrous as Taylor flicked the ball past Mohamed Azmi for a 3-2 lead.

Taylor completed his hat-trick in the 68th minute, again off another penalty corner.

Malaysia coach A. Arulselvaraj admitted his side made too many mistakes and gave away some soft goals.

“It was a good effort. It was a tough match and we had our chances to get a win. In the end, some poor defending cost us the match.

“I am pleased with some aspects of the game. We have to do better with our goal attempts and also our attacking play,” he said.

Malaysia will do battle against South American giants Argentina on Monday.

Debutants Argentina scored a surprise 1-0 win over Australia. Ladislao Gencarelli was the hero, scoring the all-important goal in the 65th minute.

In another match in the six-team Under-21 tournament, two-time defending champions India flexed their muscles by demolishing Pakistan 5-1.

Ajay Yadavin (fifth minute), Sumit kumar (23rd), Armaan Qureashi (27th), Parvinder Singh(34th) and Santa Singh (60th) netted for India while Pakistan’s consolation goal came through Mohamed Dilber (45th)

The Star of Malaysia

India defeat Pakistan in their opening match by 5-1

Johor Bahru (Malaysia), 11 October 2015: It was a day for Indian Hockey. While the Indian Senior Team won the New Zealand test series by 2-1, the Indian Junior team kick-started their outing in the 5th Sultan of Johor Cup with a win as they beat Pakistan with a convincing 5-1 score.

The defending Champions commenced the 5th Sultan of Johor Cup with perfect style as they went on to beat arch rivals Pakistan by 5-1. It was the Indians who dominated the entire match as they kept clocking in the goals, going on to register an easy win in their opening match today. However, Pakistan managed to slow down India in the second half.

The onset of the game saw the Indians going immediately on the attack, not wanting to waste any time and in the 5th minute India registered their first goal of the match as a clean pass to Ajay Yadav in the D helped him to flick the ball easily into the nets, giving no chance to the Pakistan goalkeeper to react. With the initial goal in their name, India intensified their attack further, keeping the Pakistan defence busy all through.

Mid way into the first half, India was awarded their first penalty corner but the opportunity was missed as the Pakistan goalkeeper cleared the danger. Pakistan counter attacked and were given a penalty corner, but they were unable to capitalise as the Indian goalkeeper was alert and in control.

India in the 23rd minute scored their second goal as Dipsan Tirkey from the left flank passed the ball to Sumit Kumar who was right in front of the goal box and made no mistake in finding the nets. With a 2-0 lead, Harmanpreet Singh in the 27th minute hit the ball into the opponents D and which was well received by Parvinder Singh passing it to Armaan Qureshi and who completed the job cleanly, giving India Goal No. 3.

While Pakistan was trying to get some rhythm back, India had another game plan as they ventured to add another goal right before going into the break. It was the 34th minute when Parvinder Singh through a brilliant field goal took the scorecard to 4-0 in India’s favour.

The second half saw a similar game plan by the young Indian side as they continued putting pressure on the opponents. But Pakistan finally opened their account in the 45th minute as Muhammad Dilber scored through a field goal, taking the score to 1-4. Half way into the session, Pakistan had another chance on the goal through a penalty corner but was yet again denied by the Indian defence.

In the very next minute, India was again on the attack when Harmanpreet Singh from the left flank saw an opportunity with Santa Singh standing right in front of the nets, passing it to him and the later was quick to hit the ball into the goal box. With the 5th goal in their kitty, India yet again upped the ante of attacks as they were seen regularly attacking Pakistan thereafter. Two minutes left for the game to get over, Pakistan got another penalty corner to their name but was hit off target, giving India the opening win of 5-1 in the 5th Sultan of Johor Cup.

India will face Great Britain in the next match of the 5th Sultan of Johor Cup on 12th October 2015 at 16.05 IST.


India thrash Pakistan 5-1 in Sultan of Johor Cup junior hockey

JOHOR BAHRU (Malaysia): Defending champions India began their campaign in style by thrashing arch-rivals Pakistan 5-1 in the 5th Sultan of Johor Cup junior hockey tournament here on Sunday.

The Indian boys dominated the entire match as they registered an easy win in their opening match.

The Indians went for attack immediately after the start of the match, not wanting to waste any time and in the fifth minute scored their first goal as Ajay Yadav flicked the ball into the opposition net.

India intensified their attack, keeping the Pakistan defence busy all through. Mid way into the first half, India were awarded their first penalty corner but the opportunity was missed as the Pakistan goalkeeper cleared the danger.

Pakistan counter-attacked and were given a penalty corner, but they were unable to capitalise as the Indian goalkeeper was alert and in control.

India scored their second goal in the 23rd minute as Dipsan Tirkey, from the left flank, passed the ball to Sumit Kumar who was right in front of the goal and made no mistake in finding the net.

In the 27th minute, Armaan Qureshi got India's third goal before adding another just before going into the break. It was in the 34th minute when Parvinder Singh struck through a brilliant field goal.

Pakistan opened their account in the 45th minute as Muhammad Dilber scored through a field goal.

Half way into the second session, Pakistan had another chance but wasted their penalty corner. In the very next minute, India were again on the attack and a Harmanpreet Singh set up Santa Singh for their fifth goal.

India will face Great Britain in their next match on Monday.

The Times of India

Sultan of Johor Cup: India thrash Pakistan 5-1 in opener

KARACHI: While it is too early to judge the progress made under the new management of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), their case was definitely not helped by Pakistan junior team’s 5-1 loss to India at the opening match of the Sultan of Johor Cup in Malaysia on Sunday.

In a tournament where the junior coach was content with the team’s selection which was based on merit, Pakistan looked a shadow of an extremely solid and well-drilled Indian side.

Having conceded the first goal in the sixth minute from Ajay Yadav, Pakistan missed a chance to convert two penalty corners in the second quarter.

India, meanwhile, added three more goals in the 23rd, 28th and 30th minutes to pile further misery on Pakistan as the scoreline read 4-0 at the end of the second quarter.

The third quarter saw a little more intensity from Pakistan as skipper Dilbar Hussain managed to reduce the deficit by scoring in the 45th minute.

Whatever impact Hussain’s goal had on the morale of the team was extinguished instantly as Pakistan failed to convert from yet another penalty corner in the 57th minute, while Santa Singh completed the rout by scoring in the final minute of the game to end the match 5-1.

“We tried our best but couldn’t win,” a dejected Hussain told The Express Tribune. “We have some experienced players but at the same time there are many new players who are touring for the first time which affected our game play.”

The Express Tribune

Men's Black Sticks feel the pressure of Rio qualification

Simon Child admitted that there was some apprehension in the Black Sticks camp. PHOTOSPORT

Men's Black Sticks captain Simon Child revealed there are a few nerves in the New Zealand camp as they prepare for the Oceania Cup, their last opportunity to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

After losing their four test series against India on Sunday, Child felt there was a lot of positives to take from the matches in Nelson, Blenheim and Christchurch, but the team wasn't immune to the pressure of the next tournament.

"I'd say there's a bit of tension still, our guys are I wouldn't say nervous but a bit apprehensive about the next couple of weeks," said Child.

"We know it's going to be a huge challenge for us but there's a lot of excitement as well, particularly after this game [against India], we know we can do it."

After missing out on qualification at the FIH World League Semifinal tournament earlier this year, the Black Sticks need to beat Samoa and Fiji and make it through pool play. If they avoid any upsets, they're likely to meet Australia in the final, which they must win to qualify for the Olympics.

Although there are nerves, he'd felt facing India was a good way to dust off the cobwebs and said they would be as "prepared as they could be" for Australia's fast, opportunistic style on the field.

"I think it was good preparation for Oceania Cup. We started really well in game one we got the win then probably this match [in Christchurch], although we didn't win, was probably our best game."

"I think we created a lot more chances and were probably guilty of not converting those chances into goals but good preparation, and was a good learning curve for us."

Ranked 7th in the world, the Black Sticks have been working on finding a mental edge as well as having the confidence to execute their attacking aims on the turf. After 18 months of hard graft, Child felt that his team were "very close" to being a side that consistently threatened the world's top teams.

"It was a really good four games for us and I think we built nicely through the series and if we'd had a game five or game six we would have had a couple more victories under our belt."

Before they step onto the pitch in Stratford in their first match against Samoa next Wednesday, the Black Sticks captain said they would be working on their defensive organisation as well as their finishing in the circle.

"Creating good chances and converting those would probably be top of the list, but also just having the confidence to play hockey, go forward and take things on and have a crack."

"Sometimes we're a bit passive and go into our shells and we become a bit tentative on the field, that's not the way we like to play."

He couldn't hide his frustration at finishing the series against India with a draw, but was philosophical in his belief that the process was perhaps more important than a series win.

"Whilst it was an important test series for us, and we obviously wanted to win, it's not the be all and end all for us. We know there's bigger things ahead and that's where our focus is."


KO16 line-up complete with Leo, Egara, Amsterdam and HTHC through

Royal Leopold, Club Egara, Amsterdam and Harvestehuder THC all claimed their tickets to the Euro Hockey League KO16 which takes place next Easter following day three in Hamburg.

Leopold confirmed their place with a 3-0 win over Dinamo Elektrostal, winning Round 1 Pool C though they had it far from their own way.

Goals from Dimitri Cuvelier, Agustin Mazzilli and Gabriel Dabanch proved the difference from a game they only needed a draw to advance from. Elektrostal did have a number of big chances in the closing 20 minutes but Leo’s defence held firm to see out the result with something to spare.

In Pool D, Club Egara got the 3-3 draw they required to advance despite an incredible comeback from Monkstown. It was scoreless until 16 minutes from the end before a crazy blitz of goals saw the pendulum swing quickly one way and then the next.

Edi Tubau’s two goals, adding to Lluis Mercade’s strike, had the Spanish side 3-0 ahead but Kyle Good, Gareth Watkins and Peter Caruth gave Egara a real scare. Ultimately, it was not enough to nick the win the Irish team needed to advance.

Amsterdam were too strong for Saint Germain in Pool A, running out 4-0 winners. Sander ’t Hart opened the scoring after two and a half minutes and while the French team defended well, they struggled to get any forward momentum.

Valentin Verga’s pair of goals killed off the tie before ’t Hart scored the fourth goal.

In front of a packed house, bolstered by a boisterous Austrian contingent from HC Wien, Harvestehuder THC sent the sizeable host support home happy as they completed the line-up for the KO16 with a 6-1 win to top Pool B.

Michael Korper’s four goals played a key role, aided by efforts from Tobias Hauke and Leon Willemsen. The loudest cheer of the day came for Simon Landsteiner’s goal for Wien, a special moment for the Austrian club in one of the biggest games in their history.

It means the 16 teams are confirmed for the EHL KO16 which takes place next Easter. The quartet join the Netherlands’ Oranje Zwart and SV Kampong, Germany’s Rot-Weiss Koln and UHC Hamburg, Spain’s RC de Polo and Atletic Terrassa, England’s Wimbledon, Poland’s WKS Grunwald Poznan, France’s Racing Club and Russia’s Dinamo Kazan.

To relive all the action from an epic weekend of hockey at Hamburg, you can have a look at our

Euro Hockey League media release

Harvestehuder THC complete KO16 line-up

Harvestehuder THC sent the sizeable host support home happy as they completed the line-up for the KO16 as they beat HC Wien 6-1, a result that saw them top Pool B.

Michael Korper’s four goals played a key role, aided by efforts from Tobias Hauke and Leon Willemsen.

Wien’s defence stood firm for the first 23 minutes in the face of an onslaught with Michal Zdrojewski making some great saves between the posts.

Harvestehuder THC eventually made their pressure count in the 23rd minute with two goals in quick succession. Michael Korper got the first with a drag-flick before Tobias Hauke spun on a shot at the top of the circle and picked out the bottom corner.

And it stayed that way until half-time, mainly because of Thomas Klingenbrunner’s amazing diving touch off the line to keep out a third HTHC goal.

Leon Willemsen added a third goal for the hosts as he nipped in behind the cover defence and swept in first time for 3-0.

But any thought that HC Wien would capitulate were put into sharp relief when Simon Landsteiner stole in at the near post to apply a neat touch to guide in a cross from the right from Lukasz Staniczek.

Korper’s second corner restored the three goal advantage, however, with 13 minutes to go. He completed his hat trick with six minutes, a sharp volley after Zdrojewski made a fine initial save and closed out the win in the final minute.

Euro Hockey League media release

Four-star Amsterdam cruise through

Amsterdam cruised into the KO16 with confident display against Saint Germain, winning 4-0 to top Round 1 Pool A with something to spare.

Saint Germain’s defence meant that it was never likely to be a similar scoreline to Saturday’s 19-2 rout over Pomorzanin Torun but they existed only on scraps of attack as the Dutch giants always had the key cards in the deck.

It took just two and a half minutes to get the scoreboard ticking from a quite brilliant counter-attack, Sander ’t Hart diving onto a first time pass from the left wing.

Saint Germain, though, did well to parry a wave of attacks with Billy Bakker, Kenny Bain and Robert Tigges all denied from major chances.

Valentin Verga, though, extinguished hopes of a Saint Germain surprise when he finished off a backhand chance from the left of the circle and then converted a penalty stroke for 3-0. ’t Hart grabbed the fourth goal with five minutes to go to close out the win.

Euro Hockey League media release

Egara shut down Monkstown challenge

Club Egara just about saw off Irish champions Monkstown as a 3-3 draw saw the Spanish side claim top spot in Pool D, advancing to next Easter’s KO16.

Before the game, the equation was simple, Egara needed a draw while Monkstown required a victory to top Pool D and it proved a huge tussle for three quarters.

David Fitzgerald proved the key man for Monkstown in the first half making a quartet of key interventions, the pick of which saw him get an out-stretched toe to Eduardo Arbos’s snap shot on the turn.

He also kept out a corner and its rebound to keep the scoreboard blank. While he was the key man, Monkstown did have plenty of good moments on the counter and they grew into the match in the second half with the skills of Lee Cole and Gareth Watkins opening up a number of chances. They were unable to convert from a corner, though, and Egara were the ones who eventually took the initiative in a tension-filled phase of the game.

It came from a swift right wing attack from Josep Farres which Fitzgerald got a touch to but Lluis Mercade was in the perfect place to gobble up the chance and roll in to the goal. He celebrated in style.

It left Town needing two goals but it was Egara who were in the ascendancy and won two more corners that Fitzgerald kept out. But they could not hold out beyond and they fell 2-0 down in the 52nd minute when Edi Tubau hammered the backboard.

Within a minute, he was tapping home the third goal from a quick counter and that was the game done and dusted. Kyle Good got one back from close range with four minutes to go and Gareth Watkins powered another to the roof of the net with 90 seconds left.

And then Caruth bashed home a corner rebound for 3-3 with 12 seconds remaining but it was too late to deny Egara the ticket to the KO16.

Euro Hockey League media release

Leo fight off Dinamo for KO16 ticket

Royal Leopold confirmed their place in the KO16 with a 3-0 win over Dinamo Elektrostal, winning Round 1 Pool C though they had it far from their own way.

In the end, goals from Dimitri Cuvelier, Agustin Mazzilli and Gabriel Dabanch proved the difference from a game they only needed a draw to advance. Elektrostal made a series of big chances in the closing 20 minutes but Leo’s corner defence held firm to see out the result.

Cuvelier broke the deadlock in the 11th minute with an excellent driving run from midfield that opened the door for a powerful shot from the top of the circle.

Roman Rogov made some big saves to keep it that way until half-time and Mazzilli extended the advantage early in the second half with another powerful shot, beating Rogov’s left hand.

Needing victory, Elektrostal piled forward and created a number of good chances with Dimitry Azarov seeing a series of drag-flicks saved off the line by John Verdussen and Nicolas Poncelet while Julien Plennevaux was serving a ten-minute suspension.

Dinamo had a goal disallowed on video review soon after but their hopes were dashed when Gabriel Dabanch sniffed a chance and flicked over the goalkeeper to make it 3-0.

Euro Hockey League media release

Mens EY Hockey League Week 3 Round Up

By Stephen Findlater

Credit: Rowland White/PressEye

Lisnagarvey ended Banbridge’s perfect record in the men’s EY Hockey League with a high tempo 2-1 win at Havelock Park for their second win of the campaign.
Paul Gleghorne’s first goal for Garvey got them up and running when he scored a penalty corner at the end of first quarter. Daniel Buser got the second when his shot hit Gareth Lennox’s helmet only to loop up and over his head and bounce over the line.
Jonny McKee got one back in the final quarter to set up a grandstand finish and Bann had a couple of great chances to grab a draw but Garvey withstood the waves of attack for an important win.
Cookstown grabbed their first win of the campaign in some style with a late flourish as they ran out 5-1 winners against Glenanne. The game was in the mix for much of the game, though.
Keith Black poked home the first goal of the game in the 12th minute and it remained that way into the second half. Stu Ronan’s sharp rebound got the Glens back on terms but Jon Ames reasserted the lead within four minutes for 2-1.
Further goals from Keith Black and Mark Crooks, including two while Glenanne had withdrawn their keeper in favour of an extra outfielder, saw Cookstown race home with three goals in the last 12 minutes.
Railway Union were another side to claim their first win of the season when they defeated previously unbeaten Three Rock Rovers 2-1. Garry Ringwood’s penalty stroke had Rovers 1-0 up at half-time but goals from Nick Tate – his first since arriving from Australia – and Chris Reilly from James Dick’s assist saw the Sandymount side turn the tide.

Cork C of I sit atop the EY Hockey League thanks to a third successive victory in the new competition, beating Annadale 2-0 in Garryduff with a goal in each half.
Simon Wolfe gave them the perfect start with a third minute opening goal and Philip Sweetnam sealed the victory 18 minutes from the end with the second strike.

Men’s EY Hockey League: Three Rock Rovers 1 (G Ringwood) Railway Union 2 (N Tate, C Reilly); Banbridge 1 (J McKee) Lisnagarvey 2 (P Gleghorne, D Buser); Cookstown 5 (K Black 2, M Crooks, J Ames, S Todd) Glenanne 1 (S Ronan)
Men’s EY Hockey League – extended reports

Banbridge 1 (J McKee) Lisnagarvey 2 (P Gleghorne, D Buser)
Lisnagarvey produced a superb performance to get the better of local rivals Banbridge in a traditionally feisty, well-matched battle at Havelock Park.
In an absorbing encounter, Bann shaded the first quarter with two corners to one with John Tormey making a smart save from Matthew Bell. Garvey, though, hit the front from their set piece with Paul Gleghorne’s shot squirming under Gareth Lennox.

The second quarter produced no further goals although it was the home side who dictated both possession and territory but were unable to trouble the visitors circle.

Bann continued to press at the start of the third quarter with Garvey happy to defend deep and hope to attack on the counter. There was little of note during the quarter until the 35th minute when a quick Garvey attack saw a Daniel Buser shot hit Lennox on the helmet and loop over his head before spinning into the goal.
It gave the hosts a lot to do but they did up the tempo and pushed Garvey back for long periods. Johnny McKee showed great strength and skill to cut in from the right before firing home from the top of the circle to set up a grandstand finish.
Bann had several other chances to snatch a draw before the final whistle but lack of composure in the circle resulted in no addition to the score.

Cookstown 5 (K Black 2, M Crooks, J Ames, S Todd) Glenanne 1 (S Ronan)
Cookstown picked up their first win of the men’s EY Hockey League with a comprehensive 5-1 success against Glenanne who are still looking for their first point of the campaign.
It was a close run battle for most of the match, though, as the Glens were within a goal going into the final quarter before three late goals turned the tide.
In an edgy opening, Cookstown were the first to settle, creating a big chance when Godfrey Irwin’s long ball picked out Simon Todd on the byeline and his cross just evaded Ryan Millar.
With 12 minutes gone, they took the lead when Timmy Sloan showed great stick-work to set up Mark Crooks who moved the ball on to Keith Black who poked into the bottom corner.
It remained that way until half-time as Cookstown keeper Ian Hughes did well to keep out Shannon Boucher. Todd and Black were continuing to keep up the pressure while Enda Tucker twice found himself in good positions but was unable to get a shot away.
Stu Ronan did get the Glens back on terms eight minutes into the second half amid an end-to-end phase of the game. Todd had a chance cleared quickly and the ball was worked all the way forward and saw an initial shot denied by Hughes but he could nothing to keep the ball out of the net from a scuffle which saw Ronan tuck the ball home.
Parity did not last long, however as Cookstown took advantage of David Keogh’s green card suspension. In his absence, Cookstown re-established their lead when Jon Ames converted a great goal. He picked up the ball in his own half and outpaced the midfield before lashing the ball into the bottom corner as he fell.
It became 3-1 with 12 minutes to go when Paul Thompson picked out Sloan high up the pitch. Crooks shot was weak but Todd picked up the pieces off Luksaz Domachowski’s pads to batter into the goal.
The Glens threw everything forward – including swapping out their goalkeeper – in a bid to get something from the game. But it worked against them as Thompson was fouled in the circle by Keogh, leading to a penalty stroke that Black converted.
Crooks completed the win into the open goal with a simple finish on his reverse.
Three Rock Rovers 1 (Garry Ringwood) Railway Union 2 (N Tate, C Reilly)
Railway Union came from a goal down to secure their first win of the season, inflicting a first defeat of the campaign on Three Rock Rovers at Grange Road.
Railway’s pressing game gave them some strong moments in the first quarter but they were unable to make good use from their turnovers. Rovers, meanwhile, looked dangerous when they broke through the Railway front-line with Jody Hosking to the fore.
He was the man to create the first goal of the tie when he cut in and draw a foul that led to a penalty stroke that Garry Ringwood converted, a lead they would hold until the half-time whistle.
Railway, though, came out and dominated the third quarter and got their equaliser when Nick Tate whipped a rocket of a drag-flick into the net.
Chris Reilly then made it 2-1 from an assist by James Dick to turn the game on its head in rapid-fire succession. Taking the lead, though, seemed to awaken some nerves in the Railway defence who were under pressure but managed to keep out a last ditch chance from Hosking to keep hold of the points.

Irish Hockey Association media release

Womens EY Hockey League Week 3 Round Up

By Stephen Findlater

Credit: Rowland White/PressEye

Emer Lucey’s last ditch goal ensured Railway Union nicked the spoils from a Dublin derby with UCD 2-1 and stay in a three-way share of top spot after three rounds of the EY Hockey League with Ulster Elks and Hermes.

Her corner ricocheted in via a foot and a defensive body to break the students’ hearts after a blood and thunder tie between two of the leading lights of recent years.

Earlier on, Kate Dillon had given Railway the lead only for Kate Lloyd – a former Unionite – to break through a series of tackles to fire home the equaliser. Lucey though settled matters at the death, inflicting a second buzzer defeat on UCD from three outings.

Hermes left it only slightly earlier as Nikki Evans popped up with a cracking winner against reigning IHL champions Pegasus in a 1-0 result. She scored with five minutes to go, finishing off a fine move that flowed from midfield via Chloe Watkins, Ellen Curran and Anna O’Flanagan.

Ulster Elks were comprehensive 8-0 winners over UCC in Jordanstown with Irish captain Megan Frazer netting four times. She started the rout just a couple of minutes in and her side were 3-0 up by the eighth minute, ending the tie as a contest.

The three leaders have now built a five-point wedge over the rest of the pack.

Ards recorded their first win of the campaign with a comfortable 6-0 win over Greenfields who have yet to score in three outings. Chloe Brown set the tone with two goals as they also built a three goal lead in jig-time, killing the game off by the 12th minute.

Cork Harlequins nicked a 3-2 win over Pembroke in Dublin with the influential Cliodhna Sargent coming back from injury to great effect. She created two goals including the crucial third for Yvonne O’Byrne.

Orlagh Cotter and Olivia Roycroft had made it 2-0 for Quins before Jilly Collins got one back for Pembroke. O’Byrne’s goal, though, built a 3-1 lead which stayed intact until Maebh Horan’s late goal.

The league now goes into a break until November 7th when round four will be played.

Women’s EY Hockey League: Ulster Elks 8 (M Frazer 4, R Barry, S McCay, J McMaster, A Kozniuk) UCC 0; Hermes 1 (N Evans) Pegasus 0; Greenfields 0 Ards 6 (C Brown 2, T MacLeod, B Weir, S Holdwsorth, A Benson); Pembroke 2 (J Collins, M Horan) Cork Harlequins 3 (O Cotter, O Roycroft, Y O’Byrne); UCD 1 (K Lloyd) Railway Union 2 (K Dillon, E Lucey)

Women’s EY Hockey League – extended reports

Ulster Elks 8 (M Frazer 4, R Barry, S McCay, J McMaster, A Kozniuk) UCC 0
Megan Frazer’s quartet of goals saw the Ulster Elks make it three wins from three with ease as they saw off UCC 8-0 at Jordanstown. Indeed, they were 3-0 up by the end of the first quarter and scarcely looked like relinquishing the initiative.

Just six minutes in, the Irish captain intercepted a loose hit out and drove into the circle before unleashing a reverse-stick effort for 1-0. Shirley McCay doubled the lead from a penalty corner moments later and, eight minutes in, Rebecca Barry cleverly flicked home on her backhand from close range for a 3-0 lead.

Frazer extended the lead from a corner, the ball moved several times at the top of the circle before she flicked home. She completed her hat trick in the third quarter for 5-0 from another set piece, this time on a rebound while Kirsty Lammey hit the post.

Further goals from Frazer, Anna Kozniuk and Jessica McMaster completed the rout in the closing quarter.

Hermes 1 (N Evans) Pegasus 0
Nikki Evans’ 65th minute winner continued Hermes excellent start to the EY Hockey League season while last season’s champions Pegasus are still to find winning form in the competition.

She finished off a lovely team goal, one that originated in midfield through Chloe Watkins and Ellen Curran before locating Anna O’Flanagan. Her pass was turned in by Evans who made no mistake.

The game was played at a very high tempo with Hermes winning the corner count by six-three. For Pegasus, their big moment came when they were initially awarded a goal from a Stephanie Thompson corner midway through the third quarter but, after an umpires consultation, the goal was chalked out for obstruction.

Pegasus defence was strong throughout with Hannah Grieve and Pamela Glass impressing whilst Sammy Jo Greer in goal made some fine saves.

Hermes had the upper hand for the majority of the game but just couldn't break down the Pegs defence. The Hermes back four combined well to limit the chances for Pegasus.

Curran in midfield showed some lovely touches whilst the Hermes front line worked tirelessly and were rewarded in the 65m with Evans finishing to give the home side all three points. 

Greenfields 0 Ards 6 (C Brown 2, T MacLeod, B Weir, S Holdwsorth, A Benson)
Three first quarter goals from Ards put them well on course for their first win of the EY Hockey League season, inflicting a third defeat of the campaign on Greenfields.

The Galway side had initially begun the tie well, creating two early chances with Ellie Noone to the fore in midfield. But after those initial incursions, Ards settled and struck their opening goal when Becky Weir converted at the far post from a right wing cross.

Chloe Brown scored number two, finishing off a fine team move and Tamara MacLeod made it 3-0 in the 12th minute when she had the simple job of tapping home from another slick move.

Greenfields recovered to have a better time of it in the second quarter but further goals from Brown – from a penalty stroke – and Scarlett Holdsworth just after half time killed off the contest.

The Galway hosts did draw Ashley McIlroy into a fine save in the closing quarter but Amy Benson completed the Ards scoring late on for a 6-0 win.

Pembroke 2 (J Collins, M Horan) Cork Harlequins 3 (O Cotter, O Roycroft, Y O’Byrne)
Cork Harlequins won their first game of the fledgling EY Hockey League season with a determined 3-2 win at Serpentine Avenue with Yvonne O’Byrne’s corner goal proving crucial.

They got off to a flying start, enjoying the guts of the possession and drawing some good saves from Stella Davis before Orlagh Cotter opened the scoring from play.

Former Irish Under-21 Olivia Roycroft extended the advantage when, off the back of two corners in quick succession, she followed up on a Cliodhna Sargent shot for 2-0 at the big break.

Pembroke, though, fought back from a perilous position a week ago and they threatened to do likewise when Jilly Collins snatched one back from a quick break.

But Harlequins struck back in the 46th minute when O’Byrne deflected in Sargent’s initial strike at goal for a 3-1 lead. Sargent was playing her first game of the season after injury ruled her out of the opening two ties.

Pembroke got another lifeline with seven minutes to go when Maebh Horan converted another corner but Quins held on for a 3-2 success.

UCD 1 (K Lloyd) Railway Union 2 (K Dillon, E Lucey)
Emer Lucey’s last second goal saw Railway Union keep their perfect record in dramatic fashion as they got the better of UCD 2-1 at the National Stadium, breaking the hearts of UCD in a closely matched tie.

After a strong start for the students, testing the reflexes of Grace O’Flanagan, Railway bounced back to open the deadlock when Kate Dillon stole the ball high up the pitch and guided in a reverse-stick shot for a first quarter lead.

Former Railway player Kate Lloyd levelled things up for UCD when she showed great strength to beat three or four tackles and buried her shot passed O’Flanagan.

It left the game finely poised at 1-1 with UCD bossing the third quarter, creating plenty of chances but, for the most part, their final passes flashed across the face of goal while O’Flanagan made two corner stops.

The final quarter was tetchy with both teams looking for a vital win. In the end, it came to a penalty corner on the final whistle. It was initially reset before Lucey struck goalward which came off a foot and body before bouncing into the goal.

The league now goes into a break until November 7th when round four will be played.

Irish Hockey Association media release

QPCC bumps champs Malvern in semis

Nigel Simon

Cristina Abreu, left, has a shot at goal, blocked by Queen’s Park’s Jerazeno Bell during their T&T Hockey Board National Indoor Championship Mixed Veterans Division match at the Woodbrook Youth Facility, Hamilton-Holder Street, Woodbrook, yesterday. Queen’s Park won 5-3. Photo: Anthony Harris

A new champion will be crowned on November 1 in the Boys Under-19 Division of the  T&T Hockey Board National Indoor Championship which continued at the Woodbrok Youth Centre, Hamilton-Holder Street, Woodbrook on Saturday.

This after Queen’s Park Cricket Club (QPCC) ousted last year’s winner Courts Malvern 2-0 in their semifinal match via goals from Jarryon Paul in the seventh minute and Michael Durity, in the 28th.

In the final, the Parkites will come up against fellow unbeaten team Fatima which clobbered Paragon 8-2 in the other semifinal.

For Fatima, the trio of Scott Pichery, Jordan Vieira and Craig Rahim scored two goals each while Che Modeste, Dylon Francis added the others to cancel out goals for the Dames from Isaiah Scott as early as the first minute, and Tariq Singh, in the 11th.

In the Girls’ Under-19 Division, Paragon set up a title decider with Harvard Checkers after crushing Petrotrin 5-0 in the lone semifinal led by braces from Naomi Sampson and Therese Sobers while Kyona Sampson got the other, in the tenth.

Checkers had topped the three-team round-robin group with ten points to advance to the final automatically as round-robin winners.


Saturday’s T&T Hockey Board Indoor Championship Results:
Under-19 Girls:
Paragon 5 (Naomi Sampson 5th, 15th, Therese Sobers 23rd, 26th, Kyona Sampson 10th) vs Petrotrin 0
Under-19 Boys:
QPCC 2 (Jarryon Paul 7th, Michael Durity 28th) vs Courts Malvern 0
Fatima 8 (Scott Pichery 3rd, 15th, Craig Rahim 18th, 21st, Jordan Vieira  7th, 15th, Che Modeste 17th, Dylon Francis 30th) vs Paragon 2 (Isaiah Scott 1st, Tariq Singh 11th)
Trinity Division Round-Robin
Trinity Men:
Paragon 11 (Joel Daniel 10th, 11th, 13th, 24th, Salim Clapham 9th, 9th 17th,  Atiba Cooper 2nd, Gerron Frank 18th, Tarrell Singh 23rd, Tariq Singh 26th) vs Notre Dame 3 (Akil Nancoo 21st, 29th,  Sean Olton 25th)
QPCC 2 (Mahinder Mali 21st, Jordi O’Brien 28th) vs Carib 1 (Kern Ramsammy 28th)
Shape 3 (Lyndell Byer 1st, 28th, Sheldon D Lisle 18th) vs Paragon 2 (Gerron Frank 4th, Isaiah Scott 21st)

Trinity Women
Paragon 1 (Danielle Thompson 19th) vs SC Magnolias (Sade Mohammed 13th)
SC Magnolias 3 (Kimberly Wellington 1st, Natalie Nieves 15th,  Lauryn  Pounder 28th) vs Harvard Checkers 1 (Christabella George-Forde 20th)
SC Magnolias 3 (Alexandria Yearwood 2nd, 17th, 28th) vs Police 1 (Suzette Pierre 3rd)

The Trinidad Guardian

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