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News for 30 May 2018

All the news for Wednesday 30 May 2018

2018 Test Matches: ARG v MAS (M) - 4th test
Buenos Aires (ARG)

ARG - MAS         2 - 1

Argentina lead the 6 test series 4 - 0

FIH Match Centre

XI South American Games Cochabamba 2018 (M) - Day 1
Cochabamba (BOL)

Results 29 May

ARG v URU (Pool A)     5 - 1
BRA v PER (Pool B)     2 - 1
CHI v PAR (Pool B)     8 - 0
VEN v BOL (Pool A)     12 - 0

Pool Standings

Pool A

Rank Team Played Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Points
1 Venezuela 1 1 0 0 12 0 12 3
2 Argentina 1 1 0 0 5 1 4 3
3 Uruguay 1 0 0 1 1 5 -4 0
4 Bolivia, Plurinational State of 1 0 0 1 0 12 -12 0

 Pool B

Rank Team Played Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Points
1 Chile 1 1 0 0 8 0 8 3
2 Brazil 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 3
3 Peru 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0
4 Paraguay 1 0 0 1 0 8 -8 0

FIH Match Centre

Venezuela and Chile take advantage - Day 1 - Odesur Games

Patrick Espejo

South American Games (2018mODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Argentina vs. Uruguay. Photo: Ernesto Zelada/Xpress Media.

Argentina and Brazil also won their games against Uruguay and Peru, respectively.

The first day of the tournament, which will classify the champions to the Pan American Games Lima 2019, was attended by the president of the Pan-American Hockey Federation, Alberto Budeisky, by the Bolivian Minister of Sports, Tito Montaño, and by the president of the South American Sports Organization (Odesur), the Paraguayan Camilo Méndez.

The first game of the tournmament was between Argentina and Uruguay “The Atlantic Classic”. Argentina imposed its best collective game and its great definition. Juan Catán got three of the five goals that Argentina scored, along with Martin Ferreiro and Marc Ganly. Agustín Rivero scored for Uruguay.

Brazil and Peru showed up at the second game of the day. Peru, with a new coach, did a good defensive job and took risks at times. In one of those attacks Sebastián Dennison (43 ') was able to capitalize the attack and scored. But the Brazilians did not give up. They pressed the defensive zone of Peru, and generated non forced  errors that Matheus Borges first and Lucas Paixao (at 53 'and 54') capitalized.

Chile scored 8 goals in thier first game.  During the first minute of the match, Martín Rodríguez scored 1-0 over Paraguay. The power was evident throughout the match with three more goals by Rodriguez, added to the goals of Fernando Renz, Matias Esparza, Pablo Purcell and Axel Troncoso.

The result places them on the top of Group B (better goal difference than Brazil)


El cierre del día 1 en el hockey de Cochabamba no pudo ser más histórico. Bolivia jugó el primer partido internacional de su historia, y lo hizo ante regular cantidad de aficionados que llegaron al estadio curiosos de descubrir un nuevo deporte. El seleccionado local tuvo chispasos de buen juego y despertó varios gritos de la tribuna con acciones de riesgo en el arco rival.

The final gmae of day 1 in Cochabamba hockey could not be more historic. Bolivia played the first international match of its history, and did it infront of tons of fans who came to the stadium curious to discover a new sport. The local team did a really good job.

But they were facing Venezuela, known by a fast game . Andy Adrián, scored 4 of the 10 goals for his team.

The second day of the tournament will be played on Thursday. At 9:00 Peru vs. Paraguay; 11:00 Chile vs. Brazil, 13:00 Uruguay vs. Bolivia and 3:00 pm Venezuela vs. Argentina.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

10 good reasons to tune in!

European champions Netherlands will face Olympic champions Argentina in Breda Photo: FIH/WSP

There are just under three weeks to go before some of the world’s best hockey players take to the pitch for the 37th Rabobank Men's Hockey Champions Trophy in Breda, Netherlands.


Here are 10 reasons why hockey fans everywhere are getting excited about this showcase event.

1. Kookaburras seek 15th win

Australia's Kookaburras won the last Champions Trophy in London Photo: FIH/Getty

The world’s number one side Australia will be seeking their 15th victory at this event, and their seventh win in he last eight events. Following a strong performance at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, the Australians are the team to beat at the moment, although the retirement of captain Mark Knowles leaves a gap in the leadership team which will be hard to fill.

2. It’s the Netherlands in World Cup year

The Hockey World Cup in The Hague was epic! Photo: FIH/WSP

Look back to the Hague 2014. The packed stadium, the buzzing Hockey Village, the side shows, the atmosphere – the Netherlands do hockey events with style and panache. The multi-cultural population and knowledgeable hockey fans means every nation has a home crowd cheering it on.

3. Best of the best

Olympic champions Argentina will be looking to add to their medal collection Photo: FIH/Getty

Australia, Argentina, Belgium, India, Pakistan and Netherlands – six of the best teams in the world, playing fiercely competitive hockey in the one of the last major international events before the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup Bhubaneswar 2018. What can get better than that? The event is a round-robin format with the finals based on placings after every team has played each other.

4. Heroes on display

Billy Bakker is looking forward to tackling the world's best in Breda Photo: FIH/Getty

Whilst it is a team game, there are undoubtedly some players that the crowds will flock to see in action. For Australia, Jake Whetton is a live wire who will take any scoring chance offered; Argentina’s talented young attacker Maico Casella has been making waves since his senior debut while Belgium’s Tom Boon is always a popular draw with his uncanny ability to score from any angle and any time. Ali Mubashar will be deadly on the drag flick for Pakistan; while Harmanpreet Singh will be like a magician controlling the highly skilled Indian side. For the host team, any player will be cheered as a hero but the highly popular Billy Bakker will want to leave a lasting impression with the orange-clad fans.

5. Styles of play

Belgium are one of the most exciting teams in the world right now Photo: FIH/WSP

For hockey lovers, the gathering of the world’s best teams is a great chance to see a variety of playing styles on display. For the Kookaburras, it is all about attack. The attack begins with the defence, who will seize any opportunity to initiate a counter-attack. Netherlands and Belgium play a similar style of structured build-up and a tactical attack, seeking out gaps in the defence; Pakistan will play a fiercely competitive running game that unnerves the opposition, while India can bring a number of strategies to the table and usually have the advantage of surprise. The unknown quantity will be Argentina. They have a change of both coaching staff and playing personnel but are always capable of producing incredible performances.

6. The side shows

The fans in the Netherlands are hockey mad! Photo: FIH/WSP

Anyone who visited the Rabobank EuroHockey Championships in Amsterdam in August 2017 cannot have failed to be impressed by the array of hockey merchandise, activities and food and drink on offer. Stalls selling food from every nation, plus a large refreshment tent where people could gather between games made the whole experience for the spectators really enjoyable. Expect Breda to aim for bigger and better at the Champions Trophy.

7. India v Pakistan

One of the world's greatest sporting rivalries will resume in Breda Photo: Yan Huckendubler

For sports fans everywhere it doesn’t get bigger than Pakistan against India. The opening match of the 2018 Rabobank Hockey Champions Trophy is an epic clash between these two Asian giants of the game. Their most recent encounter was a fiery affair at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, where it ended a draw. Whatever the result, it will never be dull.

8. The Coaches

FIH Hockey Stars Coach of the Year will be aiming for gold in Breda Photo: FIH/WSP

While the players might be centre stage, the magicians who mastermind the matches are enigmatic characters in their own right. From the experienced FIH Coach of the Year, Max Caldas, to the newest appointment – Harendra Singh who has moved from India women to India men's Head Coach – aspiring hockey coaches can learn a lot from watching these talented coaches at work in a pressured environment.

9. It's World Cup Year

What better way to warm up for the World Cup? Photo: FIH/WSP

All the Head Coaches will be seeing this event as an important step towards the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup later in the year, so expect to see some unusual behaviours as the coaches try to hide some of their tactics and also trial new players or playing styles.

10. It’s the last one

There is a poignancy to this Hockey Champions Trophy as it brings the curtain down on a men's event that has run for 37 editions across 40 years. The event has always been a great addition to the tournament schedule as it is a true match up of the best teams on the planet. As hockey moves towards its own bright, exciting future, the Hockey Champions Trophy will rightly take its place as a leading player in the sport’s history and development.


FIH site

Sreejesh backs Harendra

‘The men’s team’s new coach is known to all players’

Shreedutta Chidananda

That captain Sreejesh has bonded well with coach Harendra bodes well for Indian hockey.  Photo Credit: K. Murali Kumar

Harendra Singh may be the Indian men’s hockey team’s third coach in the space of nine months but players will have no trouble adapting to his methods, believes P.R. Sreejesh. Harendra, who was coaching the women’s side, was given charge of the men’s unit after India’s poor Commonwealth Games showing while Sjoerd Marijne went the other way.

“Nearly everyone in our team has trained under Harendra sir at some point in his life,” said Sreejesh, who has been named captain till the end of the year at the SAI here on Tuesday. “I’ve known him for the last 14 years. Everyone knows what he wants. It’s easy to adjust to a homely atmosphere.”

Harendra’s appointment brought advantages, Sreejesh felt.

“The first thing is language — there is no need for translation. If there is a mistake on the field, it’s quite easy for us to discuss it. The second thing is how he makes players comfortable. Everyone feels free to discuss things and accept their mistakes. That’s the change... the process of improving as a team.”

There had been murmurs of disagreement over Marijne’s ‘player-driven’ approach during his exit from the role. Sreejesh made it clear that he was not enamoured with that idea.

“In India, all players are used to following their teachers from childhood,” he said. “That’s how our culture is. That’s how we have grown up. I used to ask my father before doing anything major in my life — I follow that even now though I’m over 30.

“A coach can show me where I have to walk, and then I will ask him where I can improve. That’s how the system has to be. If he draws a picture, I can help him colour it so it looks better.

“He can’t ask me to draw a picture and say he will colour it. He should have an idea of how we are going to play and we can help him make it beautiful.”

The difference

What was the difference between Marijne and Harendra, Sreejesh was asked.

“Sjoerd used to eat a lot of cheese and Harendra sir eats chawal and dal,” he quipped. “Every coach has his own style. He (Harendra) knows the perfect Indian style and what we are capable of.”

India needed more home-grown coaches, Sreejesh felt. “We should develop our own coaches, that’s for sure. We need to produce quality players at the grassroots level. We lack that nowadays in India.”

The Hindu

Player-driven game plan didn't work: Sreejesh

Manuja Veerappa

BENGALURU: Indian hockey skipper PR Sreejesh's career - by his own admission - began without a dream. But there was a desire to excel. He graduated from the junior to the senior team thanks to his hard work, ability to fight odds and innate nature of being a team man. All these qualities will have to be on display as the team, after a disappointing Commonwealth Games outing, prepares for three major tournaments this year - Champions Trophy, Asian Games and the World Cup.

With the team having gone through too many changes - players as well as coaches - since the 2016 Rio Olympics, Sreejesh is tasked with carrying with him a team which is a mix of former captains, seasoned players and fresh talent.

As the team prepares for the Champions Trophy in Netherlands next month, the Padmashri awardee, who was handed back the captaincy this month, believes, the recent change in the chief coach - with Harendra Singh taking over from Sjoerd Marijne - will not negatively impact the team.

"Most of the 48 players in the camp have played under Harendra sir, so we know what he expects of us. It is like homecoming for us. About the difference now, firstly there is no need of a translator any more. It is easy to discuss issues with him and even the juniors find him very approachable. He makes players comfortable and that works well for the team," explained Sreejesh after a strenuous workout session at the SAI, south centre here on Tuesday.

Asked about the player-driven approach adopted by the previous coach, Sreejesh said it didn't work well in the Indian set-up. "In India, we are used to the routine of following the teacher. That's how most of us grew up. If he shows me the way I'm willing to walk. That said, I won't shy away from asking questions which can make me a better player. For example, if he draws a picture I can help him paint it so it looks better. But he can't ask me to draw the picture and he'll paint it, it won't work. He should have an idea on how we are going to play and we help him to make it beautiful."

While India finished a poor fourth at the Gold Coast CWG, Sreejesh refused to point fingers at players who let the team down. Instead, he said: "If I'm looking at critising people, there are many I can point fingers at, including myself. It is a team game, you can't blame individuals. As a goalkeeper I conceded some easy goals. Although I came up with some good saves, when you don't win matches it doesn't count for anything. We missed penalty corner as wells. I think we should take collective responsibility."

Dwelling further on penalty corners, Sreejesh added, "We need to improve our penalty corner conversion but more importantly we must minimize the number of penalty corners we concede."

Looking ahead at the Champions Trophy, Sreejesh pointed out, "The Champions Trophy is like a rehearsal for us before the big events like the Asian Games and World Cup. It will be tough but we can't make excuses. We just have to work hard. We are planning and working towards garnering success in a short period of time. We have made it in to capsules on areas we need to improve and are working on it."

The Times of India

Field Hockey Canada appoints Giles Bonnet as Head Coach of Women’s National Team

Bonnet, the interim leader since January, joins Canadian National Program full-time

As June approaches, the Canadian Women’s National Team will start its march towards 2020 Olympic qualification. They will do so under the command of newly appointed head coach, Giles Bonnet.

Bonnet was named the interim head coach of the Canadian Women’s National Team in January. Since then, the team has produced a best-ever finish at the Commonwealth Games, defeated the USA for the first time in 18 years, and went undefeated in a series against Chile in Santiago.

A native of South Africa, Bonnet has over 30 years of professional involvement in the sport both as a player and coach. Prior to joining the Canadian Women’s National Team, his 20-plus year coaching career featured experience with top men and women’s club teams in the Netherlands Premier League as well as international experience with the Chinese, Irish, Belgian and South African national teams.

Bonnet is particularly proud of the accomplishments of the South African women’s national program while he was there. He was the head coach the South African women’s team at the 2012 Olympic games in London, UK. The team also tackled the challenging World Cup qualifying circuit and followed it up with positive results at the 2014 World Cup.

“Giles has proven himself as a deeply experienced international coach with a sustained record of success in multiple hockey environments including Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and China,” said Field Hockey Canada CEO, Jeff Sauvé. “In addition to creating and operating high performance coaching environments, Giles is a system builder who has established the necessary partnerships to move a nation’s hockey program forward.

Bonnet has made it clear that he is dedicated to growing women and girls’ hockey in Canada and wants to lead a program that fosters high performance athletes.

“I want to contribute to a sustainable high performance pathway for the NextGen athletes while achieving success with the current National team,” said Bonnet. “If we want to be successful at the international level, we need to work hard, work smart and be totally committed to the goal.”

The Women’s National Team is currently at the University of Victoria preparing for the FIH World League Series event next month in Mexico.  This event is the first stepping-stone en route to 2020 Olympic qualification.

Field Hockey Canada media release

#Gr1tForGlory: USWNT’s World Cup Campaign

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– GR1T is a habit. It’s a choice. It’s an effort, a willingness to be vulnerable to fail over and over again, to get up. GR1T is the ability to push yourself beyond the perceived possible. To be better. To be the best. It’s embedded in their DNA, the footprint and they are on a quest for greatness.

GR1T looks like success and failure. GR1T sounds like praise and tough conversations. GR1T feels like sacrifice and fulfillment. GR1T looks like certainty. GR1T is an identity; the thumbprint they leave on all they touch. It is their mission, purpose and agenda.

GR1T looks like living in discomfort. GR1T is doing one more rep than last time. GR1T is welcoming the negative inner dialogue. GR1T is digging deep to find the hidden reserves you never knew existed. It is about trying and failing but remaining patient. It is about self-reflection and honest introspection.

They are a team of 28 women, all striving for the best, all fighting for the same dream. They may be different in age, but they all train to reach the same result. They all have different personalities but have a shared passion for the same sport. They may come from different areas, but they are all proud to represent the same country.

There are less than two months until the U.S. Women’s National Team takes the field at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London for first game of the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup and they will have one goal in mind – to be the best they can be. As the days tick nearer, the preparation gets tougher, becomes more focused, attention to every small detail has vamped up as each of the 28 women strive for a spot on the final roster.

In an effort to inspire fans to follow the USWNT’s journey from now through the World Cup, USA Field Hockey has created an inclusive campaign, #Gr1tForGlory. This will encompass all things World Cup including how the USWNT earned their bid, history of the event, how USA did in 2014, athlete profiles and more.

How USA Earned Their Ticket to the World Cup in London

2018 marks the ninth all-time appearance for the USWNT in the World Cup. The road to London was one marked by perseverance which was stamped with an exclamation mark last summer at the FIH Hockey World League Semifinals in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ranked as the second highest FIH Hero World Ranked squad in their pool, then-No. 6 USA finished with six points to qualify for a quarterfinal matchup with Japan. A goal by Michelle Vittese (Cherry, N.J.) late in the third quarter proved to be the deciding factor in a 1-0 USA victory, which propelled them into the semifinals, as well as a guaranteed bid to the FIH Hockey World League Final in Auckland, New Zealand and the Vitality Hockey Women's World Cup as one of the top-five squads of the tournament.

What was described as a "never say die" performance in the final match against Germany, where a late penalty stroke by USA forced the game into a shootout that the red, white and blue clinched 3-2. That GR1T has followed USA through 2018 as one of field hockey's biggest stages is just a few short weeks away.

USFHA media release

Scotland Over 40’s show encouraging performance in time for World Cup

Scotland Over 40s

Scotland Over 40’s stepped up this weekend playing in a home nations tournament, showing commitment, focus and drive from the start of the tournament right through to the final match minutes. Up against rivals; Ireland, England and Wales, they kept their cool managing to score some crackers of goals, showing they were not a side to be messed with.

Scotland opened the tournament against Ireland and started strong, scoring in the first 14th minutes with Richard Forsyth reacting sharply and successfully at a penalty corner chance. Another penalty corner goal was gained by Calum Wood shooting right into the back of the net bringing Scotland into a 2-0 lead.  Ireland didn’t take this well, fighting back scoring a great strike to goal, going into half time with the scoreboard sat at 2-1. The second half saw Owen Hadden get his name on the score sheet extending Scotland’s lead to 3-1. Shortly after, Ireland managed to score another goal but Doug Nicol stepped up to the plate, scoring right at the end of the third quarter restoring the two-goal advantage. The fourth quarter saw plenty of scoring opportunities however the score remained 4-2 all the way to the final whistle.  This proved a good start to the tournament with some passages of dominant play at times showing real promise within the group.

The second match of the tournament was one of high intensity from the get go.  With 10 minutes on the clock, Wales managed to get a goal, much to the disbelief of the Scotland players. However, if anything this gave Scotland more incentive than ever before to win. Ross MacPherson took the first opportunity and scored a fantastic goal on the 24th minute from a well worked field goal. By the second quarter of the first half, Scotland were showing obvious signs how they were not a force to be reckoned with. Colin Moulson, quickly followed by a second goal from Ross MacPherson saw Scotland gain a 3-1 lead. The second half saw Doug Nicol scored a fantastic field goal wrapping up the game with Scotland winning 4-1.

The final match of the series was against England, deciding who would be taking home the trophy. England was quick of the mark, scoring 2 goals in the first 39 minutes. The game itself was a challenge with England able to have the upper hand. However, Calum Wood scored a cracking strike from a converted penalty corner in the 53rd minute, putting optimism in the Scotland side and further the scoreboard to 2-1. Unfortunately, England did not let this optimism last forever, being able to score a further 3 goals, ending the game 5-1.

Overall, it was a very encouraging performance for the Scotland Over 40’s side with some assured performances across the pitch as well as an obvious strong team dynamic which is promising as they prepare for the World Cup later this summer.

Scotland Over 40s

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Scotland squad announced for Celtic Series

The Scotland women’s squad has been announced for the upcoming Celtic Series against Ireland at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre.

The three-match series played on Thursday 31 May at 19:00; Saturday 2 June at 15:00; and Sunday 3 June at 11:00, will be the squad’s first matches since competing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

The Celtic Series is part of the Tartan Trilogy, which will see Scotland women play Ireland and then Italy in best of three contests, before Scotland men face USA in the last series in the trilogy. Tickets for all matches are available now.

For Scotland women it’s a time of transition as they work toward the Hockey Series Finals in May 2019, and then EuroHockey Championship II in Glasgow in August 2019. It’s an exciting year ahead for the squad, which will also see the arrival of a new Head Coach in the near future.

Ireland on the other hand come to Glasgow in preparation for the World Cup later this summer.

The Celtic Series is set to be an intense showdown between two big rivals at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre. Tickets are available HERE.

Scotland Squad for the Celtic Series


Thursday, May 31st Saturday, June 2nd Sunday, June 3rd
Lucy Camlin Lucy Camlin Lucy Camlin
Susan Al Haddad Danie McMurray Susan Al Haddad
Karin Belch Karin Belch Karin Belch
Robyn Collins Robyn Collins Robyn Collins
Becky Merchant Bex Condie Bex Condie
Fran Lonergan Fran Lonergan Fran Lonergan
Kaz Cuthbert Amy Costello Amy Costello
Emily Dark Emily Dark Kaz Cuthbert
Lorna Cruickshank Heather Howie Laura Swanson
Jen Eadie Jen Eadie Jen Eadie
Kate Holmes Kate Holmes Kate Holmes
Katie Robertson Katie Robertson Katie Robertson
Laura Swanson Laura Swanson Heather Howie
Millie Brown Millie Brown Millie Brown
Sarah Jamieson Sarah Jamieson Sarah Jamieson
Lucy Lanigan Lucy Lanigan Lucy Lanigan
Lexi Sabatelli Lexi Sabatelli Lexi Sabatelli
Charlotte Watson Charlotte Watson Charlotte Watson

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Hockey great Jamie Dwyer signs off Bloemendaal career with EHL title

By The Hockey Paper

Jamie Dwyer, 39, played last game in Holland (PIC: World Sport Pics)

Arthur Van Doren, the world player of the year, will have big boots to fill when he joins Euro Hockey League champions Bloemendaal next season after the way Jamie Dwyer left the club on Sunday.

The Belgian joined the Dutch giants in February during the Hoofdklasse transfer window, as he became the third FIH player of the year after Teun de Nooijer and Dwyer to wear the Bloemendaal orange.

Van Doren saw his new team-mates win the EHL title in sensational style in front of their home fans at the weekend with an 8-2 win over SV Kampong.

The match saw several retirements from the club game, including 39-year-old Dwyer who returns to Australia with his family after another memorable second spell and a late goal for good measure.

“It was fantastic. But now I’m done. I’m too old,” Dwyer told the EHL website. “But I will certainly miss the club”

Dwyer joined Bloemendaal for seven years up until 2011, racking up four club titles and the EHL title. This season Amsterdam halted Bloemendaal’s run to the Hoofdklasse title.

“It was unfortunate that we did not play our best game during the playoffs, but today (Sunday, ed.) We made it up with the EHL,” added Dwyer.

Meanwhile goalkeeper Jaap Stockmann also signed off his club career on Sundayu after 14 years with HC Bloemendaal.

“To finish off on my home ground in such an atmosphere, winning a tournament cannot be better,” he said.

“For the team, it was fantastic to see after the great disappointment in the playoffs to get back into it, reshape and put on this kind of performance. I think we were unstoppable.”

The Hockey Paper

Surbiton’s young hockey fan laps up European club hockey showpiece

Last month, we asked Oliver Fitch, Surbiton’s ardent 10-year-old fan, to preview the EuroHockey Club Cup. After a successful staging of the event at Sugden Road, here he looks back over the tournament which was blessed with fine weather, fine hockey, but not quite the result he was hoping for…

Should England Hockey give more chances of our clubs being successful in Europe?

I hope the England Hockey people who came to watch enjoyed the event.  Having more events at clubs will help our players play in front of big crowds and deal with the pressure and playing against different styles.

My moment of the weekend…

My best moment was playing with the Para Hockey team coached by Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh, which was amazing on Friday and the Hockey For Heroes exhibition match against Surbiton was great.  I would, on behalf of Surbiton HC, say thank you for appearing and inspiring disabled people to start hockey. Thank You!

My goals of the weekend…

AH&BC Amsterdam’s Charlotte Vega’s hat-trick strike against UCD Ladies was an amazing goal – top of the D, reverse stick, top right corner.

Also Beckie Middleton’s last ever touch for Surbiton against UCD on the last day.

Who were the best players on show…

There were many amazing players on show including Maria Verchoor from AH&BC Amsterdam, Margot Van Geffen and Maloes Keetles from HC’s Hertogenbosch, Manheimmer’s Florencia Habif while Noelle Rother was named goalkeeper of the tournament.

What was so great about the EuroHockey event?

Apart from the ParaHockey and Hockey For Heroes exhibition matches against Surbiton teams including a kid – Me!, which the visiting teams won, the U14 EHCC played at Kingston Grammar School and at Surbiton, was a great success with very skillful play and some cracking goals.  The friendliness of the volunteers was amazing, helping lots of people out with information.

What was the atmosphere like and other things to do around the pitch?

The atmosphere was electric for the whole tournament even though the results didn’t go Surbiton’s way, the fans were great.  There were many things to do around the pitch with the refreshments of the tea hut, the bar, Margo and Rita’s  Mexican food, the ice cream van, and the Dough Shack with its delicious pizza. All in all, this was an amazing event organised mainly by Liselle Carey and Jo Brown and other amazing volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you.

The Hockey Paper

Scotland and Belarus earn extra places in the EHL for 2018/19

©: Wac/fotobyhofer

Scotland and Belarus were the big winners in the Euro Hockey League’s final ranking positions following the conclusion of the 2017/18 European club competitions.

Grange’s victory in the EuroHockey Club Champions Trophy last week, a result that was enough to lift Scotland up one place in the rankings list into eighth space.

It means that Scotland will get two spaces in the EHL next season with Ireland – who dropped from sixth place to ninth – seeing their quota reduced to one place.

Belarus were the other side to prosper with HC Minsk’s third place finish at the Trophy event, combined with Stroitel Brest’s fifth place, being enough to lift their country above Wales into 12th on the ranking list.

This brings with it one EHL spot in ROUND1 next October in Barcelona. It will be the fourth season that Belarus has had a representative in the EHL, the last being in the 2013/14 campaign.

Of the other movers, France moved up to an all-time high of fifth place, overtaking England in the rankings with Russia also moved up a place into seventh.

As such, the breakdown of EHL spots now sees the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Spain have three places, France, England, Russia and Scotland with two and Ireland, Poland, Austria and Belarus with one.

At this stage, as many as 18 clubs have already claimed – subject to ratification by their national federations – tickets to next season’s EHL.

From top ranked the Netherlands, national champions SV Kampong and AH&BC Amsterdam are bound for the KO16 while HC Oranje-Rood will play in ROUND1.

In Germany, Rot-Weiss Koln booked their ticket to the EHL as regular season champions. Who takes up their next two spots will be decided at the end of season playoffs on June 3 and 4.

From Belgium, KHC Dragons and the Waterloo Ducks – returning for the first time since 2015 – have KO16 places while Royal Leopold are in ROUND1 for their fourth EHL campaign.

Spain are awaiting their third EHL place. Real Club de Polo have one via the regular season while Club Egara won the Copa del Rey. The third ticket will be battled out between Junior FC, Club de Campo and Atletic Terrassa at the Spanish final four next weekend.

France have the same representation as the past four years with Saint Germain the national champions going to the KO16 and Racing Club de France ROUND1.

England’s Wimbledon travel to Barcelona for ROUND1 once again in their fourth EHL season. Surbiton – having declined their invite season – are eligible to go to the KO16 as national champions.

Russia’s Dinamo Kazan (KO16) and Dinamo Elektrostal (ROUND1) qualified by virtue of their performances in late 2017.

Grove Menzieshill are set to make their EHL debut in the KO16 with Grange qualifying for ROUND1 for a fourth time representing Scotland.

Also in ROUND1 are Ireland’s Three Rock Rovers with the Polish, Austrian and Belarussian champion to be confirmed.

** To view the EHL nations ranking list, click here

Euro Hockey League media release

Rot-Weiss the German regular season champs with big win over Mulheim

©: Frank Uijlenbroek/world Sport Pics

Rot-Weiss Koln claimed the first EHL ticket from Germany for this season as they beat nearest rival Uhlenhorst Mülheim 4-1

They led from start to finish with Marco Miltkau scoring five minutes in; it proved the only goal of the first half. Christopher Zeller doubled the advantage in the 41st minute and Christopher Ruhr’s stroke made it 3-0 by the end of the third quarter.

Jan Fleckhaus scored their third goal in a five-minute spell before Lukas Windfeder pulled one back near the end from the corner.

Rot-Weiss head coach André Henning said afterwards: "I thought we were very strong in the first half. We were very focused, stable and Mülheim had a minimal chances.

“Unfortunately, we left behind two corners and two or three good scoring opportunities. After the break, the structure from both teams was not as good, it was more back and forth. But to win against a strong opponent like Mülheim in a top game 4-1 is really strong."

Rot-Weiss also welcomed back Timur Oruz after a long spell out injured as they moved six points clear with one round of games to go.

Mülheim are second with Mannheim third after a 4-4 draw with Harvestehuder THC. The draw confirmed HTHC’s place in the top four, meaning the line-up for the playoffs has been confirmed but who plays who will be determined next weekend.

Euro Hockey League media release

Saint Germain hold off Lyon to win seventh French national title

Saint Germain won their seventh French national championship as they beat surprise package FC Lyon in the final 3-2, earning their ticket to the Euro Hockey League into the bargain.

The favourites did not stumble in the decider in front of nearly a thousand spectators in a strong heat as Charles Verrier’s pressing game paid dividends.

They led after two minutes when William Jeammot coverted a short corner but the Yvelines club could not build on that opening salvo from their next three corners.

Little by little, Lyon gained in confidence and Thomas Chalumeau came close to equalising but Tom Genestet, imperious in defense, recovered to clear off the line.

Jeammot and Stijn Gabriel extended the lead to 3-0 in the second half before Lyon fought back with Gaspard Baumgarten making an impact. Guillaume Pin pulled one back with nine minutes to go and they made it a little nervous at the end when Baumgarten scored once more.

But Saint Germain held on to win at the fourth attempt having lost the last three French finals to Racing Club de France, the regular season champions. Racing go to ROUND1 of the EHL as a result while Saint Ger will play in the KO16 for a second successive season.

Euro Hockey League media release

Dragons overhaul panel with series of eye-catching arrivals

©: Frank Uijlenbroek/world Sport Pics

KHC Dragons have made a series of eye-catching reinforcements for the 2018/19 season with Tobias Walker, Kirk Shimmins, Dominic Uher, Luke Noblett and Max Lootens confirmed as arriving.

It is part of the overhaul of the Belgian champions side as they look to replaced Arthur van Doren (Bloemendaal), Loic van Doren (Den Bosch), Victor Wegnez (Racing Club de Bruxelles), Jeremy Celis (retired), Louis Rombouts and Grégory Stockbroekx who have all moved on.

In goal, 28-year-old German international goalkeeper Walter arrives from Harvestehuder.

"When I heard that the Dragons were looking for a keeper, I was immediately interested. I will have the opportunity to evolve in a new competition but also in a club belonging at the top European level. We quickly reached an agreement even though it is tough to leave my club."

Irish Olympian Shimmins comes from Pembroke in Dublin and will give them a major engine to their midfield, continuing their long history with Irish players, dating back through Stephen Butler to Shane O’Donoghue.

"We have always had very good experiences with the Irish,” said coach Jean Willems. “They fit well with our DNA and our competitive mentality. Kirk is definitely an excellent reinforcement for our team."

Max Lootens is another eye-catching one, the Belgian Under-21 captain returning to the club after three seasons with Racing. He played with Dragons through his youth from 2004 to 2015 before switching to Brussels.

"After three fantastic years at Racing, I cannot wait to get home. I obviously owe a lot to Racing where I learned a lot. But Dragons is the club where I started and where I am at home.

“The new project of Dragons speaks to me a lot and I want to participate in this new era for the club.

Austrian Uher gives them strength in defence while Noblett is from Australia as part of a lively transfer season already this summer. Tanguy Cosyns has switched from Daring to HGC in the Netherlands where he will join Max Plennevaux who moves from Real Club de Polo.

Marc Chicote-Freixa moves from Club Egara to La Gantoise. Saint Germain goalkeeper Arthur Thieffry will play for Oree next season along with Irish international Stephen Cole and Argentina international Luca Masso.

Euro Hockey League media release

Linus Müller makes switch to Mannheimer HC for next season

©: Dirk Markgraf

Linus Müller has made the decision to move to current German champions Mannheimer HC for the upcoming 2018/19 season.

The 18-year-old moves to the Neckarplatt from the Düsseldorf Hockey Club. Müller has played 49 international youth games, won the U-18 European Championship in 2016 and finished third at the U-21 European Championships in 2017. The central defender rose to the Bundesliga with the DHC first team in 2017.

"I deliberately chose MHC because the combination of optimal training possibilities and the sports scholarship on offer were decisive for me. Mannheim is the best choice for my personal development," Müller said of his decision.

Born in Düsseldorf, he also has clear goals in Mannheim: "I want to play for titles with the MHC and get into the A squad."

"We are very pleased that Linus has chosen us,” coach Michael McCann said. “He fits perfectly into the next generation around Teo Hinrichs in style, age and qualities. We want to rejuvenate the squad for the new season and, at the same time, continue to play for the German championship and the EHL."

Mannheim will play in the German playoffs this weekend, taking on Uhlenhorst Mulheim in the semi-final with a win assuring them of a return ticket to the EHL for next season.

Euro Hockey League media release

Buenos Aires 2018 presents mascot for Youth Olympic Games

Filipe Naigulevu

The 2018 Youth Olympic Games mascot, #Pandi. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE 2018 Youth Olympic Games this October in Buenos Aires, Argentina will feature a rather friendly face that plays a fundamental role in spreading the event’s message.

The Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee has launched its Youth Olympic mascot named #Pandi, which inspired by the jaguar, one of the most emblematic wild cat species found in northern Argentina.

According to the organising committee, the mascot aims to inspire youth to embrace sport as a tool to make the world a better place, while also raising awareness about the species’ risk of extinction.

The mascot’s name has a hashtag at the beginning to demonstrate its strong online profile.

With perseverance and the festive spirit it reveals upon reaching its goal, #Pandi symbolises the desire for Buenos Aires 2018, the first edition of an Olympic celebration with strict gender equality, to serve as an important source of inspiration to build a better world through sport.

“Like the young athletes that give their best to qualify for the Games, the Buenos Aires 2018 mascot overcomes all types of adversity to reach its goals”, said the president of the Buenos Aires 2018 organising committee Gerardo Werthein.

The Olympic mascots are ambassadors to the Games and play a fundamental role in spreading the event’s message and the Olympic values of friendship, respect, and excellence among different audiences, especially children and youth.

The jaguar, found in Argentina’s northern region, is in great danger due to human causes. Various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have warned about the risk of extinction as a result of the destruction of their natural habitat and hunting.

The Buenos Aires 2018 mascot was designed by the Argentine agency Human Full Agency. The short animation was made by the local production company, Buda TV.

The Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games will be held from October 6 -18 with the participation of 3998 athletes from 206 countries.

The Fiji Times

Hockey NZ extend Lotto partnership

Photo: www.photosport.nz

Hockey New Zealand is pleased to announce Lotto Sportswear will continue as the official apparel partner of the Vantage Black Sticks for a further two years.

The deal will see Lotto provide the playing and off-field kit for the Vantage Black Sticks Men and Women during the busy years ahead, including Hockey World Cups and the Hockey Pro League which starts in January 2019.

Hockey New Zealand CEO Ian Francis was thrilled to extend the partnership which has now been in place since 2008.

“For the next four years we have a confirmed international calendar from January to June with the introduction of the Hockey Pro League. It’s a major step change in the sport around the world,” Francis said.

“We were keen to partner with a brand that wanted to go on the journey with us and help grow hockey at the same time as provide leading sports performance apparel for our teams. Lotto Sportswear have done that for us, so it was a pleasure to re-sign with them and we look forward to continuing our strong partnership over the next couple of years.”

The Vantage Black Sticks have a big year ahead with the Vitality Women’s Hockey World Cup in London from 21 July - 5 August and Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup in Bhubaneswar, India from November 28 - 16 December.

“We were keen to keep our eight year relationship going with the Black Sticks and Hockey New Zealand. Hockey is a growing sport in this country and we partner with a number of local hockey associations so it’s important for Score Sportswear to lead the way and align with successful brands like the Vantage Black Sticks to help build our business in New Zealand,” said Score Sportswear  Director Blair Dawkins.

“New playing kits are already being developed for the Hockey Pro League, using some of the best performance apparel technology around to give the players every advantage going into what will be a very tough competition. That’s just one of the ways we play our part to help support hockey at the top level.”

Lotto Sportswear, managed by Score Sportswear Ltd in New Zealand since 1993, is a renowned sports performance and lifestyle brand based in Treviso, Italy and partner with many other leading sports teams and players globally.

Score Sporstwear is also the distributor of the Samurai brand in New Zealand, worn by teams such as the Bay of Plenty Steamers in the Mitre 10 Cup.

Vantage Black Sticks fans won’t be left out either, with licensed merchandise available exclusively at www.blacksticks.co.nz or through your local Just Hockey retailer.

Hockey New Zealand Media release

Bunbury & Busselton To Host Two Masters Championships

Ben Somerford

Hockey Australia (HA) today announces that Bunbury and Busselton will host the 2018 Women’s Masters Australian Championships and 2019 Men’s Masters Australian Championships.

The events are made possible thanks to the support of the Western Australian State Government, the City of Busselton and the City of Bunbury.

Both are funded by the WA State Government through Tourism WA’s Regional Events Program, which is supported by Royalties for Regions.

The 2018 Women’s Masters will be held from 27 September to 6 October 2018, involving approximately 900 participants across 140 matches, at hockey stadiums in Bunbury (93 matches) and Busselton (47 matches).

The 2019 Men’s Masters will be held from 20 September to 5 October 2019, involving approximately 1800 participants across 302 matches, with 202 hosted in Bunbury and 100 in Busselton.

Hockey Australia CEO Matt Favier said: “Hockey Australia is thrilled to make this announcement which showcases the incredible commitment from the WA State Government, the City of Busselton and the City of Bunbury towards hockey.

“The Men’s Masters Australian Championships is our largest participation event, while the Women’s Masters is a hugely popular and growing event too.

“There will be an amazing number of participants from the Over 35 to Over 75 divisions, along with coaches, officials and supporters which will bring countless benefits to the local community in WA’s South-West region.”

WA Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said the popular sporting events would attract thousands of visitors and deliver significant economic and social benefits to the State.

“The State Government is proud to support the Women’s and Men’s Masters Hockey Championships,” Papalia said.

“Hockey is a popular Australian sport, being played at clubs, schools and indoor centres around the State.

“Masters Hockey, in particular, is one of the fastest growing forms of hockey in Australia.

“It is expected these two events will attract thousands of visitors and increase the length of time they stay in the spectacular South West region, where they can experience world-class wineries and restaurants, stunning coastal and forest scenery, and many other natural wonders.”

Australian Masters’ Hockey National Coordinator Peter Sweeney said: “The Masters Hockey fraternity is very happy with the choice of Bunbury and Busselton for the 2018 Women’s and 2019 Men’s Masters Australian Championships.

“The opportunity to visit that beautiful part of WA will be strongly supported and the two tournaments will recognise the large contribution that WA Country players make to Masters Hockey.

“I thank the WA State Government and the Councils of the Cities of Bunbury and Busselton for the wonderful support of these exciting events.”

Hockey Australia media release

Job Vacancy - HP Logistics Manager

Hockey Ireland is seeking to appoint a High Performance Logistics Manager to support the Performance Director and National Teams.

Reporting to the Performance Director, the High-Performance Logistics Manager will ensure effective implementation of all logistics and administration of the Hockey Ireland High Performance Programme including management of all aspects of team logistics for Ireland Teams (senior and junior age grade) and the provision of support to the High Performance (HP) programme in general.

Full details of the role including how to apply can be found Job description HP Logistics Manager - Hockey Ireland.docx

Irish Hockey Association media release

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