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News for 17 May 2016

All the news for Tuesday 17 May 2016

Den Bosch are Champions of Europe

Den Bosch Champions. Photograph: Den Bosch celebrating (EHF/Ady Kerry)

16th May 2016: In a re-run of last year’s Final of the EHCCC, once again SCHC faced their arch rival Den Bosch. In an incredibly tight game, with only a goal apiece, it took a Shoot Out to decide who would be Champions of Europe.

Den Bosch opened the scoring via a Pauman penalty corner in the 24th minute. SCHC pressed hard and Den Bosch looked happy to defend their lead of 1-0, which they held at half time.

The second half started slowly with most of the play in the middle of the park. In the 40th minute SCHC were awarded a stroke and van Massakker stood up to take it, roofing it past the Den Bosch keeper.

A very animated crowd cheered both sides on, but in spite of some decent attacks and a superb save by SCHC’s keeper Cox in the dying moments the game remained 1-1 at full time.

Den Bosch took the honours after a shoot out and retained their Title as Champions of Europe.

Best Player:
Jana Teschke (UHC, Hamburg)

Best Keeper:
Anna Shichkina (CSP Krylatskoye)

Top Scorer:
Maartje Paumen (Den Bosch)

Fair Play:

EuroHockey media release

Cardiff & Met win the Men’s EuroHockey Club Trophy as Challenges end across Europe

cover men

On the final day of our competitions, here’s the latest round up of all our Men’s  Trophy and Challenges around Europe.


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Here is the round-up of the Men’s Trophy and Challenge events:


EuroHockey Club Trophy – Glasgow, Scotland


The day started with the 5th/6th place match. HC Rotweiss Wettingen versus HC Bra. It all started well for HC Bra‎ who took the lead in the 14th minute. The equaliser came at 34 minutes and it was a draw at half time whistle. Rotweiss came back after the break with two more goals from Maximilian Schroter (#5) and secured the 5th place finish. 3-1 (1:1)




Host Bromac Kelburne  showed some form ‎to win the bronze medal with a comfortable win over the Czech champions. For the first time in the tournament they took the lead in the match. The second half ushered two more goals and a bronze medal. 3-0 (1:0)


16 May 2016 at the National Hockey Centre, Glasgow Green, Scotland. Eurohockey Club Champions Trophy 2016 Men, Day 4. 5th/6th match - HC Bra (ITA) v HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)


The Final of the EuroHockey Club Trophy was a one sided affair, as it proved a match too many for Banbridge. They pushed hard during the first half but were unable to convert their chances. In the second half, Welsh side Cardiff & Met quickly opened the score and 3 more goals followed to get them the gold. 0-4 (0:0)


sco 55


Player of the Tournament – Eugene Magee, Banbridge (IRL)


Goalkeeper of the Tournament – Gareth Lennox, Banbridge (IRL)


Top GoalScorer – Stephen Dowd, Banbridge (IRL)


16 May 2016 at the National Hockey Centre, Glasgow Green, Scotland. Eurohockey Club Champions Trophy 2016 Men, Day 4. The Officials


Final Ranking


1. Cardiff & Met HC (WAL)


2. Banbridge (IRL)


3. Bromac Kelburne HC (SCO)


4. SK Slavia Prague (CZE)


5. HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)


6. HC Bra (ITA)


7. HC Minsk (BLR)


EuroHockey Club Challenge I – Vienna, Austria


Today’s final day in Vienna brought some great competitions from the participating teams. In the first match, TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove  met Servette HC. Servette had some good chances but was unsuccessful. Kralove got a PC in the final minute of the first half, which put them ahead. In the second half, Servette pushed harder but Kralove doubled its lead and went away with the win. 2-0 (1:)


The second final match-up of the day, HAHK Mladost and Whitchurch HC. Whitchurch led at halftime thanks to a penalty corner conversion. The welsh team kept the pressure up in the second half and it paid off, giving them their first victory of the tournament. 0-2 (0:1)




The host met HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa in a game of two halves. The first half was a close catch up game, with both teams scoring two goals each. In the second half, a regrouped Arminen scored four more times, with Patrick Schmidt (#11) scoring an impressive four goals. 6-2 (2:2)




The last match of the day saw SC Stroitel Brest and AD Lousada close the day and tournament. Brest opened the score, but Lousada quickly responded with two goals to gain the advantage. The second half saw a reversal, with Brest turning the match around and securing the victory with three more goals. 4-2 (1:2)






Top Scorer – Patrick Schmidt, SV Arminen (AUT)


Best Player – Dominic Uher, SV Arminen (AUT)


Best Goalkeeper – Siarhei Lihor, SC Stroitel Brest (BLR)


Final Ranking


1. SV Arminen (AUT)


1. SC Stroitel Brest (BLR)


3. AD Lousada (POR) 10pnts


3. HC OKS-SHVSM Vinnitsa (UKR)


5. TJ Slavia Hradec Kralove (CZE)


5. Whitchurch HC (WAL)


7. HAHK Mladost (CRO)


7. Servette Hockey Club (SUI)


EuroHockey Club Challenge II – Bratislava, Slovakia


The last day began in Bratislava with Grammarians HC  and Inta Baltic Champignons.  It was a closely matched game, Inta Baltic was playing for its first win. Inta Baltic managed it in the penalty shoot-out. 2-2 (1:2) SO 1-3


Day 4


SK Senkvice wanted a win and got a definitive one. Dominating throughout, they were able to keep Ardas  Rudamina at bay. 9-2 (4:1)




HC NSA Sofia and Gaziantep Polis Gucu SK met in the third match-up of the day. Although Gaziantep had many opportunities, they did not manage to convert opportunity to goals, where NSA was luckier with its chances. 3-1 (1:0)




Last match of the day ended in a draw for HK Marathon and Slagelse HC, which meant a shoot-out was needed. Slagelse came out ahead in the shoot-out and took the victory. 3-3 (1:0) 1-4 SO


Final Ranking


1. HC NSA Sofia (BUL)


1. Slagelse Hockeyklub (DEN)


3. HK Marathon (CRO)


3. Gaziantep Polis Gucu SK (TUR)


5. ŠK Šenkvice (SVK)


5. Inta-Baltic Champignons (LTU)


7. Grammarians HC (GIB)


7. Ardas – Rudamina (LTU)


EuroHockey Club Challenge III – Predanovci, Slovenia


Host HK Triglav Predanovci finished the tournament on a high, with a 5-2 victory over SZLG DSE – Olcote HC, their first of the tournament. 2-5  (0:4)


Clube de Futebol Uniao de Lamas continued its stellar performance with a fourth straight win, this time against Napeos  Apollon HC from Greece. 3-0 (1:0)




The tournament closer was Highway HC and Nacka LHK. The Swedish side opened the score, but was quickly overtaken by Highway HC, who held strong. 4-2 (3:1)


Final Ranking


1. Clube de Futebol União de Lamas (POR)


1. Highway HC (TUR)


3. Nacka LHK (SWE)


3. Napeos Apollon HC (GRE)


5. Copenhagen HC (DEN)


5. HK Triglav Predanovci (SLO)


7. SZLG DSE – Olcote HC (HUN)


EuroHockey Club Challenge IV – Kordin, Malta


On the final day in Kordin, hosts Sliema Hotsticks HC ended with a win over Seinäjoki United. Jonathan Borg (#8) scored a hat trick and Steve Portelli (#17) scored the other two goals to the delight of the home crowd. 5-1 (1:0)




The first promotion game saw a match up between HC Kilppari and Kringskja Sports Klubb. After a tight first half which ended in a 1-1 draw, the Norwegian Kringskja came back energised and determined. Five goals followed and Kringsja Sports Klubb won the game. 1-6 (1:1)




The last match of the day saw Qormi HC face Imittos HC. It was a very tight game, with few scoring opportunities. It seemed destined to a penalty shoot-out, when in the 70th minute, Thomas Degiovanni (#7) shot a reverse hit. 1-0 (0:0)




Final Ranking


1. Qormi HC (MLT)


1. Kringsjå SK (NOR)


3. HC Kilppari (FIN)


3. HC Imittos (GRE)


5. Sliema Hotsticks HC (MLT)


6. Seinäjoki United (FIN)


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EuroHockey media release


Rot Weiss Köln win the Women’s EuroHockey Club Trophy as action packed Challenges end

cover 2

On the final day of our competitions, here’s the latest round up of all our women’s  Trophy and Challenges around Europe.


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Here is the round-up of the Women’s Trophy and Challenge events:


EuroHockey Club Trophy – Barcelona, Spain


In the day’s opener, Italy’s SG Amsicora fell to Ukraine’s MSC Sumchanka, who easily secured a 5th place finish. 0-3 (0:2)


The Bronze medal match between host Real Club de Polo and HC Minsk was a heated match, with some amazing action and goals. After 70 minutes, the match was still a draw at  3-3. Elensa Shazina and Sofia Casanelli both scored twice for HC Minsk and Polo respectively. The match had to be decided by penalty shoot-out. The first shoot-out also finished in a draw, but the second go HC Minsk edged out Polo and took the bronze home.  3-3 (2:1)


The Eurohockey Club Champions Trophy women ended this Monday in Barcelona with Rot Weiss Köln emerging victorious.  The German side beat Belgium’s Royal Antwerp in the final 4-2 (2-1). At half time, Rot Weiss Köln dominated 2-1 thanks to the goals of Christina Schröder and Franzisca Hauke. Two more goals at the beginning of the second half allowed a three goal advantage for the Germans, as Royal Antwerp’s Manuela Urroz closed the score narrowed the difference 15 minutes before the end. 4-2 (2-1)




Final Ranking


1. Rot-Weiss Köln (GER)


2. Royal Antwerp (BEL)


3. HC Minsk (BLR)


4. Real Club de Polo de Barcelona (ESP)


5. MSC Sumchanka (UKR)


6. SG Amsicora ASD (ITA)


7. GHC Ritm Grodno (BLR)


EuroHockey Club Challenge I – Prague, Czech Republic


At the last day of the tournament, the host SK Slavia Prague met SV Arminen for the first match of the day. Prague got the best of their opponent and secured the win.  2-0 (1:0)




Polisportiva Ferrini Cagliari fell to Swansea City HC in the second match of the day. Although Cagliari opened the score, Swansea equalised before the half time whilstle. After the break, Swansea kept pushing and widened the difference by 3 more goals. 1-4 (1:1)




University of Edinburgh won today against HC Donchanka. An early lead was easily sustained by Edinburgh who walked away with the win. 3-0 (2:0)


cze 2


A great match between Gintra Strekte Uni HC and Ulster Elks. Gintra Strekte lost its first match of the tournament against a great Ulster Elks, who kept the pressure up to secure the win. Rebecca Barry (#11) scored two of the three goals. 0-3 (0:3)


cze 4


Final Ranking


1. University of Edinburgh Womens HC (SCO)


1. Ulster Elks (IRL)


3. Gintra Strekte Uni (LTU)


3. HC Donchanka (RUS)


5. SK Slavia Praha (CZE)


5. Swansea City LHC (WAL)


7. Polisportiva Ferrini Cagliari (ITA) 3


7. SV Arminen (AUT)


EuroHockey Club Challenge II – Lille, France


An early start in Lille for HC Hostivar and Black Boys HC Geneve. A lone goal in the middle of the first half decided the match. 0-1 (0:1)


fra 22


A great match for Rotweiss Wettingen against Kecioren Baglum SK. Wettingen’s Captain and #15 Stephanie Walti scored two of the 5 Swiss goals. 5-1 (2:0)




Waterloo Ducks achieved their fourth straight win against Scotland’s Grove Menzieshill, thanks to six goals (three in each half), finishing the tournament undefeated.


Host Lille MHC met fellow French team Iris Hockey Lambersart in the tournament closer. Lille went in undefeated, and fought hard, but Lambersart was determined. A great match which kept the spectators cheering until the end. 1-2 (1:2)




Final Ranking


1. Waterloo Ducks HC (BEL)


1. Iris Hockey Lambersart (FRA)


3. Lille MHC (FRA)


3. Grove Menzieshill (SCO)


5. HC Rotweiss Wettingen (SUI)


5. Black Boys HC Geneve (SUI)


7. HC Hostivar (CZE)


7. Keçiören Bağlum (TUR)


EuroHockey  Club Challenge III – Gibraltar, Gibraltar


First match up of the day was HAHK Mladost meeting local team Hawks Ladies. Mladost easily won, scoring two goals each half. 4-0 (2:0)




The second game saw HFTC Tauras meet Navax AHTC Wien. An intense game played in the midday heat of 25 degrees with a NAVAX AHTC win. 0-2 (0:0)


gib 2


The last game of the tournament between Cardiff University and Eagles HC, to a loud home crowd. Cardiff  took the win with an impressive four goals scored by #8, Eliza Brett. 5-3 (3:0)


gib 4


Fair Play Trophy – HAHK Mladost (CRO)


Top GoalScorer – Eliza Brett, Cardiff University (WAL)


Best Player – Fiona Felbert, NAVAX AHTC Wien (AUT)


Best Goalkeeper – Rasa Cepiene, HFTC Tauras (LTU)


Final Ranking


1. Cardiff University (WAL)




3. HFTC Tauras (LTU)


3. Eagles (GIB)


5. Nacka LHK (SWE)


5. HAHK Mladost (CRO)


7. Hawks Ladies (GIB)


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EuroHockey media release

Kovsies prevail in entertaining clash with Pukke on playoffs day

By Jonathan Cook

Gorgeous weather greeted fans at Maties Astro Monday as the playoffs and semi-finals lay in store – and the Kovsies/Pukke tussle for the 2016 Varsity Hockey seventh/eighth positions has set the tone!

A match full to the brim with the full pack of conflicting emotions, drama and skill so craved by hockey aficionados was on the menu and at the end of the contest it was Kovsies who prevailed 3-1 after leading 2-0 at half-time.

Kovsies drew first blood in the eighth minute when the dangerous Dehan Mollentze made inroads down the left channel laying off inside and Egon van der Merwe won the goalmouth skirmish to out his Bloem mates 1-0 up.

Trailing 1-0 into the second quarter, Pukke were having to dig deep in the face of sustained pressure and in this respect the Potch lads’ skipper Essex Mbekeni lead by example.

But eventually a team on the back foot is going to run out of defenders and Kovsies stretched their lead after 19 minutes when their pressure play yielded reward. Kovsies’ exciting Paul Roos and SA Schools’ 2015 product Jaco van der Watt sailed into the strike zone untouched before picking the spot of his choice in which to steer the ball home (2-0).

Kovsies’ Ghana international Michael Kofi Baiden was a constant headache for Pukke as his blistering pace and deft ball control stretched the defence to breaking point.

Pukke it must be said, never ever stand back from a challenge and their persistence paid off towards end of the third quarter when the powerfully built Killian Ludick scored (2-1) and brought his side within one more successful strike for parity.

But Varsity Hockey is not just about sensational goals …. It’s also about heroic defence – and in this regard look no further than post-man Brad Hensberg’s remarkable save and clear off his Kovsies goalline from a rasping Pukke penalty corner that left his side still in with a shout of victory.

At the other end Pukke replacement keeper Brian le Grange brought off a brilliant save at full stretch to his right before parrying Neo Selehelo’s rapid-fire reverse-stick blast. Kovsies were not to be denied and Bryan Gonsior delivered the killer punch with aplomb on seven minutes to full-time for the 3-1 final scoreline to the Free State men.

FNB Player of the Match: Dylan Swanepoel (Kovsies)

Mugg & Bean Star Saver: Brad Hensberg (Kovsies)

Samsung Super Striker: Jaco van der Watt (Kovsies)

Varsity Sports media release

Madibaz come good to clinch fifth spot against UCT

By Jonathan Cook

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Madibaz lived up to their undoubted talent with a 4-1 victory over University of Cape Town’s Ikey Tigers in the showdown for fifth and sixth places at the Maties Astro Monday.

The accomplished Cerezo Comerasamy and Madibaz’ talisman Natius Malgraff bagged a brace of goals apiece and some of these strikes were stunning in their construction and execution.

In the second minute of this entertaining battle between East and West for Cape Province supremacy it was Comerasamy who launched Madibaz’ bid for victory with a composed finish.

Five minutes into the second quarter Comerasamy was on hand once again to breach the UCT goalline with a strike that was noteworthy in its assured economy of movement (2-0).

And in the 26th minute – four minutes from half-time, arguably one of the goals of this magnificent Varsity Sports concept evolved.

And like so much in sport that is truly memorable, it was the crisp execution of skills that reminded one how, essentially, it’s a basic game often complicated by humanity’s modern-day handicap that encourages over-thinking and over-analysing above the instinctive decision-making that was so vital to our forebears’ survival.

This hockey delight saw its genesis in Madibaz’ Dillan Langeveld, who demonstrated the immense value to a team of a defender with the priceless qualities of vision and depth-of-pass awareness.

Langeveld slapped a 50-metre pinpoint pass to the alert Pambili Gada on the right wing-zone and the youngster’s skilful trap and turn created the essential space and time to free up his frontrunner team-mates. The upshot was Gada’s neat and accurate layoff-left that found Curtis Samboer, who in turn effected a perfectly timed offload that Malgraff buried into the back of the net.

A goal of this quality – after these players have ploughed bravely through a remarkable average of two matches every three days for a month – amplified the general impression of seasoned observers that South African men’s hockey in this age-grouping is in a very good space.

More specifically, in the context of this Varsity Sports event, the game time these SA hockey talents have enjoyed over the past two weeks has proved invaluable in taking players out of their comfort zones to discover hidden depths of energy and mental tenacity.

And Varsity Sports deserve much of the credit for this heartening development.

However, the irrepressible Tigers of Ikeys left little time to ponder and reflect -as this writer has just done!

UCT took advantage of the Madibaz’ basking in the glow of their great team goal for just a tad too long. The Tigers pulled a goal back from the re-start when Kevin Venter finished off from close and the teams went into half-time with Madibaz leading 3-1.

The second half was cut-and-thrust hockey of the highest order but Madibaz sealed fifth spot when Malgraff added his second eight minutes from time for the 4-1 final score.

FNB Player of the Match: Ignatuis Malgraff (Madibaz)

Mugg & Bean Star Saver: Muzammil Sheik (Madibaz)

Samsung Super Striker: Kevin Venter (UCT)

Varsity Sports media release

Tuks’ stunning defensive display shatters Maties’ title dreams

By Jonathan Cook

It was heart-breaking for the hordes of Maties fans, but as a senior figure in the coaching world said: “Semi-finals are a different animal.” And so it proved as the Varsity Hockey semi-final went the way of UP-Tuks in a nail-biting muscle-up with the hosts at Maties Astro Monday night.

The lone goal of this high-class clash, described by a hockey fan who has watched hundreds of matches featuring the best teams in the world, as “awesome in its intensity”, was scored by the man who seems to bring something special out of the stick bag for the big occasion, Tuks striker Stephen Cant.

The decisive strike came three minutes from half-time, Cant conjuring up his unique brand of magic to breach the goalline.

Apart from this hugely talented forward, Tuks’ hero was underrated goalkeeper Estiaan Kriek, whose contribution was immense, exemplifying the contention that your shot-stopper is key to keeping a team that’s under the cosh in the game.

Another factor in Tuks’ success was their ability to maintain structure and composure through the three lines of defence, midfield and forwards. In their defensive make-up Tuks were simply brilliant and the contribution of the tower of strength that is Kewan Harries cannot be emphasised enough.

An enthused SuperSport television viewer WhatsApp’ed from Randburg that it was the best game of this superbly organised-and-presented Varsity Sports SA competition to date, high praise indeed from one of the most knowledgeable hockey fans you will find… and a man who is not easily pleased; you’ve got to earn his praise.

Another fan who watched from the comfort of his TV lounge phoned through to say that the passion in the game was “palpable”.

“You could almost reach out into the screen and touch it,” said his teen-age daughter.

Her dad said Tuks keeper Kriek “had a complete blinder”.

“There was also great control from the umpires [Cape Town-based international umpire Sean Rapaport and Pretoria-based official John Wright, who is going to his fourth Olympic Games come Rio in August)”.

“John and Sean were crucial to the spectacle as they made sure that the needle in the match wasn’t extinguished through over-zealous interventions with the whistle, which must have been quite tempting at times, such was the physicality and pace of the game.”

Our Randburg enthusiast said the words of SA’s legendary world record goalscorer Pietie Coetzee, who was alongside another SA hockey great in Gregg Clark in the SuperSport commentary box, summed up the essence of this memorable match perfectly.

“Pietie said it all in just five words, ‘Extreme action all the time’.”

To be fair, the superb defending from Tuks kept the competition’s form team, Maties, at bay and, on another night – and perhaps against the same Tuks team (the league-phase game saw Maties destroy Tuks 6-1 just three days back) the Stellenbosch lads might have scored in customary fashion.

In closing, our Randburg fan added: “When Tuks keeper Kriek saved from the penalty spot at a critical point in the game you kind of knew it just wasn’t Maties’ night.”

FNB Player of the Match: Hendrik Kriek (Tuks)

Mugg & Bean Star Saver: Hendrik Kriek (Tuks)

Samsung Super Striker: Stephen Cant (Tuks)

Varsity Sports media release

UJ upset the romantics with remorseless fightback against all odds

By Jonathan Cook

As Baphiwe, polished co-MC and presenter alongside the equally eloquent Barron said, “It can’t get better than this”.

Indeed. As if the drama and tension of the epic first semi-final wasn’t enough, UJ and Wits contrived to serve up a dish of even greater exotic delight in semi-final two of the quite simply stunning closing matches of Varsity Hockey action at Maties Astro Monday night.

That the Wits fairy-tale that was unfolding at alarming speed in front of a disbelieving audience of enraptured hockey fans was ultimately blown to smithereens by the UJ juggernaut in the final reckoning, nothing can detract from a sporting spectacle of supreme quality.

Unsung heroes Wits, playing the most inspired brand of hockey you could ever imagine, scored four goals in seven minutes of absolute, utter mayhem between the 28th and 34th minutes of this unforgettable match.

The brilliant Brandon James scored Wits’ first, then made the vital passes to set up Thabang “Smiley” Modise and Stuart Brown for goals two and three … and to add further delight to the rank underdogs’ camp, that third strike came during a Power Play, which earned Wits a bonus goal and a seemingly unassailable 4-0 lead.

This is the same unfashionable Wits team that was toyed with by the epitome of bling in SA university hockey, the star-studded UJ outfit, on Friday here in Matieland – and that was an 8-4 stroll in the park for a UJ team that has yet to lose a match in Varsity Hockey 2016.

This is the same Wits University that were relegated last year from the University Sport South Africa (USSA) elite tier of teams at the annual event, which took place on the UKZN Greenfields Turf in 2015.

This is the same Wits team that will play in the B Section – or second division, of this year’s USSA event.

So what actually happened in the end, you might impatiently ask?

Sadly, for the many romantics amongst us, fairy-tales don’t always end in “happily ever after”, and so it proved as UJ dug as deep as it is possible to go in mustering up the courage, energy and just about every other useful resource one can think of, to bring about what is arguably the most extraordinary comeback in SA hockey history.

Amidst the Wits euphoria, both teams knew that there were still a weighty 26 minutes left in the match – and the more experienced UJ side gradually clawed their way back into this thriller-in-a-thousand.

First up it was Brynn Cleak who netted for UJ – in the 51st minute – and crucially it occurred during a Power Play, which gave the men in orange a bonus goal to whittle the deficit to two.

Yet Wits were still 4-2 to the good and the general consensus amongst seasoned observers was that nine minutes might not be enough for UJ to draw level.

But the UJ men were not prepared to entertain any thought of that ilk.

Two minutes away from the Wits fairy-tale coming true it was that man Cleak who once again got in on the act to bring UJ within one goal of parity (4-3).

But it was still Wits 4 UJ 3 so surely the upset of all upsets was still on the cards? An emphatic “No” was UJ’s response to that sort of mind-set and who better to call on when it really matters than captain Gareth Heyns to deliver the goods – and he duly did.

Heyns’ 59th minute penalty corner strike left a matter of seconds to go in regulation time and 4-4 was the way it ended.

Into the penalty shootout showdown this amazing match went – and once again the big-match temperament of the UJ men prevailed as goalkeeper Matthew Martins played a key role in his team taking the shootout stakes 3-1.

It doesn’t matter anymore. We go to UJ on Monday, May 23 for what is sure to be another classic when Heyns and Co. tackle UP-Tuks for 2016 Varsity Hockey glory.

What a mouth-watering prospect.

FNB Player of the Match: Quinton Kernott (Wits)

Mugg & Bean Star Saver: Quinton Kernott (Wits)

Samsung Super Striker: Sean Davidson (Wits)

Varsity Sports media release

Bronze For Bromac Kelburne, Promotion For Edinburgh University.

by Craig Madden



Bromac Kelburne finally showed a bit of form to win the bronze at the European Club Champions Trophy at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre with a comfortable 3-0 win over Czech champions SK Slavia Prague.

Kelburne started the more positive side and could have taken an early lead following a good move by Lee Morton but Jack McKenzie`s finish went just wide of the target.

The opener was not long in coming, the Slavia defence was opened up, the ball fell kindly to Chris Traynor, he steadied himself and fired his shot over the goalkeeper.

Kelburne`s first penalty corner was well won by Mckenzie but Joss Cairns high drag flick was well blocked by the goalkeeper. Morton went on another penetrating solo run but his finishing effort was smothered. The Scottish champions had most of the possession but lacked the necessary composure in the circle.

The Paisley side had early chances to settle the issue, McKenzie twice missed the target while Johnny Christie repeated the indiscretion.

Midway through the half a brilliant interpassing move involving Morton and McKenzie ripped open the Slavia defence leaving John-Gerard Shepherd with the simple task of tapping the ball into the empty net - a brilliant substitution as the youngster had only been on the pitch for ten seconds.

A similar flowing move resulted in a goalline scramble and veteran Ross Macpherson forced the ball over the line from a couple of inches for the third.

McKenzie had a chance to get himself on the scoresheet in the final minutes, he ran half the pitch, rounded the goalkeeper but fell victim to a last gasp tackle.



Edinburgh University secured promotion at the women`s European Club Champions Challenge 1 in Prague with a 3-0 victory over Russian side Donchanka in the final play-off.

The students had the game in hand with a two goal lead at the interval, Maisie Morris opened with a penalty corner strike in only six minutes, to be followed by an open play goal by Amy Brodie.

Promotion was sealed with an other set piece conversion by Becky Dru for the third, but the Russians seemed to lose the plot in the last ten minutes with three players visiting the sin bin.



Grove Menzieshill remain at the Challenge 11 level at Lille, the Taysiders were beaten 6-0 by Belgian side Waterloo Ducks in their promotion play-off   The Dundonians were always on the back foot as the Ducks scored three times in each half.

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Whitsun Cup: Malaysia Under-16 5 Germany Under-17 5

By Juget Singh

THE Malaysian Under-16 team ended their Whitsun Cup campaign on a laudable note when they came back from 1-4 to hold Germany Under-17 5-5 in Mannheim yesterday.

But the 'Malaysian Syndrome' of letting in last minute goals came back to haunt even this squad which is in its infant stage of preparing for the 2020 Junior World Cup.

After a mammoth come-back, Malaysia took a 5-4 lead, but with one minute remaining on the clock, the Germans scored the equaliser.

On Sunday night, they bungled two penalty strokes when they lost 3-1 to Netherlands in their second match. Malaysia were drubbed 6-1 by Germany Under-16 in the first match.

Malaysia got their goals off Akhimullah Anuar (two goals), Arif Syafie, Zafri Afiq and Amirul Hamizan.

Coach Nor Saiful Zaini said his charges played their best match of the tournament.

"It was great to see the boys come back into the match after going 1-4 down. We were sharper in attack but could have fared better defensively. Our goals were results of well taken chances. I also must give credit to the goalkeeper (Helmi Fazli, from Bukit Jalil Sports School) who made some very good saves", said Saiful.

Malaysia ended the tournament with 1 point, after losing their first 2 matches to Germany U16 (1-6) and Holland (1-3).

"The boys understand the demands of international youth hockey. They responded fairly well to several new ideas and this will augur well for us in the future. Overall, I believe this tour has served us well in understanding the players we have and the areas we need to work on collectively".

And the major concern for Saiful, as seen in the first two matchers, were the goalkeeping and strike-force department.

The other goalkeeper is Hamiz Ahir from Temerloh Sports School.

"The departments that needs urgent improvement are goalkeeping and scoring. Both the goalkeepers were guilty of letting in soft, very soft, goals in the first two matches. We also bungled more than 10 scoring chances in both the matches.

"Also, we failed to score two penalty strokes against Netherlands, which could have turned the tables on the Dutch."

According to Saiful, Malaysia were always on top of the three teams, on possession and penalty corner's won, and the scoreline does not reflect the actual game atmosphere.

Jugjet's World of Field Hockey

Hockeyroos Squad for Darwin and Champions Trophy

By Holly MacNeil/

The Hockeyroos squads for the International Hockey Open in Darwin and for the Champions Trophy in London have been announced today.

Head Coach Adam Commens has selected strong teams of 18 to compete in each event, with members of the core Hockeyroos squad being given the opportunity to cement their places in the team ahead of selection for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The International Hockey Open will see hometown favourite Brooke Peris return to Darwin to play in the last Hockeyroos games in Australia before the Rio Olympics. Kellie White is a noticeable return to the team, after a positive recovery from injury.

Hockeyroos captain Madonna Blyth will be absent from the squad in Darwin, however will return to the Champions Trophy Squad to compete in London.

Adam Commens said: “The International Hockey Open in Darwin is a fantastic opportunity for us to prepare against high quality Olympic opposition in the lead into the Champions Trophy. With Madonna and Mariah [Williams] unavailable due to injury for this tournament, we are hopeful that they will be available for the Champions Trophy. (Mariah Williams – knee; Madonna Blyth, Calf.)

“With these two series being so close to the Olympic Games is it is likely that our Olympic 16 will come from these 20 players, however if necessary we are confident that any player from our broader squad will be prepared to perform in Rio.”

Tickets for the International Hockey Open in Darwin are limited so head to www.ntix.com.au to secure your chance to see the Hockeyroos play for the last time in Australia prior to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

International Hockey Open, Darwin (Featuring New Zealand, Japan and India)
Tuesday 31 May: AUS v JPN | 7.00pm ACST / 5.30pm AWST / 7.30pm AEST
Wednesday 1 June: AUS v NZL | 7.00pm ACST / 5.30pm AWST / 7.30pm AEST
Friday 3 June: AUS v IND | 7.00pm ACST / 5.30pm AWST / 7.30pm AEST
Saturday 4 June: Finals TBC
Champions Trophy, London (Featuring America, New Zealand, Argentina, Netherlands, Great Britain)
Saturday 18 June: AUS v USA | 12pm BST / 7pm AWST / 9pm AEST
Sunday 19 June: AUS v NZL | 4pm BST / 11pm AWST / 1am AEST (Monday 20)
Tuesday 21 June: AUS v ARG | 2.30pm BST / 9.30pm AWST / 11.30pm AEST
Thursday 23 June: AUS v NED | 6pm BST / 1am AWST (Friday 24) / 3am AEST (Friday 24)
Saturday 25 June: GBR v AUS | 4pm BST / 11pm AWST / 1am AEST (Sunday 26)
Sunday 26 June: Finals TBC

Edwina Bone (Evatt, ACT)
Jane Claxton (Adelaide, SA)
Kirsten Dwyer (Mackay, QLD)
Anna Flanagan (Canberra, ACT)
Jodie Kenny (Wamuran, QLD)
Rachael Lynch (Warrandyte, VIC)
Karri McMahon (Berri, SA)
Georgina Morgan (Armidale, NSW)
Gabrielle Nance (Kingscliff, SA)
Georgia Nanscawen (Melbourne, VIC)
Georgina Parker (Berri, SA)
Brooke Peris (Darwin, NT)
Casey Sablowski (Albion Park, NSW)
Kathryn Slattery (South Stirling, WA)
Emily Smith (Crookwell, NSW)
Grace Stewart (Gerringong, NSW)
Ashlee Wells (Morwell, VIC)
Kellie White (Crookwell, NSW)

CHAMPIONS TROPHY (18 – 26 June, London)
Madonna Blyth (C) (Brisbane, QLD)
Edwina Bone (Evatt, ACT)
Jane Claxton (Adelaide, SA)
Anna Flanagan (Canberra, ACT)
Jodie Kenny (Wamuran, QLD)
Rachael Lynch (Warrandyte, VIC)
Karri McMahon (Berri, SA)
Georgina Morgan (Armidale, NSW)
Gabrielle Nance (Kingscliff, SA)
Georgia Nanscawen (Melbourne, VIC)
Georgina Parker (Berri, SA)
Brooke Peris (Darwin, NT)
Casey Sablowski (Albion Park, NSW)
Kathryn Slattery (South Stirling, WA)
Emily Smith (Crookwell, NSW)
Grace Stewart (Gerringong, NSW)
Ashlee Wells (Morwell, VIC)
Mariah Williams (Parkes, NSW)

Hockey Australia media release

Sreejesh to lead India in Champions Trophy

New Delhi: Star goal-keeper P.R. Sreejesh will lead an 18-member Indian squad for the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Champions Trophy in London from June 10 to 17, Hockey India announced on Tuesday.

Striker S.V. Sunil will be Sreejesh's deputy in the side which has a mix of experience and youth as part of preparations for the upcoming Rio Olympics.

Defender Harmanpreet Singh, one of the outstanding performers from the Silver Medal winning Sultan Azlan Shah Cup team, finds himself retained in the squad, and is joined by his junior colleagues, Harjeet Singh and goal-keeper Vikas Dahiya.

Dahiya will be a back-up to the returning Sreejesh in the team.

Sreejesh and defender V.R. Raghunath, who were rested for Malaysia, are back in the squad to provide a strong backbone to a strong looking Indian lineup.

"At the Champions Trophy, our aim will be to put in a class performance, and finish as high as we can. Finishing with a medal at the tournament will give us a lot of confidence going into the Olympics," Sreejesh said in a statement.

Chief coach Roelant Oltmans also echoed the same sentiments. "It is important that we approach the tournament, not just with a view to winning it, but also to execute our tactics well, and learn from past mistakes and keep evolving."

"This will ensure, that as a team we are prime placed when we reach Rio, physically, mentally and tactically," he added.

Squad: P.R. Sreejesh (Captain), Vikas Dahiya, Pradeep Mor, V.R. Raghunath, Kothajit Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh, Danish Mujtaba, Chinglensana Singh Kangujam, Manpreet Singh, S.K. Uthappa, Devinder Sunil Walmiki, Harjeet Singh, Talwinder Singh, Mandeep Singh, S.V. Sunil (Vice-Captain), Akashdeep Singhm, Nikkin Thimmaiah.

The Times of India

Sardar rested, Sreejesh to lead India in Champions Trophy

PR Sreejesh. (TOI Photo)

NEW DELHI: The selection committee of the Indian men's hockey team decided to rest skipper Sardar Singh and ace drag-flicker Rupinder Pal Singh from the 18-member national squad led by goalkeeper PR Sreejesh , which will take part in the FIH Champions Trophy in London from June 10-17.

It will be India's last tournament before the Rio Olympics and the move to rest Sardar is keeping in mind the decision to rest some of the seniors in order to keep them fresh for the quadrennial extravaganza.

"It was pre-decided that Sardar will be rested for the Champions Trophy as he has been playing non-stop for quite some time. He played in the Azlan Shah where Sreejesh was rested. Here Sreejesh is leading the side and Sardar gets much-needed rest," Hockey India president Narinder Batra told PTI on Tuesday.

"It also means that the coach ( Roelant Oltmans ) can check out a few youngsters and analyse what's best possible combination we can have," Batra added.

SV Sunil will be Sreejesh's deputy in the squad which also has seasoned first team players like VR Ragunath, Kothajit Singh, SK Uthappa, Akashdeep Singh to name a few.

Defender Harmanpreet Singh, one of the outstanding performers from the team's silver medal winning Azlan Shah Cup team, finds himself retained in the squad, and is joined by his junior colleagues, Harjeet Singh and Goalkeeper Vikas Dahiya, who will be a back up to Sreejesh in the squad.

Speaking after the squad announcement, Sreejesh said, "At the Champions Trophy, our aim will be to put in a class performance and finish as high as we can. Finishing with a medal at the tournament, will give us a lot of confidence going into the Olympics."

Chief coach Oltmans also echoed the same sentiments saying, "It is important that we approach the tournament, not just with a view to winning it, but also to execute our tactics well, and learn from past mistakes and keep evolving. This will ensure, that as a team we are prime placed when we reach Rio, physically, mentally and tactically."

Squad: PR Sreekesh (Captain), Vikas Dahiya, Pradeep Mor, VR Raghunath, Kothajit Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh, Danish Mujtaba, Chinglensana Singh, Manpreet Singh, SK Uthappa, Devinder Walmiki, Harjeet Singh, Talwinder Singh, Mandeep Singh , SV Sunil (vice-captain), Akashdeep Singh, Nikkin Thimmaiah.

The Times of India

Men’s National Team sets sights on Europe after “training camp” style week

Shaheed Devji

Midfielder Paul Wharton (right) looks on as defender Adam Froese (middle) makes a pass during a Men’s National Team training session in West Vancouver.

It didn’t have the fanfare and international attention that a competitions like the recent Sultan Azlan Shah Cup had or the upcoming Olympic Games will have, but the past week’s training block for Canada’s men’s field hockey team was as important – and intense – as both.

With team selection for June trip to Europe (which will be Canada’s last tour and competition before Olympic team selection) set for the end of this week, the Canadian men went through a training camp style week, on the field seven times in five days last week.

“It was different schedule wise with the everyday training,” says veteran defender Adam Froese, who was one of eighteen athletes who went to Malaysia in April for the Azlan Shah Cup. “I know guys were pretty fatigued by the end of the week. It’s all a part of the preparation.”

Ending a block of training that began late April after the trip to Malaysia, the mini-camp had heavy implications on the upcoming Olympic Games.

It is expected that 20 players will be selected for the European tour and logically the 16 (and two reserves) for the Olympic Games will come from that European 20.

That means cracking the European squad is important, making the past week essential for final impressions.

“The big one is to get as good a possible look at the guys in making a decision around not only Rio, but also Europe,” says Men’s National Team head coach Anthony Farry. “To give guys who didn’t go to Azlan Shah a really fair shot to line up against the other guys.”

In addition to on-field training, the men have been put through the paces with regards to fitness over the last block and specifically over the last couple of weeks.

Whether it was timed runs after practice or team orienteering missions in the areas around the practice facility, conditioning was as much a focus as technical training in the recent weeks.

“Coming into an Olympics in a qualification game towards the end maybe we’re playing Ireland or India, maybe we need to win both those games,” Farry adds. “There are going to be a whole lot of factors that are going to be fatiguing.”

“We wanted to see how they performed at the end of the week when they were tired.”

In a typical year, the recent schedule could and would be considered a grind. But this year is not a typical year.

With the Olympics now less than three months away, the Canadian men know how important the previous training block has been. And knowing the implications of the upcoming selections for Europe on the Olympic Games, the guys know there is no room to let up.

“You train every four year cycle for the major competitions like the World Cups and the Olympics,” adds Froese, who is hoping to go to his first Olympic Games in Rio this summer. “It’s kind of weird to think that those four years of training come down to the last two and a bit months. All that training for a two and half week competition, I think guys are starting to see that we’re getting pretty close.”

The Men’s National Team has a – well-deserved – recovery week this week before returning to the field to training next week, after the team for the European tour team is named.

They will then head to Europe – starting in Ireland before going to the United Kingdom – on June 9 for training and test matches against fellow Olympic bound teams Ireland and Spain.

The Olympic roster is expected to be named in the first week of July with the Olympic Games beginning on August 5 with the Opening Ceremony.

Field Hockey Canada media release

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