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News for 23 September 2018

All the news for Sunday 23 September 2018

Hockey Series Open - Santiago 2018 - Day 4
Santiago (CHI)

Men's results 22 September

PER v BOL (RR)     5 - 0
BRA v URU (RR)     3 - 1
VEN v CHI (RR)     0 - 7

Pool standings

Rank Team Played Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Points
1 Brazil 4 4 0 0 37 2 35 12
2 Chile 4 3 1 0 41 0 41 10
3 Venezuela 4 2 0 2 17 10 7 6
4 Uruguay 4 1 1 2 3 5 -2 4
5 Peru 4 1 0 3 5 18 -13 3
6 Bolivia 4 0 0 4 0 68 -68 0

Women's results 22 September 2018

PAR v BOL (RR)     3 - 0
BRA v URU (RR)     0 - 4
CHI v PER (RR)     8 - 0

Pool standings

Rank Team Played Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Points
1 Chile 4 4 0 0 50 0 50 12
2 Uruguay 4 4 0 0 41 1 40 12
3 Brazil 4 2 0 2 4 14 -10 6
4 Paraguay 4 2 0 2 7 20 -13 6
5 Peru 4 0 0 4 0 26 -26 0
6 Bolivia 4 0 0 4 0 41 -41 0

FIH Match Centre

Brazil holds top spot

Chile wins big over Venezuela to take second place in the Men’s Hockey Open Series 2018 standings before the last day of competition

Rebecca Kanter

Brazil v Uruguay. Photo: Oscar Munoz Badilla

PER 5-0 BOL (PER 4-0 BOL)

During the first match on day 4 of the Men’s competition of the Hockey Open Series 2018, both Peru and Bolivia, respectively, were looking for their first goals as well as first win of the competition. Peru asserted themselves early with a penalty corner goal by Fabrizio CORNO in the 3rd minute. Five minutes later, Peru was awarded another penalty corner and the play resulted in a penalty stroke that CORNO converted to make it PER 2-0 BOL. For the rest of the first quarter, Peru continued to pressure hard in their attacking circle, but Bolivia’s defense played hard and prevented Peru from scoring further in the first quarter.

Peru came out hard on attack to start the second quarter; and Sebastian DENNISON deflected a nice pass near the goal post to make the score PER 3-0 BOL.CORNO converted another penalty stroke in the 21st minute. Victor MAMANI, Mario CANDA and Jose CONTRERAS continued to play strong defense for Bolivia; preventing further scoring opportunities for Peru.Thus, the score at halftime remained PER 4-0 BOL.

In the first five minutes of the third quarter, Peru had two good scoring opportunities that looked to be sure goals, the first a passing play in front of a near open goal and the second a penalty corner, but Bolivia’s defense kept Peru from scoring further. Midway through the third quarter, Bolivia had their first possession in their attacking circle and their first shot of the match that just missed the goal. For a few minutes, Bolivia was able to maintain possession in their attacking circle, but had two more shots saved by Peru’s keeper Guillermo POWER.

The fourth quarter started PER 4-0 BOL and Bolivia continuing to try to pressure on attack; with Marco AGUILAR having another shot for Bolivia go wide.The fourth quarter continued to be a battle for possession; and Bolivia had two more shots blocked by Peru’s defense with four minutes remaining in the match.Peru countered Bolivia’s attacking pressure when DENNISON scored his second goal of the match off a penalty corner in the 58th minute. With either team unable to score in the final minutes, the match ended PER 5-0 BOL.

BRA 3-1 URU (BRA 3-0 URU)

Similar to Brazil’s previous match against Venezuela, Joaquin LOPEZ started the scoring for his team in the match. On day four, against Uruguay, LOPEZ gave his team the lead in the 5th minute; that was quickly followed by a penalty corner goal by Matheus BORGES. Making the score BRA 2-0 URU in the 8th minute. Brazil kept up their attacking intensity holding much of the possession in their attacking circle for the rest of the first quarter. Much to their credit, Uruguay played strong team defense to keep the score BRA 2-0 URU at the end of the first quarter.

Brazil continued their attacking pressure at the start of the second quarter, LOPEZ just narrowly missed deflecting in a pass from MENDONÇA in the 18th minute. BORGES finally capitalized off Brazil’s continued persistence in their attacking circle in the 21st minute to make the score BRA 3-0 URU. Throughout the second quarter, like the first, Uruguay struggled to have any possession in their attacking half. With Uruguay successful at preventing Brazil from scoring further, despite many opportunities the score at halftime remained BRA 3-0 URU.

During the third quarter, Uruguay still struggled to maintain enough possession to generate attack, but played much better defense; holding Brazil to fewer shot opportunities than the first half. Brazil had their first penalty corner of the second half midway through the third quarter, but the shot was deflected over the goal cage.Uruguay continued their strong defense play and that was enough to keep the score BRA 3-0 URU at the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter started with Brazil immediately earning a penalty corner, but Uruguay’s keeper Rodrigo CASTRO came up with the big save. Uruguay penetrated their attacking circle for the first time in the second half in the 49th minute, but could not get a shot off. Brazil, again, countered and earned a penalty corner, but were unable to get a shot off. In the 52nd minute, Brazil’s Bruno BITENCOURT was given a yellow card; and Uruguay earned two penalty corners; their first corners of the match. Uruguay’s Gonzalo MARTINONI sent a hard flick into the cage to make the score BRA 3-1 URU. Both teams proceeded to battle for possession, until the 57th minute when MARTINONI had a breakaway. MARTINONI trapped himself in Uruguay’s attacking corner. While Uruguay was able to maintain possession in their attacking circle, they could not manage another score. Thus, the match ended BRA 3-1 URU.

VEN 0-7 CHI (VEN 0-2 CHI)

To complete Day 4 of the Hockey Open Series 2018, Host Chile played Venezuela. Chile earned the first penalty corner of the match in the opening minutes, but could not complete the play. Soon after, Chile’s NILS STRABUCCHI hit a hard long shot on goal that just barely missed the cage to keep the match scoreless. The match continued as a fast-paced battle for possession, with either team able to generate good scoring opportunities. Thus, the first quarter ended VEN 0-0 CHI.

The second quarter continued to be a battle until Chile was awarded a penalty stroke in the 21st minute. Jose MALDONADO converted the stroke to put his team ahead, VEN 0-1 CHI. Both teams continued to trade possession in the midfield. Chile earned a penalty corner in the 27th minute, but Chile just missed the cage after executing a number of passes. Chile kept up their intensity, however, and this time STRABUCCHI found the back of the cage in the 29th minute; making the score at halftime VEN 0-2 CHI.

The third quarter featured Chile dominating possession and time in their attacking circle. Chile quickly increased their lead over Venezuela off a penalty corner shot by Nicolas RENZ in the 31st minute. Five minutes later, Felipe RENZ found the back of the net to make the score VEN 0-4 CHI. For the rest of the quarter, Chile continued to pass the ball in their attacking half. The persistence paid off and Felipe RENZ scored again in the 44th minute to put his team head of Venezuela by five goals at the end of the third quarter.

Venezuela kept playing hard in the fourth quarter, but eventually Chile, again, found the back of the goal in the 50th minute off a goal by Kay GESSWEIN. Sven RICHTER quickly maneuvered around Venezuela’s defense to push the ball past Venezuela’s keeper Heliber LOPEZ to make the score VEN 0-7 CHI in the 56th minute. With two minutes remaining in the match, Venezuela had one of their first scoring opportunities of the half, but Chile’s defense broke up the play. With Venezuela again unable to capitalize off attack in the last minute, the final score remained VEN 0-7 CHI.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Uruguay and Chile keep their winning ways

They will be going head-to-head tomorrow on the final day of the Women's Hockey Open Series 2018

Rebecca Kanter

Brazil v Uruguay. Photo: Oscar Munoz Badilla

PAR 3-0 BOL (PAR 1-0 BOL)

After three days of competition, the women of Paraguay were looking for their second win; and Bolivia were looking for their first win of the Hockey Open Series 2018; as well as their first goal. Paraguay earned the first penalty corner of the match in the fourth minute, but were unable to get a shot off and Bolivia regained possession. Bolivia’s Angie SANCHEZ and Mireyza CRUZ played strong defense throughout the first quarter to keep Paraguay from having many scoring opportunities. Paraguay’s next best scoring opportunity came in the 11th minute off another penalty corner, but SANCHEZ prevented Paraguay’s Nicole van JARRSVELD from pushing a shot in from the goal post. Bolivia kept possession of the ball for the rest of the first quarter, but unable to enter their attacking circle the first quarter ended PAR 0-0 BOL.

Bolivia continued their attacking intensity and immediately earned their first penalty corner of the match to start the second quarter, but Paraguay’s defense quickly prevented Bolivia from getting a shot off. Paraguay earned two penalty corners in the first five minutes of the second quarter; Bolivia’s keeper Karen SANTOS blocked the first and the second went wide. After a continued battle for possession in the midfield, Paraguay earned another penalty corner in the 27th minute. This time van JARRSVELD was able to capitalize off her position by the goal post to give her team the lead.

One minute into the third quarter, Paraguay’s Naomi VERA quickly increased Paraguay’s lead over Bolivia. Paraguay nearly scored again in the 19th minute, but the shot went just wide of the goal. Bolivia’s Romina PARDO and Daniela CARBALLO looked to counter on attack, but were unable to capitalize; and Paraguay battled back on attack. In the 24th minute, Paraguay had two more penalty corners, with the second shot going high above the goal cage to keep the score PAR 2-0 BOL. CARBALLO looked to attack again at the end of the third quarter, but Paraguay kept their two goal lead going into the fourth quarter.

Paraguay immediately earned a penalty corner to start the fourth quarter. SANTOS made another big save and Bolivia continued to try to maintain possession in their attacking half. Play continued in the midfield until Paraguay earned another penalty corner in the 51st minute, again SANTOS came up with the save to keep the score PAR 2-0 BOL. Paraguay’s persistence on attacked paid off when Agustina SANCHEZ pushed the ball into the back of the net to make the score PAR 3-0 BOL in the 54th minute that remained the final score.

BRA 0-4 URU (BRA 0-2 URU)

Uruguay looked to continue its domination in the competition against Brazil; earning the first penalty corner of the match in the opening minutes, but could not get a shot off. Throughout the most of the first quarter Brazil maintained good positioning to keep Uruguay from penetrating their attacking circle, despite dominating possession. Uruguay earned their second penalty corner of the match in the 12th minute and Manuela VILAR flicked a beautiful shot into goal to give her team the lead. With another penalty corner, Uruguay looked to increase their lead before the second quarter, but Brazil played strong team defense to keep the score BRA 0-1 URU at the end of the first quarter.

Brazil kept up their strong defensive positioning to start the second quarter, but Uruguay managed to earn another penalty corner in the 20th minute. Brazi’s keeper Teska TUIJT made the save to keep the score BRA 0-1 URU. Uruguay continued to pressure on attack and VILAR scored again this time by pushing the ball past TUIJT to give her team a two goal lead in the 23rd minute. For the rest of the second quarter, play remained in Uruguay’s attacking half. With Uruguay unable to convert a penalty corner with no time remaining in the second quarter, the score remained BRA 0-2 URU at halftime.

Vilar kept up her hot hand to start the third quarter and lifted in another shot past TUIJT in the 34th minute to make it BRA 0-3 URU. Midway through the third quarter Brazil had their first possession of the quarter near their attacking circle, but could not get a shot off. Brazil played strong defense for the rest of the third quarter to preventing Uruguay from sound shot opportunities; and keeping the score BRA 0-3 URU going into the fourth quarter. Despite being down three goals, Brazil started the fourth quarter with a renewed intensity; and had their best opportunity to score of a shot in the 52nd minute saved by Uruguay’s defense. Brazil held Uruguay without a scoring opportunity until Uruguay’s first penalty corner of the the fourth quarter in the 54th minute. Soon after, Uruguay replaced their keeper with a kicking back. Uruguay’s extra offense pressure paid off in the 56th minute off a hard shot by Agustina Taborda to give her team a four goal lead over Brazil. Thus, behind Vilar’s hat trick, Uruguay came away with the four goal win over Brazil.

CHI 8-0 PER (CHI 2-0 PER)

On day four of the Hockey Open Series 2018, the Peruvian women were looking for both their first goal and first win in the competition; that would be a challenge against host Chile who have yet to loose. Both Chile and Peru were able to penetrate their attacking circles in the opening minutes of the match. During the first 8 minutes, Chile earned the first three penalty corners of the match, but Peru’s defense, with big saves by keeper Chiara CONETTA, kept the match scoreless. Peru continued to play incredibly strong defense to prevent Chile from capitalizing off their offensive pressure. With a few minutes remaining in the first quarter, the host crowd got loud, but CONETTA quieted the crowd with a couple more big saves to end the quarter CHI 0-0 PER.

As Chile persisted on attack to start the second quarter, Peru continued to play incredible defense. Chile’s attacking determination paid off in the 22nd minute when Kim JACOB received the ball towards the top of the circle and sent the ball with a long hard push past CONETTA to break the match open. Peru, however, continued to play tough defense; preventing another goal by Chile until the 29th minute when Maria Jose MALDONADO had a shot similar to that of JACOB to make the score CHI 2-0 PER at halftime.

For much of the third quarter, it looked like Peru’s defense was going to prevent Chile from scoring further, despite many attacking opportunities. That was not to be the case, however, as Chile’s Agustina SOLANA and Josefa SALAS scored back-to-back goals in the final minutes of the third quarter; making the score CHI 4-0 PER going into the fourth quarter. Chile continued their scoring intensity right into the fourth quarter as Carolina GARCIA beat a diving CONETTA in the first minutes of the fourth quarter to make the score CHI 5-0 PER. Also like the third quarter, Chile was able to find the back of the net in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Chile’s Paula VALDIVIA scored for the first time; and MALDONADO, and SALAS both scored again in the 58th minute; and quickly made the score CHI 8-0 PER that remained the final score.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

2018 Darwin International Hockey Open (M) - Finals
Darwin (AUS)

Results 22 September

Bronze MAS v JPN     4 - 0
Gold ARG v AUS     2 - 1

Final Standings

1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Malaysia
4. Japan

FIH Match Centre

Malaysia exact revenge on Japan

By Naqib Nor Said

KUALA LUMPUR: The national hockey squad finally got their revenge against Japan after notching a 4-0 win over the Asian Games champions in the third place classification match at the Darwin International Open.

Malaysia netted through Shahril Saabah, Azri Hassan, Haziq Samsul and captain Razie Rahim at the Marrara Hockey Centre.

National caretaker coach Amin Rahim said: "Finally, we have managed to beat Japan after being denied late in the last two matches we played against them.

"At least it takes away some of the disappointment we suffered at the Indonesia Asian Games. Overall, the players did well over the 60 minutes.

"One win, one draw and two losses here (Darwin) can still be considered a decent achievement.

Earlier in the tournament, the national team led 3-1 against Japan before conceding late goals in the 3-3 draw.

At the Asian Games final, Malaysia led 5-2 but Japan clawed back for a 6-6 draw before winning 3-1 on penalty shootout.

New Straits Times

Kookaburras Grounded By Argentina In Darwin Decider

Ben Somerford

The world number one Kookaburras have lost the final of the Darwin International Hockey Open (DIHO) to second-ranked Argentina in an entertaining 2-1 defeat on Saturday night.

Kieran Govers (19’) scored his first goal for Australia in almost two years to put the Kookaburras ahead from a penalty corner but the visitors hit back to take the win.

Matias Paredes (24’) and captain Pedro Ibarra (37’) scored the goals for Argentina, who will take a major confidence boost into the World Cup in November and December in India.

The DIHO matches were Australia’s last before the World Cup, although the squad will have a training camp in Perth in October to help finalise selection.

Kookaburras defender and Darwin local Jeremy Hayward said: “We improved in every game which was good, even if we didn’t win in the end.

“We’re looking forward to the future, which is the World Cup so this is great preparation for that.”

Earlier, the opening 10 minutes were cagy with no clear-cut chances with Ignacio Ortiz’s flick which went wide the best early opportunity.

Australia went up a level late in the first 15, with Tom Craig released by Dylan Wotherspoon in the 13th minute but denied when in on goal but an onrushing Argentina keeper Juan Vivaldi.

Vivaldi came to the visitors’ rescue again two minutes later in a one-on-one against Wotherspoon, although Aran Zalewski’s follow-up found Kieran Govers whose deflection was also saved.

The Kookaburras won the first penalty corner of the game in the 19th minute and Govers, who hadn’t scored since November 2016, fired past Vivaldi in style with a sublime drag flick.

Argentina responded swiftly, with Juan Lopez’s pinpoint diagonal ball finding Matias Paredes who deflected past Kookas keeper Tyler Lovell in the 24th minute.

Hayward had the first genuine chance of the second-half when his 34th minute drag flick was saved to Vivaldi’s right.

Kookas second-half keeper Andrew Charter saved from Martin Ferreiro’s angled effort after a Flynn Ogilvie turnover in midfield.

One minute later, the visitors went ahead when the experienced Ibarra shot low to Charter’s left from a second consecutive short corner.

Australia tried to muster a response, with Craig’s low ball across goal in the 54th minute almost finding Wotherspoon.

Matthew Swann produced some magic down the right flank to win a penalty corner which Vivaldi saved after Hayward laid off for Govers.

The Kookaburras’ search for an equaliser, including removing Charter in the dying minutes, but they fell short in their final official matches ahead of the World Cup.

Australia 1 (Kieran Govers 19’)
Argentina 2 (Matias Paredes 24’, Pedro Ibarra 37’)

Hockey Australia media release

Argentina beat Australia to win Darwin hockey international

By The Hockey Paper

Kieran Govers notched his first goal for the Kookaburras in nearly two years – but in a losing cause as Argentina won the Darwin International Hockey Open.

World No 1 Australia lost 2-1 to the Argentinians 2-1 on Saturday night.

Govers put Australia ahead before Argentina hit back through Matias Paredes and captain Pedro Ibarra, just after half-time, to take the win.

Kookaburras defender Jeremy Hayward said: “We improved in every game which was good, even if we didn’t win in the end.

“We’re looking forward to the future, which is the World Cup so this is great preparation for that.”

The matches were Australia’s last before the World Cup, although the squad will have a training camp in Perth in October to help finalise selection.

Argentina will take heart from their win and will put themselves in contention for November’s World Cup in India.

The Hockey Paper

Kookaburras Content With Darwin Preparation For World Cup

Ben Somerford

The Kookaburras have heaped praise on hosts Darwin following their 10-day stay in the Top End for the Darwin International Hockey Open where they finished as runners-up.

World number one Australia lost Saturday night’s final in front of almost 1,000 people 2-1 to the second-ranked Argentines.

The Kookaburras arrived in Darwin on Wednesday 12 September to get several days training under their belts in the heat and humidity ahead of the 2018 World Cup in India in November and December.

The squad flew out of Darwin on Sunday, but content with what they gained for the trip despite finishing second.

Kookaburras coach Colin Batch: “It was very good to be up here.

“It’s not just the matches we’re up here for. We’re here for some good training.

“There’s a good facility here. The ground is high quality.”

Darwin-raised defender Jeremy Hayward praised the Darwin public for coming out and supporting the Kookaburras with more than 2,000 fans witnessing the four days of play.

“I love it. This is my favourite tournament of the year,” Hayward said.

“Coming back and playing in front of family and friends. The crowd was great in Darwin.

“Thanks to the Darwin people who got out and supported. Hopefully we can do it again next year.”

The Kookaburras are already thinking about the World Cup later this year, where they’ll chase a third straight title.

“We’re looking forward to the future, which is the World Cup so this is great preparation for that,” Hayward said.

“We go back to Perth, we’ve got the AHL (Australian Hockey League) coming up and the national camp. We’ll be getting ready and set for that.”

Hockey Australia media release

North Harbour women and Capital men Capture Ford NHL Titles

Photo: BW Media - 2018 Ford NHL Champions, Ricoh Capital Cobras

The North Harbour women took home the K Cup after their 2-0 win over Central this afternoon (Sunday, September 23) at the 2018 Ford NHL, while the Capital men defeated North Harbour in a thrilling shootout (1-1, 3-2 SO) to capture the Challenge Shield at the National Hockey Stadium in Wellington.

Ford NHL Women’s Gold Medal Game: North Harbour vs. Central

Central entered this final searching for their first NHL championship since 2009 and only their third in tournament history, while North Harbour were searching for their first title since 2010.

The first quarter saw a wide open game with some great build up play. Both teams had chances in the opposition circle but the goalkeepers were proving up to the task early on in the game.

After an even first quarter, the game remained scoreless with both teams still trying to figure out how to break down their opposition.

In the second quarter, North Harbour looked set to score on a well set up German penalty corner; however, the Central defence scrambled well to stop the shot going in. Central had an amazing opportunity when an overhead was thrown to an unopened player at the top of the circle, but fell short when the North Harbour’s goalkeeper Brooke Roberts covered well.

North Harbour then broke down the other end of the field where Courtney Winterbottom touched in a great cross ball to give her team a 1-0 advantage.

The game stayed at 1-0 to North Harbour at the halftime break.

The second half saw a continuation of the arm wrestle from the first half. In the 42nd minute Kirsten Pearce slammed home a ball that had popped up off a Central defender. The second goal saw the Central speed their game up in an attempt to catch up to a strong North Harbour team

North Harbour held their nerve to secure the regions first K Cup since 2010 in a 2-0 win over Central.

Full Time: North Harbour 2, Central 0.

Harbour’s Kirsten Pearce and Central’s Kaitlin Cotter shared the Just Hockey Top Goal Scorer award, while Central’s young Olivia Shannon earned the Ford Most Valuable Player Trophy. Shannon recently helped the Iona College team capture the Aon Secondary Schools Federation Cup title for the first time in school history.

Ford NHL Men’s Gold Medal Game: North Harbour vs. Capital

North Harbour headed into this game looking to defend their 2017 title, as well as trying to make it four from four for tournament titles with the women winning the Ford NHL in the previous game and the men’s and women’s North Harbour teams in the National Senior Tournament winning their respective tournaments too.

Capital started the game in the best possible fashion when Sebastian Buddle deflected a ball past Richard Joyce and into the back of the net in the 3rd minute of play giving Capital a 1-0 advantage.

From that point the game went from end to end where both teams had their chances but neither team were able to break through. The match remained 1-0 at the half.

Capital started the second half trying to play some great possession hockey where their trade mark ball speed around the back was on display. Once North Harbour got their sticks on the ball they looked threatening and at any point this game could open up.

Neither team were able to take their opportunities in the 3rd quarter despite there being some great chances in front of goal.

With 4 minutes left on the clock North Harbour pulled their goal keeper. The move pulled off for the Harbour men as Kalyan Jeram touched home a ball that was bouncing around the far post to tie the game at 1-1. Noone was able to break the deadlock in the remaining minutes which sent the game into a shootout.

After the first round of shootouts the teams were inseperable, leaving a thrilling sudden death matchup. Benedict Van Woerkom used some silky skills to eliminate the goalie and put Capital into the drivers seat. Kalyan Jeram then stepped up for his shootout as he tried to eliminate the goalie. Kyle Pontifex then tapped the ball away and sealed the win for Capital.

The last time Capital won the Ford NHL was in 2015.

Final Score: Capital 1, North Harbour 1 (3-2 SO win to Capital)

The Ford Most Valuable Player Trophy was awarded to Capital captain Dane Lett, while the Just Hockey Top Goal Scorer award went to Cory Bennett with a total of 11 during his 2018 Ford NHL campaign.

Ford NHL Women’s Bronze Medal Game: Midlands vs. Auckland

Two teams that were so close to making the gold medal match had to put aside their disappointment of missing out on the final and focus on securing the bronze medal. The last time these teams met in the round robin they couldn’t be separated during regulation and ended up going to a shootout which Midlands ended up winning.

The Midlands team started the match strongly earning a penalty corner after 10 seconds in the match but couldn’t convert. Auckland’s defence was strong and absorbed all the early pressure that was thrown at them.

Eventually Midlands were rewarded for patience and determination up front when they got second phase play in a penalty corner and Viola Scharf swept it into the goal.

Midlands started the second quarter strongly and managed to get a few more shots off. Auckland’s defence was up to the challenge and were resolute to not let the lead grow. As the quarter progressed, both teams had opportunities but neither were able to put a goal away. At the half the score remained 1-0 to Midlands.

The third quarter was a relatively even affair where both teams got the ball down into the oppositions defending zone but neither team were able to score a goal. With three minutes to go in regulation time, Auckland pulled their goal keeper to help their chances at evening the game.

Midlands responded well to this move by holding possession and frustrating the Auckland team. Midlands held their ground to keep the 1-0 lead and secure the bronze medal. 
Full Time: Midlands 1, Auckland 0.

Ford NHL Men’s Bronze Medal Game: Canterbury vs. Auckland

Two teams with a storied rivalry met in the bronze medal match to add another chapter to what has always been tightly fought games.

Canterbury started the game in the best possible manner when they scored a ripping field goal two minutes into the game. The opening spell then went from end to end with both teams having a number of opportunities in front of goal.

Canterbury put their second goal of the game in when Sam Lane put a drag flick off of the goalies pads and into the goal. Auckland seemed to gain their composure at this point and had some opportunities themselves to get them back into the game; however, Canterbury were reluctant to concede.

Canterbury got their third goal of the half when a cross ball was sent in and Joshua Pollard one timed a shot past the Auckland keeper. Canterbury continued to apply pressure and frustrate the Auckland team with some slick passing and well-timed leads from the strikers.

Just before the half Canterbury put their 4th goal in when Richard Bain found the back of the net to give his team a 4-0 lead.

The second half started as a much more even affair with neither team able to change the score line. At the start of the 4th quarter, Auckland got a penalty corner where they worked a beautiful German penalty corner that was finished off by Jacob Smith. That took Smith’s goal total for the tournament to 5.

Canterbury regained their four-goal buffer a few minutes later when Sam Lane put in a powerful drag flick and take his tournament goal total to seven. Lane completed the hat trick with Canterbury’s 6th goal in what looked like a clinical performance from South Island men. The match finished with a 6-1 score to Canterbury, earning them the 2018 Ford NHL Men’s Bronze Medal.
Full Time: Canterbury 6, Auckland 1.

If you missed out on the action, head over to the Hockey New Zealand Facebook page or the Black Sticks YouTube Channel for a replay of the live stream.

The 2018 Ford National Hockey League is proudly supported by Ford, Educare, Vantage, Trillian Trust, NZCT, Wellington City Council and Wellington Hockey.

Hockey New Zealand Media release

North Harbour women, Capital men win National Hockey League titles

Liam Hyslop

Capital's goalkeeper Kyle Pontifex celebrates his team's win after the shoot-out against North Harbour. RAGHAVAN VENUGOPAL/PHOTOSPORT

A birthday boy and a retiring veteran combined to give the Capital men a tense shoot-out victory in their National League Hockey final.

Capital beat North Harbour 3-2 in the shoot-out after the match had finished 1-1 at the National Hockey Stadium in Wellington on Sunday afternoon.

Benedict van Woerkom scored his sudden death attempt to help celebrate his 26th birthday, before 38-year-old goalkeeper Kyle Pontifex bid farewell to the NHL by stopping Kalyan Jeram's attempt, cuing wild celebrations with his team-mates.

Capital celebrate their shoot-out win over North Harbour in the National Hockey League final. RAGHAVAN VENUGOPAL/PHOTOSPORT

Earlier, North Harbour won the women's final, beating Central 2-0 to lift the K Cup for the first time since 2010.


Capital's goalkeeper Kyle Pontifex celebrates with the Challenge Shield after the final. RAGHAVAN VENUGOPAL/PHOTOSPORT

The teams could not be separated at 2-2 after five attempts each during the shoot-out.

Pontifex had earlier saved two attempts in the shoot-out, as well as he a penalty stroke from Cory Bennett after he was adjudged to have fouled Jeram during his team's third attempt.

"Going into the shoot-out it's all on the line so it was nice to get a few saves," Pontifex said.

Sebastian Buddle opens the scoring for Capital against North Harbour in the National Hockey League final. DAVE LINTOTT

Pontifex was also in goal during Capital's last NHL win in 2015, when he also produced a save in a shoot-out to earn his side the Challenge Shield.

He said this final winner's medal would be his last.

"It's time to call it a day, but I wanted to have one last crack at NHL and go out like this.

Capital celebrate with the Challenge Shield after their win in the National Hockey League final on Sunday. DAVE LINTOTT

"That's definitely the last one."

During the tournament, Capital made a habit of late drama, including two goals in the final 60 seconds of their 2-1 semifinal win over Auckland on Saturday, but looked to have bucked that trend when Sebastian Buddle scored a field goal in just the third minute of the final.

Capital held that lead until three minutes from time, when Harbour, who had pulled their goalkeeper, got the equaliser thanks to a close-range field goal from Jeram.

North Harbour players celebrate with the silverware after their victory over Central in the National Hockey League final. RAGHAVAN VENUGOPAL/PHOTOSPORT

Neither side could create another chance in the final three minutes, meaning the final would be decided in a shoot-out.


North Harbour were in control for most of their 2-0 win over Central in the women's final.

It's all over and North Harbour are National Hockey League champions, beating Central 2-0 in the decider in Wellington. RAGHAVAN VENUGOPAL/PHOTOSPORT

Harbour captain Petrea Webster said it was a special feeling to finally get another K Cup win - it was Harbour's first in eight years.

"I haven't been in a K Cup final since 2010, so it feels bloody good to get our hands back on the cup."

Harbour were the top qualifiers coming into the final, but it was an incredibly tight round robin. The four teams from second to fifth were separated by just one point as Central made the final on goal difference, making the Hockey New Zealand decision to do away with semifinals in the women's competition this year questionable.

As for the final, it was a nervy affair, but Central looked hesitant at times and found it difficult to break down Harbour's defence.

Harbour took the lead following a 26th-minute field goal to Courtney Winterbottom, sweeping home from close range after some sloppy defending from Central in their circle.

Harbour doubled their lead in the 42nd minute when Kirsten Pearce finished high at the back post following good work down the Steph Elliot right.

Webster said she was feeling good about how the game was going in the first period, but kept that to herself.

"I did feel secretly comfortable in the first quarter, but you never know. This tournament has been such a seesaw, we just had to fight for every ball and it went our way."


National Hockey League finals


North Harbour 2 (Courtney Winterbottom 26', Kirsten Pearce 42') Central 0. HT: 1-0


Capital 1 (Sebastian Buddle 3') North Harbour 1 (Kalyan Jeram 57'). HT: 1-0. Capital win shoot-out 3-2


Hockey New Zealand announces FIH Pro League schedule, venues and tickets on sale

Hockey New Zealand have revealed the full game schedule and venues for the FIH Pro League which begins in the summer of 2019.

New Zealand is set to host 16 games in the new international format. With eight dates lined up, the Vantage Black Sticks men and women will play double headers in two cities - Auckland and Christchurch – between January 27 and Anzac Day.

The home-games will start with a bang when women’s reigning World Cup and World League champions and reigning men’s European Champions the Netherlands take to the turf on January 27 at Harbour Hockey Stadium in Auckland.

The North Shore will also see both men’s and women’s teams from Belgium – Olympic silver medallists – on February 1, Argentina – men’s Olympic Champions and women’s Pan American Champions - on March 10 and our friends across the ditch, Australia, on Anzac Day (April 25). For the men, that’s the top-3 ranked teams in the world. Additionally, the Spanish men and the USA women will also take on the Black Sticks on March 8 in Auckland.

“Auckland is delighted to be working in partnership with Christchurch and Hockey New Zealand to give Kiwis and visitors the chance to see the best teams in the world, including our own top-ranked national teams, play world-class international hockey here,” said Stuart Turner, Head of Major Events at Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

“We look forward to welcoming the international teams, supporters and tournament viewers and showing them everything Auckland has to offer.”

In February, the new Ngā Puna Wai sports hub in Christchurch will see 6 games played. To kick-off the back-to-back-to-back double headers, the Great Britain men and Rio 2016 Olympic Champion women will go up against the Vantage Black Sticks on February 8th. On February 15th, the German men and women will square off with New Zealand, closely followed by the Pakistan Men and the Chinese women on February 17th.

ChristchurchNZ General Manager – Destination and Attraction Loren Heaphy says the city is excited to be named as one of only two New Zealand venues to host the FIH Pro League games.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase Christchurch to hockey fans nationally and internationally. These games will be broadcast into some of our city’s most important global visitor markets – China, the United Kingdom and Germany – which will have significant flow on effects for visitor numbers coming here. That’s good news for our economy.”

With the Christchurch games being played at newly opened Ngā Puna Wai sports hub, Loren says this shows the importance of having world-class venues when bidding to host significant events in the city.

“The brand new Polytan hockey turfs will be amazing to play on and Christchurch hockey fans are in for a treat when they come down to watch these elite athletes at the top of their game play.”

The Vantage Black Sticks will then follow the summer by returning to the northern hemisphere with an exciting end to the League. Each team will be fighting for the top-four positions to qualify for the Grand Final of the FIH Pro League.

The new league features 152 matches between January and June across the world, all broadcast for an experience that hockey fans have never seen before.

Hockey New Zealand CEO, Ian Francis says the new format and global reach of the FIH Pro League was a massive game changer for the sport “We’re extremely excited about the prospect of hosting the world’s best men’s and women’s international hockey teams in New Zealand in the FIH Pro League, every summer for the next four years. It’s transformational for the sport.

The high level of consistent competition will lift our national team’s performance over time, but more than that, we hope New Zealanders will fall in love with hockey as a fantastic family sport and see our participation levels grow.”

Tickets for the FIH Pro League games go on sale from midday, Tuesday, September 25th.

To sign up to the waitlist for ticket information, click here

Hockey New Zealand Media release

Pakistan hockey head coach Oltmans resigns

By Muhammad Yousaf


KARACHI : Pakistan hockey head coach Roelant Oltmans stepped down from his post on Saturday.

In a letter addressed to the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) the Dutchman said:

“I’m responsible for the performance and the results of the team, but I feel that the circumstances at present don’t create an environment where we can get the best out of the team.”

Pessimistic about the situation he added: “I don’t think the it is possible for PHF to change the circumstances to a level that is required from my point of view.”

Oltmans said he will remember the time spent with the team.

Pakistan put up a bleak performance in the recently concluded Asian Games. After losing the semi-final to a junior Japanese team, Pakistan lost to India 2-1 in what was a poor consolation for hockey’s former giants.

Earlier, Saqlain, who worked with Oltmans, said that the new head coach had been successful in improving the game of the team and if they keep on working on the forward line, penalty corners, and player’s fitness then Pakistan would once again be included in one of the top teams of the world.

The Express Tribune

Sabah sound the board as a new force in hockey

Jubilation: The Sabah hockey team celebrating after edging Pahang 4-2 in a penalty shootout to win the gold medal. – Zahid Izzani / The Star

SABAH used to be the whipping boys in hockey in the Malaysia Games (Sukma).

But they surprised everyone this time by emerging as a new force after winning the boys’ team gold on Friday, edging Pahang 4-2 in a penalty shootout after a 1-1 deadlock in regulation time. The Sabah boys’ team finished sixth in the last Sukma in Kuching in 2016.

The Sabah girls team, who finished a disappointing 12th in the last Sukma, have also improved tremendously, by reaching the final only to lose 1-0 to Selangor.

This is the first time in the history of the Sukma – since its inception in 1986 in Kuala Lumpur – that the Sabah boys and girls’ hockey teams have qualified for the final.

So why have they improved by leaps and bounds?

Sabah Hockey Association secretary Avtar Singh Bal said that they now have calibre coaches who started a comprehensive training programme in the last few years.

Besides improving the players’ basic skills, the coaches also worked on every aspect of the players’ game.

“The coaches have played a big part in improving all the departments – from goalkeeping to the forward line.

“We select players from all over Sabah and we have dedicated players with a never-say-die attitude,” said Avtar, who is also the girls’ team manager.

Sabah chief coach Hasrul Jideh said all their hard work had paid off handsomely and this is a new beginning for Sabah hockey.

“Our training programme has produced encouraging results. And we’ll try to win more honours in age-group tournaments.

“We left no stone unturned in our preparation for Sukma, as we came to West Malaysia in July to play friendlies against Pahang, Perak and Selangor.

“We’ve also produced calibre players like Shello Silverius and Muhajir Abdul Rauf, who will feature in the Under-21 Sultan of Johor Cup in Johor Baru next month.

“We hope to see more Sabah players in the national junior and senior teams in the future,” said Hasrul.

The Sabah girls team coach is Shahrun Nabil.

The Star of Malaysia

Defroand brace helps champs Surbiton start with a win

East Grinstead’s Sophie Bray in action against Megan Lewis-Williams. Photo Credit: Andrew Smith.

England and Great Britain midfield ace Emily Defroand hit two goals in two minutes to help Surbiton secure a 4-0 win at Slough as the Investec Women’s Hockey League Premier Division began on Saturday.

The 24-year-old scored in the 19th and 20th minute to put the defending champions ahead, and they were 3-0 up once Jo Hunter had scored five minutes later from a penalty corner.

Fellow England and GB star Giselle Ansley found the net from a penalty corner routine ten minutes into the second period to wrap up the scoring and help ensure a great start to the season for Surbiton.

Elsewhere, Buckingham were 2-1 winners over rivals East Grinstead.

All square at 0-0 at half time, the game sprang into life with Sophie Bray putting East Grinstead ahead from open play on 38 minutes.

But the hosts hit back two minutes later with Eloise Laity scoring, and Maddie Newlyn scored what proved to be the winner six minutes later for Buckingham.

The University of Birmingham came from 2-0 down at half time to draw 2-2 with Beeston.

Bridget Kiddle gave Beeston the lead in the 23rd minute scoring from open play. Caroline Hanks then doubled their advantage when she finished from a penalty corner in the 35th.

The away side then hit back as England and GB star Lily Owsley scored from a penalty corner in the 40th minute. Birmingham then completed the comeback in the 70th minute when Holly Hunt slotted in a field goal to secure a dramatic point.

Holcombe secured three points as they overcame Bowdon 2-0.

Sofia Alvarez Perez gave the hosts the lead in the 27th minute when she scored from open play.

Emma Trunks then doubled the lead for Holcombe, scoring from a penalty corner in the 68th minute to ensure the points went the way of the hosts.

Clifton Robinsons secured an away victory on the opening day of the season with a 1-0 victory at Canterbury.

The only goal of the game came in the 32nd minute when Claire Thomas finished from a penalty corner, and Clifton held out for the remainder of the game to secure all three points.

England Hockey Board Media release

Emily Defroand puts Surbiton on road to Investec title defence

By The Hockey Paper

Emily Defroand put the disappointment of missing out at this summer’s World Cup behind her as she struck twice for Surbiton as the champions got off to the perfect start.

Defroand hit two in two minutes to help Surbiton to a 4-0 win at Slough as the Investec Women’s Hockey League Premier Division began on Saturday.

The 24-year-old scored in the 19th and 20th minute and they were 3-0 up once Jo Hunter had scored five minutes later from a penalty corner.

Giselle Ansley found the net from a penalty corner routine to wrap up the scoring.

Meanwhile Buckingham were 2-1 winners over rivals East Grinstead.

Sophie Bray putting East Grinstead ahead from open play on 38 minutes.

But the hosts hit back two minutes later with Eloise Laity scoring, and Maddie Newlyn scored what proved to be the winner six minutes later for Buckingham.

The University of Birmingham came from 2-0 down at half time to draw 2-2 with Beeston.

Bridget Kiddle gave Beeston the lead in the 23rd minute scoring from open play. Caroline Hanks then doubled their advantage when she finished from a penalty corner in the 35th.

The away side then hit back as England and GB star Lily Owsley scored from a penalty corner in the 40th minute. Birmingham then completed the comeback in the 70th minute when Holly Hunt slotted in a field goal to secure a dramatic point.

Holcombe secured three points as they overcame Bowdon 2-0.

Sofia Alvarez Perez gave the hosts the lead in the 27th minute when she scored from open play.

Emma Trunks then doubled the lead for Holcombe, scoring from a penalty corner in the 68th minute to ensure the points went the way of the hosts.

Clifton Robinsons secured an away victory on the opening day of the season with a 1-0 victory at Canterbury.

The only goal of the game came in the 32nd minute when Claire Thomas finished from a penalty corner, and Clifton held out for the remainder of the game to secure all three points.

The Hockey Paper

Scottish Women’s National League Sparks Exciting Contest

Wildcats and Grove Menzieshill served up a cracker at Auchenhowie in the game of the day in the women`s first division, they deservedly shared a 2-2 draw at the end of a pulsating contest. After a fairly even start the Wildcats drew first blood, a McKenzie Bell bouncy ball eluded the visiting defence and found Heather Aitken in space and she dispatched a low shot into the corner of the net.

The Taysiders gradually came into the contest and earned three penalty corners.  At the final set piece Katie Robertson`s hit was deflected into the net by Lucy Smith at the back post for the equaliser.

Grove had their noses in front just on the interval, at an overtime penalty corner Smith scored again in a carbon copy set piece routine.

Wildcats bounced back after stern half-time talking from player/coach Kaz Cuthbert and Tayside keeper Rachel Strachan had to look lively to prevent the home side getting back into the contest.

However, Wildcats finally clawed their way back into proceedings at another set piece, this time Kate Holmes direct drag flick found its way past Strachan for the equaliser. Wildcats pressed for the winner, Alex Stuart and Erin Stevens had shots just wide of the target, but there was no further addition to the score.

Clydesdale Western moved into pole position in the table with a 4-0 win at Hillhead, the scorers were Emma McGregor, Millie Steiger, Lexi Sabatelli and Heather Howie.
Watsonians pressed their case at the top of the table with a 4-2 win at newly promoted Glasgow University.   Olivia McMahon, Lucy Lanigan (2) and Georgia Jones were on target for the Edinburgh side.

Champions Edinburgh University progressed up the table with a comfortable 4-0 win over GHK, the goals came from Sophie Maunder, Kathryn Glass, Hanna McKie and Chessie Small.

After their 5-1 win over Grange Dundee Wanderers moved into second spot on goal difference, Charlotte Watson got a double and the other goals came from Emily Dark, Jess Martin and Heather Elder.

MJV Dundee Wanderers’ Emily Dark v Milne Craig Clydesdale Western, Women’s Scottish Cup Semi-Final, Photo by John Preece

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Ruthless Telkom, Police enhance title chances


Champions Telkom’s chase for an unprecedented 20th consecutive women’s Premier League title looks unstoppable after they tore Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) apart 11-0 at City Park on Saturday.

In the men’s Premier League, Samuel Wokila sunk a brace as Kenya Police continued their bid to retain the title with gusto, crushing visiting Western Jaguars 4-0 at the same venue.

Women’s Premier League leading scorer Jackline Mwangi led her compatriots skipper Lilian Aura, Audrey Omaido, Irene Ofula and Maureen Okumu in scoring a double each to teach the varsity students a lesson.

Barbara Simiyu also went on the score sheet with her single strike as Telkom stretched their lead to 27 points from nine successful outings.

Police, who had been out of action for seven weeks, were sublime in their execution, scoring two goals on either end.


Brian Saina put the champions ahead in the third minute from a penalty corner before skipper Oliver Echenje's thrilling field goal in the 19th minute stretched their lead as Jaguars re-organised their defence.

Moments later, Wokila displayed his magic with the stick to sink in his double to consolidate Police’s second place in the league with 33 points.

The victory reduced Butali Sugar Warriors' lead to nine points, but Police have three games in hand.

“It’s tough coming back after the long break but team work and patience won the day for us,” said Echenje as they look forward to a similar display against United States International University (USIU) on Sunday.

“Just like Jaguars, USIU are nimble and physical but we intend to slow them and strike when it’s vital,” said Echenje.

“We need more goals to close in on Butali’s huge goal difference.”

Police went into the weekend with a goal difference of 19 against Butali Sugar's 46.

“We are not under pressure hence we just need to remain cool and let our systems work,” said Echenje.

Wazalendo’s charge to close in on Police in second place was jolted when they battled to a 2-2 draw with Kenya College of Accountancy-University.

Wazalendo squandered a 2-0 lead in the last eight minutes when Arnold Marango and Rodgers Simiyu struck for the students in the 52nd and 58th minutes.

Stanley Chege and Eric Ochieng had put Wazalendo ahead from penalty corner and field goals in the 30th and 37th minutes respectively.

Wazalendo remain third with 26 points while KCA-U moved into seventh place with 19 points. USIU drop to eighth with 18 points.

Daily Nation

Son and mum put best stick forward

Terry and her son are the first sportspersons from the same family to represent Kenya in an international outing

By Elizabeth Mburugu

Telkom Hockey player Terry Juma at City Park. (Jenipher Wachie, Standard)

In Kenyan athletics, it’s not uncommon for pioneers to pass the baton to their children.

From the legendary Kipchoge Keino to Martin Keino, Olympian Elkana Nyang’au to Walter Moenga, Daniel Rudisha to David Rudisha; and many more. It is a simple story of generational change in a competitive sport.

It seems that a similar script is now being written for hockey. Terry Juma Masibo and Robert Masibo are a unique pair of mother and son, that thrill hockey enthusiasts in Nairobi’s City Park.

Terry plays for Telkom, while her son Robert turns out for Kenya Police. The family has made history as the first mother-son duo to represent the country in an international assignment.

Last year, Terry and Robert played in the Hockey Africa Cup of Nations-cum-2018 World Cup qualifiers in Ismailia, Egypt.  But that’s not all. They propelled their teams –Telkom (women) and Kenya Police (men) - into winning the 2017 Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) Premier League titles. 

Robert, 24, is a police constable and son to former Kenyan international and national team coach Fredrick Masibo. He was influenced into hockey by his mother at an early age when she started taking him to Barclays Sports Club where she used to train.  

Terry is an alumnus of Nairobi’s Ngara Girls High School and was a great sports fan, always cheering her school teams on during netball matches and athletics championships. She also loved music and drama. “I hated it when we lost a match. Unfortunately, our hockey team was always run over by other schools in competitions. I preferred cheering on the sidelines because I could not bear losing on the pitch. I never imagined that I would one day hold a hockey stick and be actively involved in the game on the pitch,” Terry said.

Even after completing Form Four, Terry had  little interest in hockey. But she would accompany her friends, among them former teammate at Telkom Jacky Ogot, Jacky Nduko and Sliders goalkeeper Catherine Opicha, to the Barclays Sports Club where they trained. It was not until 1993 when the Barclays Bank women’s hockey team coach Martin Milla approached and encouraged her to take a swing at the sport.

“I did not like idlers. Here was a young girl who religiously came to the club daily with her friends, but remained on the sidelines as everyone else trained. I could not just watch her waste an opportunity. So, one day, I told her to make herself useful and start training. I convinced her to consider playing hockey and taught her the basics,” said Milla.

That was the beginning of greatness and Terry has never looked back since. She has featured in many tournaments for the Barclays Bank team. “I developed interest in the game and learnt fast. Soon, I was playing in tournaments because there was no women’s league then.”

She also met her husband Fredrick Masibo, a former Kenya Police player and currently coach and in August 1994. They were blessed with their firstborn Robert. Terry acknowledges her husband’s role in sporting their success, saying he has contributed immensely to their growth. “My husband has played and still plays a big role in our growth and development. After every match, we get together with him (Masibo) and Robert and we analyse our performance. He points out the areas we need to improve on and it helps us get better. We help one another - even Robert evaluates my performance, praises and criticizes me and I take it positively,” Terry said.

“He is hard on us during training and does not encourage laziness. Even when our clubs are on a break, he takes us for morning runs. Above all, he is our fan and coach who is always pushing us to become better,” she added.

Through hard work and commitment, Terry caught the eye of the late Tobias Oduor, a pioneer of women’s hockey in the country, who was then the Inter Capital Club and national team coach. “The late Oduor saw potential in me and invited me to the national team for training. He helped me gain confidence and made sure that I kept track of my growth - he gave me a notebook and pen to write down everything I did in training and at the end of every session, we would evaluate my progress,” she said.

Kenya Police Robert Masibo when they played National Men League at City Park.  PHOTO: JENIPHER WACHIE

In 1996, Terry got her first cap when Kenya played India at City Park. Since then, she has been a regular in the national team. At club level, she played for Barclays Bank, Sliders and the defunct Blue Eaglets Club that comprised Barclays’ players after the bank terminated their sponsorship. “It was hard to run a self-supporting club and I was also looking for growth. Then  Telkom gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.

In 2012, she featured for Telkom as a guest player in the Africa Cup of Club Championships in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where the team won. She was later confirmed as a player for the club upon returning from Bulawayo. She has won the continental trophy four times with the club in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. In January this year, Telkom finished second behind arch-rivals Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

However, despite her success locally and internationally, she says the best moment of her playing career was last year when together with her son, they donned the national colours for Kenya. “It was a special moment, one that many parents wish but rarely realise. My son and I were on national duty representing Kenya. It was simply awesome. I savoured every minute of it and kept encouraging him to remain focused. The memories of the tournament bring tears of joy to my eyes date,” Terry added.

Robert is full of praise for his mother and says she inspires him to work harder. “No matter how many international matches I play in future, the Ismailia Africa Cup of Nations will remain the best and most special. My mother’s presence and support was special. She has been my pillar of strength, together with dad. I’m humbled to have made history playing alongside her in a continental championship,” Robert said.

The mother of three takes pride in the children she has raised and refers to herself as a mother of many.  There’s no doubt that Terry is her son’s number one fan and never misses his matches.  She frequently calls out his name as she cheers him on from the stands. “Roba, Roba, Roba!” has become a common shout of encouragement whenever Kenya Police is playing.

Though he was introduced to hockey at an early age, Robert had to first play football in primary school, because hockey is only played in secondary schools. He later joined secondary school hockey powerhouse St Anthony’s Boys Kitale, but his mother still bought him football boots because she had vowed to support him in whatever sport he wanted to play.

But as fate would have it, one day on his way from football training, he passed by the hockey pitch and was pulled in by the sport. He soon earned his place in the team. His school coach Kelvin Lugalia, said that it was easy to improve his playing skills because he had mastered the basics. “He had a hockey background and it was not hard to polish him into a top-class player,” Lugalia said. At St Anthony’s, Robert won the national and East Africa titles in 2011 and 2012, and was also the team captain in 2013.

Terry is encouraging the current crop of players to seize opportunities that present themselves. “Today, talent can earn you education. In my time, there were no scholarships or even chances of playing professional. Be the best you can be, position yourself strategically to be noticed through dedication, discipline and hard work. It is by the grace of God and through discipline that I have achieved this feat. It is not every day that you see a mother and her child playing in an international competition for their country.”

Apart from playing hockey, Terry is a businesswoman. She has also trained in coaching and umpiring.

The Standard Online

No. 1 UNC field hockey continues blistering pace with 2-0 shutout win over No. 4 Duke

By Brian Keyes

The North Carolina field hockey team celebrates during its 5-1 win against No. 5 Michigan on Aug. 25 at Carolina Field Hockey Stadium. Abigail Turner

DURHAM — It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t high scoring, but at the end of the day, the North Carolina field hockey team got the job done.

In a return to its former home away from home at Williams Field at Jack Katz Stadium on Duke campus, No. 1 UNC (8-0, 2-0 ACC) took down the No. 4 Blue Devils (6-3, 1-1 ACC) in a 2-0 shutout. It was the third straight game in which the Tar Heels did not allow a goal and their fifth clean sheet of the season in just eight games, something they had not done since 2010.

Defense has become North Carolina's calling card, only having allowed three goals the entire season so far on its way to an undefeated record. The Duke game, however, provided a challenge, as the rivalry match always does.

“We don’t take this rivalry lightly,” midfielder Catherine Hayden said. “whether its an on season or off season for Duke we always know this is going to be a great matchup.”

The game got off to a slow start, with neither team managing to register a shot attempt within the first 15 minutes of play.

“I think it took us a little longer to get into the rhythm of the game and the flow then I would have liked,” head coach Karen Shelton said.

The first goal of the game came after Hayden smacked the ball out of the air with her stick and into the back of the Duke net off an attack from midfielder Eva Smolenaars. Smolenaars earned an assist on the play.

“I find myself to be a player who like to stay in front of the goalie,” Hayden said. “ I’m good with my stick and redirection. So Smallie [Eva Smolenaars], I saw her coming in on her reverse. I know she always gets that shot off so I kinda just tried to get a step on my defender, and get my stick in the path and it ended up working out.”

Although that was the sole goal of the first half, the Blue Devils tested goalkeeper Amanda Hendry, forced to make four saves, all within two minutes of each. The onslaught came as the Blue Devils attempted to rally their offense to end the first half, but came up empty on each possession.

Hendry made just one more save in the second half, giving her a season high of five for the game. The lack of shots was thanks in part to the North Carolina defense that locked down its opponent, especially on corner penalty shots.

“I don’t think I touched the ball during one of the corners so they really saved me out there,” Hendry said. “I know my fly Courtney, she got like four of them I think. And so she really saved me from the ball getting near me, which really helped me out.”

Both Hendry and Hayden pointed out the advantage North Carolina had in the backline thanks to its veteran talent.

“Two of our seniors are in the backline and they’ve been playing for four years now, starting back there and they’ve seen it all,” Hayden said. “Ashley (Hoffman), obviously, with the national team, and Morgan (Goetz), she’s such a different player. Cassie (Sumfest) and Courtnie (Williamson) have both stepped up completely, and everyone subbing in there, we have so much confidence in them.”

As for Shelton, she had a message for the backbone of her team.

“I don’t want to say this to the paper, but I think our record is 14 goals [allowed] in a season,” Shelton said. “ I’d love for our defense to try and beat that record, and I want them to feel that unity and that pride in defending their goal at all costs.”

The Daily Tar Heel

No. 1 UNC beats No. 4 Duke 2-0 for third straight shutout

North Carolina improved to 8-0 overall with their win over Duke. North Carolina improved to 8-0 overall with their win over Duke. North Carolina Athletics

DURHAM, N.C. — UNC's defense was the hero Friday evening as the top-ranked Tar Heels earned a 2-0 Atlantic Coast Conference field hockey win over fourth-ranked Duke on the Blue Devils' home turf. Playing at Williams Field at Jack Katz Stadium, Carolina improved to 8-0 overall and 2-0 in conference play with the win. Duke fell to 6-3 (1-1 ACC).

"It was defense that won today," UNC coach Karen Shelton said. "I'm thrilled with the way our defense is playing."
The victory in Durham was UNC's fifth shutout of the season and third in a row. The Tar Heels have allowed just three goals all fall and only one in the past six games.
Duke got off just nine shots Friday and didn't have a penalty corner in the first half. In the second, the Blue Devils got five corners but UNC was able to thwart them all. "I thought we defended penalty corners particularly well," Shelton said.

 The Tar Heels scored a goal in each half, both as the result of heads-up play. The gamewinner came in the 23rd minute, when sophomore Eva Smolenaars sent a ball into the circle from the left side and junior Catherine Hayden swatted it out of the air and into the cage for her seventh goal of the fall.
The second was after halftime, on penalty corner in the 56th minute. After UNC's first two shots were saved, freshman Erin Matson grabbed a loose ball at the left post and put it back for a two-goal lead. She also has seven goals this season, tied for the team lead with Hayden and senior Ashley Hoffman.

"I'm pleased with the scrappiness inside," Shelton said. "The first goal was somewhat spectacular, and the second one was more digging and gutting and finding a way to stick it in the back of the goal. I'm proud of the girls."
Amanda Hendry, the Tar Heels' sophomore goalkeeper, made a season-high five saves and squelched several additional Duke opportunities. After the game she credited the job the UNC defense did in front of her, particularly noting sophomore Courtnie Williamson's penalty corner efforts.
Shelton was pleased with the job that Hendry, the recipient of last season's Most Improved Player Award,  did against UNC's highest-ranked opponent thus far this fall. "I thought she played well," Shelton said. "She smothered some opportunities. I'll credit Jackie Briggs, our goalie coach. – I think our goalkeepers are more aggressive to the ball. For Amanda to have the confidence to come out and smother those balls is a direct result of Jackie's coaching."

Briggs, who recently retired from the U.S. National Team, was a two-time NCAA Champion at UNC. She joined the staff in August as the team's volunteer assistant coach.
The 8-0 start is UNC's best since 2013, when the Tar Heels lost in their ninth game of the year. The last time the Tar Heels opened with a better streak was 2010, when they started 16-0 with Briggs, then known as Jackie Kintzer, as the starting keeper.
UNC had not beaten Duke in Durham since 2014, before any of the current players were on the team.

"I'm absolutely delighted to win this game on Duke's home field," Shelton said. "They had an awesome crowd and they really gave us a hard-fought game. I thought both teams played hard and it was somewhat physical, as the Duke game always is."
The rivals will meet once more in the regular season, in a non-conference game in Chapel Hill on Oct. 21.
Next up for UNC is a midweek make-up game against Virginia. The Tar Heels will host the Cavaliers on Wednesday at noon at Carolina Field Hockey Stadium to kick off a four-game homestand that includes three ACC matchups.


Late stroke propels No. 8 Michigan past No. 6 Penn State

Michigan field hockey celebrates after topping Penn State 1-0. Michigan field hockey celebrates after topping Penn State 1-0. Michigan Athletics

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Junior Meg Dowthwaite converted a penalty stroke with just 1:53 remaining in regulation as the No. 8-ranked University of Michigan field hockey team edged No. 6 Penn State, 1-0, on Friday night (Sept. 21) at the PSU Field Hockey Complex. The Wolverines extended their win streak to five games.

Junior Guadalupe Fernandez Lacort drew the stroke after she was toppled over from behind near the top of the PSU circle. Penn State challenged the call, and it was upheld — with an additional 10-minute yellow card assessed. Dowthwaite found the right-side board with the stroke shot. It was her fourth goal of the season and the first stroke taken during her collegiate career.

Penn State narrowly outshot the Wolverines, 14-13, and outcornered them, 9-4, in the contest. Both teams posted numerous quality scoring opportunities; the Nittany Lions actually put one in on a penalty corner midway through the first half, but the goal was overturned — deemed too high — on a Michigan referral.

Freshman goalkeeper Anna Spieker was outstanding in the Wolverine cage, posting seven saves for her second shutout win of the season — and Michigan's second in a row. PSU goalkeeper Jenny Rizzo earned six saves, while a Nittany Lion defender added a defensive save in the first half.

The Wolverines (6-3, 2-0 Big Ten) will wrap up their weekend road trip against No. 3 Maryland on Sunday (Sept. 23) with a noon slate at the Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex in College Park, Maryland.


Calgary field hockey pitch lands facility upgrades for University of Calgary

Zach Laing   

Nadia Izzo of the University of Calgary keeps the ball away from Cailean Meredith of the University of British Columbia during Canada West field hockey action at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alta. Lyle Aspinall/Calgary Sun/Postmedia Network

A $300,000 grant is going to go a long way for an aging University of Calgary field hockey pitch.

The government cash will go towards resurfacing Hawkings Field — home of the university’s women’s field hockey team — extending the life of the facility by 15 years.

“Our investment in improvements to Hawkings Field will benefit more than 2,000 area athletes who can continue to enjoy their favourite sport in a high-quality facility they can be proud of,” said Minister of Culture and Tourism Ricardo Miranda.

“Helping to ensure access to public sport and recreation facilities in communities across the province makes life better for Albertans pursuing healthy, active lifestyles.”

Along with the university team, 1,300 Alberta Field Hockey Association members and more than 700 Calgary high school athletes use the field.

The grant is coupled with $700,000 previously funded money, which will bring the total project cost to $1-million.

Burgundy Biletski, executive director of the Alberta Field Hockey Association, called the grant a gift.

“I cannot express how much value this new surface brings to our field hockey community,” she said.

“It is an amazing gift to thousands of field hockey athletes and enthusiasts across the province, and allows our sport to continue to flourish and expand in Alberta.”

The grant was provided through the Community Facility Enhancement Program.

The Calgary Herald

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