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News for 08 March 2015

All the news for Sunday 8 March 2015

Ireland and Austria through to World League Round 3

World League R2, men – Day5

Yan Huckendubler, PAHF

Ireland defeated top-ranked Canada in a fast-paced entertaining match (2-0), while Austria needed a shoot-out to squeeze past Russia in the other semi-final. Both teams advanced to the Final of the competition but most important to the next round of the World League. The winner of the 3rd place match tomorrow between Canada and Russia will also qualify for R3.

In the lower tier of the competition, Italy were ecstatic to win over Trinidad & Tobago (2-1) while Chile defeated the USA (3-1).

Semi-Final - Ireland vs. Canada: 2-0 (ht: 0-0)

The hazards of pool play and quarter-finals pitted the two top-ranked teams against each other for an explosive semi-final, with the winners off to World League Round 3 and the losers still having another chance to maintain their Olympic dream alive in the 3rd-4th place match. Before the match, Irish Chris Cargo and Canadian goal-keeper David Carter were honored for their 100th International Cap.

Tension was palpable in the two teams before the match. The Canadians were fast in action in the Irish circle in the opening minute, then play settled in midfield for an observation round. Play was intense and of good level, but with no clear chance at either end. Canada had the first penalty-corner of the match on a hard shot by Matthew Guest deflected by David Harte on a defender’s foot, but Scott Tupper’s attempt was thwarted by a running defender and first quarter ended logically scoreless.

Canada seemed to take a slight territorial advantage early in second quarter, making the Irish run after their passes. Mark Pearson had a chance after stealing a ball from the Irish defense but was just short to beat David Harte in the Irish goal. Hockey was fast and entertaining for the spectators, but the two teams were efficiently neutralizing each other.

Ireland found an opening in the 26th minute and forced a penalty-corner in the crowded Canadian circle. They tried a fancy variation that fizzled and the Canadian could clear their territory. Canada earned another penalty-corner for some rough Irish defense but Tupper was denied again by David Harte and the two teams walked back-to-back and scoreless into the half-time break, with the feeling that the result could swing either way.

Play remained balanced at the beginning of second half, with neither team giving an inch to the opposition. Both sides tried aerial ball to get away from the tight marking but with no real benefit. Ireland earned a penalty-corner in the 39th minute and Shane O'Donoghue did not go for fancy this time, powerfully propelling the ball high over David Carter’s head to give a tenuous lead to the Europeans. O'Donoghue added a second goal three minutes later and things started to look bleak for the Canadians.

Ireland earned two penalty-corners early in fourth quarter, but bobbled the first and sent the other way over the Canadian goal. They had however taken a good grip on the match and the Canadians were struggling to get away from their defensive end.

The end of match was intense and ferociously contested, but the slope was too steep for the Canadians and the Irish team was soon celebrating their qualification for the next round of the World League, while the disappointed Canadians were looking at regrouping before their next match, against either Austria or Russia, to earn the third ticket for Round 3.

Semi-final - Austria vs. Russia: 1-1 (ht: 1-0 + shoot-outs: 4-2)

The two European teams had squeezed through the quarter-finals with narrow wins over the USA and Chile, and it was hard to predict from the early stages of the match which team would emerge as winner and qualify for the next round of the World League.

Play was balanced but certainly not as intense and structured as the previous semi-final between Ireland and Canada. There were many phases played at a pedestrian pace, as if the players were trying to preserve themselves from the Californian afternoon heat. Austria were trying to speed up their play but the Russians seemed satisfied to pass the ball in the backfield waiting for an opening to materialize.

Neither Mateusz Szymczyk in the Austrian goal nor Marat Gafarov for Russia were called into pressing action until the 27th minute, when Benjamin Stanzl created havoc in the Russian circle after a long run on the left wing. Austria earned a penalty-corner and Julius Heimans did not miss the opportunity to break the deadlock for a 1-0 lead going into the break.

Russia came back level just after half-time with a penalty-stroke well taken by Igor Siniagin and the two teams were back to square one. The Russians maintained their momentum and earned a penalty-corner that resulted in a messy situation in front of the Austrian goal; they thought that they had scored but their celebration was cut short by the umpire who had spotted a foul.

Under the Russian increasing pressure, Austria could not manage to keep the ball long enough to develop dangerous plays. On the other hand, the Russians, smelling that they were within reach of a positive result, were pouncing on every ball and immediately creating danger. Intensity of play had increased a few notches with the urgency to score but players seemed to be drained of energy and many unforced errors broke the rhythm of play.

Finally, in a last ditch attempt, Russia earned a penalty-stroke… with 4 seconds left on the clock. Incredibly, Austrian goal-keeper Mateusz Szymczyk saved the attempt to push the match into shoot-outs. Austria were more on target than the Russians (4-2) and squeezed through to the Final and booked their tickets for the next round of the World League.

Cross-over 5-8 - Trinidad & Tobago vs. Italy: 1-2 (ht: 1-1)

Trinidad & Tobago had recharged their energy after their heavy quarter-final loss to Ireland and were quickly on the offensive, earning a couple of penalty-corners in the opening minutes of the cross-over against Italy, but to no avail. The Italians promptly regained their composure and play became more balanced, with Francesco Padovani making his usual miracles in the Italian goal to clean-up behind his defense.

He could however not do much on T&T’s fourth penalty-corner, slotted high in the corner by Kwan Browne in the 11th minute, the only goal of first quarter. Play became very much equal in second quarter, both teams favoring long runs with the ball rather than patient passing build-up. Italy took advantage of a Trinidadian green card to earn a penalty-corner, well converted with a low flick by Thomas Keenan in the 26th minute, for an even score at half-time.

Thomas Keenan had another chance on penalty-corner early in second half, but this time his low shot did not fool Ron Alexander, on duty in the Trinidadian goal today. The ball stayed tantalizing close to the line for what looks like an eternity, but was finally cleared by the defense. Tempo slowed down in this period, possibly because the players were starting to feel the physical toll of their fifth high level match in a week, or even suffering from the blistering Californian heat now baking the Chula Vista venue.

Trinidad & Tobago had four penalty-corners in third quarter, all cleanly defended by the Italians. Play was starting to lose its structure, with long runs from one end to other, and score remained tied at 1-1 going in the last quarter. Umpires had to distribute a few cards and Italy had a period of domination during a Trinidadian yellow card. After two unsuccessful penalty-corner attempts, the Italians finally took the lead in the 50th minute by Daniele Cioli with a diving shot.

Tension was high during the final minutes of the match, on the pitch, on the bench and amongst the Italian fans on the sideline. Trinidad & Tobago pushed as hard as they could, and nearly scored a fraction of second before the horn, but the Italians, keeping an eye on the clock ticking down oh so slowly, held tight and were soon celebrating a win that ensures that they will finish at least two spots above their entry ranking.

Cross-over 5-8 - USA vs. Chile: 1-3 (ht: 0-0)

Both teams were bitterly disappointed by their narrow losses in quarter-finals (USA lost 1-2 to Austria and Chile only succumbed in penalty-shots to Russia) and eager to rebound in their last matches, even though their hopes of advancing to the next round of the World League had evaporated.

The North Americans controlled play in first quarter, but the Chileans neutralized their efforts, surviving a few hot situations in their circle for a scoreless first quarter. The USA continued their pressure in second quarter but were still kept at bay, including on a penalty-corner well saved by Adrian Henriquez in the Chilean goal. Henriquez was under fire during the whole quarter, but the USA had nothing to show on the scoreboard for their intense efforts in first half.

The USA were awarded a penalty-corner hotly contested by the Chileans players early in second half, but Adrian Henriquez was once again up to the task. With the persisting deadlock, tempters started to flare and players on both side were somewhat losing their composure, rushing their passes or tackles.

Chile had a period of domination in third quarter and Christopher Rea, who was having a quiet morning so far in the USA goal, was beaten from close range in the 43rd minute by Jose Maldonado, after Felipe Eggers played quickly a free-hit close to the circle, penetrated the circle and delivered a perfect cross.

That did not sit well with the USA and they pushed forward with exacerbated energy. The earned a penalty-corner in the 48th minute and this time did not try a fancy variation, leaving William Holt to propel powerfully the ball low in goal, tying the score with plenty of time on the clock. Holt had another penalty-corner opportunity chance a few minutes later but to no avail this time.

Play was flowing frantically back and forth, both teams trying to grab a decision before the shoot-outs. Chile were rewarded in the 54th minute when Thomas Kannegiesser pounced on a loose ball in the circle and propelled it high in goal out of reach of Christopher Rea. The USA replaced their goal-keeper with a field player with four minutes to go and even had a double numerical advantage when a Chilean picked up a yellow card. They immediately forced a penalty-corner but it was deflected by Henriquez.

The North American gambit backfired when they suffered a penalty-corner, converted high in goal by Nicolas Renz, establishing a two-goal cushion with two minutes on the clock. Chile absorbed the last American efforts and earned their spot for the 5th-6th place match, where they will meet Italy for a revenge of the pool match.

The USA on the other hand were bitterly disappointed to have let another close match slip out of their grasp in the final minutes of play, pushing them down to the 7th-8th match against Trinidad & Tobago.

Schedule for Day 6 (Sunday March 8):
7th-8th: Trinidad & Tobago vs. USA
5th-6th: Italy vs. Chile
3rd-4th: Canada vs. Russia
Final: Ireland vs. Austria

PAHF Media release

Green Machine Book Spot in WL3 with 2-0 Win Over Canada

A pair of Shane O’Donoghue penalty corners around the 40-minute mark saw Ireland win through to the final of the Hockey World League round two in San Diego.
More importantly, the result means Ireland have earned one of the three tickets on offer from this tournament to World League round three in June when the Olympic qualifying places will be doled out.
That double broke wide open an otherwise tightly knit and intense battle as the hazards of pool-play pitted together the two pre-tournament top ranks in a huge tussle.
On a day when Ireland’s Chris Cargo made his 100th appearance, the first half was low on chances, the two sides playing cat and mouse. Canada’s long aerials were the main threat as key man Scott Tupper launched a number of assaults.
David Harte kept out a couple of penalty corners from David Guest as well as some good counter-attacks via Mark Pearson. In reply, Mikey Watt earned Ireland’s first corner, one which was well saved by David Carter on his 100th international cap.
Canada started the second half in the ascendancy with near constant pressure but David Harte stood tall once again. But the game was swung dramatically Ireland’s way in the 39th minute when a long ball picked out Mitch Darling and he won a corner.
O’Donoghue rocketed his shot to the roof of the net for a precious lead. Peter Caruth then forced another set piece, drawing a heavy foul from Adam Froese which earned him a yellow card sin-binning.
This time on the switch, O’Donoghue fired home his second goal in a couple of minutes. Ireland went into the final quarter full of confidence but were unable to convert a couple of corners while another effort was scooped off the Canadian line.
It mattered little, though, as Craig Fulton’s side closed out the 2-0 result to earn their place in World League 3, more than likely in Argentina. With their initial target complete, they can now look forward to Sunday’s final against either Austria or Russia at 3.15pm (11.15pm Irish time).
Ireland 2 (Shane O’Donoghue 2) Canada 0

Ireland: D Harte, J Jackson, R Gormley, M Watt, C Cargo, A Sothern, E Magee, M Darling, P Gleghorne, C Harte, S O’Donoghue
Subs: J Bell, S Dowds, P Caruth, K Shimmins, B McCandless, D Carlisle,
Canada: D Carter, B Martin, S Tupper, A Froese, G Johnston, P Wharton, M Pearson, G Ho-Garcia, I Smythe, M Guest, S Panesar
Subs: D Jameson, B Bissett, M Sarmento, J Smythe, T Curran, D Noronha Teixeira

Irish Hockey Association media release

Ireland edges Canada 2-0 in Men's World League 2 semifinal

Canada to play for 3rd place Sunday at 1pm

Shaheed Devji

The Canadian Men's National Field Hockey Team dropped a 2-0 decision in the first Men's World League Round 2 semifinal Saturday in Chula Vista, California.

With a spot in the final and automatic qualification for World League Round 3 awarded to the winner, there was a lot to play for as the two teams took to the field.

The match began with both teams looking to impose their will and style of play on the other. Both defensive lines were forced to be strong to withstand any early pressure.

A calculated match went back and forth, with Canada gaining momentum and scoring opportunities near the end of the first quarter.

A scoring chance late resulted in a penalty corner for Canada but both offensive forays were turned away by Irish keeper David Harte.

After a scoreless first quarter, Canada continued to put on the pressure in the second quarter with a scoring chance early. Again, Harte was up to the challenge.

Minutes later, Ireland gained a circle entry of their own and this time David Carter, in his 100th international match for Canada, was required to make a good save. Carter made another well-timed save off Ireland's first penalty corner of the quarter and the match remained scoreless.

After some pressure from Ireland, Canada looked to turned the tide back in its favour.

A series of long-balls played through the air resulted in a penalty corner with forty seconds remaining in the half, but Harte was once again equal to the task, keeping the game tied nil-nil at halftime.

Ireland's man of the match without question was its goalkeeper David Harte, as in the second half he continued his stellar play in the opening minutes.

Constant Canadian possession and pressure resulted in an Irish turnover in midfield and another scoring opporunity, but Harte stood tall to keep the ball out.

Harte's play must have been a boon to the Irish pysche as against the run of play Ireland found its way into the Canadian area and earned a penalty corner.

Off the ensuing advantage, Shane O'Donoghue put the ball passed Carter to give Ireland the first goal of the game and the 1-0 lead in the 39th minute.

Just three minute later, with a Canadian player missing on a yellow card, Ireland seized another opportunity and it was once again O'Donoghue who capitalized. The lead was 2-0 Ireland with just over a quarter to play.

Ireland was buoyed by its third quarter and in the fourth continued its strong play, limitng Canada's opportunities on its way to victory.

With the win, Ireland moves on to the tournament final where it will face the winner of the second semifinal between Austria and Russia. With the top three teams in World League 2 moving on to World League Round 3 in June, Ireland automatically earns its spot with its guaranteed top two finish.

For Canada to move on to World League 3, it will have to win the third place match on Sunday at 1pm against the loser of the Austra-Russia semifinal.

Field Hockey Canada media release

Chile Breaks a Locked Scoreboard in Final Quarter to Pull Ahead of USMNT

Chile left the pitch victorious with a 3-1 win

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – The Hockey World League Round 2 tournament embarked on the final leg of play on Saturday in San Diego. Just short of qualifying for the semifinal matches, the U.S. Men’s National Team competed against Chile. The results board was locked in a draw for a majority of the match until the final 15 minute quarter when Chile was able to capitalize twice to build a goal gap. The final report presented a score of USA 1, Chile 3.

Evenly positioned international squads began the first portion of the game settling into a tempo as the ball darted from end line to end line. USA defender Aki Kaeppeler (Stuttgart, Ger.) contained a forward advance by a Chilean midfielder to transition ball play into the red, white and blue's attacking end. Then a duo of USA defenders Mohan Gandhi (Ventura, Calif.) and Adam Miller (Panama City, Fla.) swung the ball in front of the circle looking for a forward passing path into the circle. An attack presence was further built in the first quarter again when USA's Christian Linney’s (San Diego, Calif.)  turf shoes chewed up the distance between the midfield and the goal line. Linney was able to slip a ball across the cage but it didn’t connect with a teammate’s stick.

During the second quarter Chile came out of the gate strong, looking to generate offense with quick passing down the right side of the pitch. The ebb and flow of the match led to the umpire upgrading a call to give USA their first corner of the half but the ball went high of the crossbar. Chile’s lifted pass to move the game into their attacking end was quickly shut down when USA's Miller, on cue, intercepted the attempt. Moving to the opposite end of the field, USMNT athlete Gandhi was able to forcefully fire a slick backhand shot to cage, testing Chile’s keeper. The hit didn’t convert to a goal. The halftime report was locked with a scoreless board.

The third period gave way to Chile’s Jose Maldonado scoring in the 43rd minute. Not able to tame USA’s attack, William Holt (Camarillo, Calif.) was able to capitalize off of a penalty corner option to even the score in the 48th minute. Lulls in communication created slips in Team USA’s organization where Chile was able to make the most of a moment. A field goal from Thomas Kannegiesser, as well as a successful corner operation completed by Nicolas Renz after Team USA pulled their goaltender to substitute a kicking back gave Chile a lead. The score would stand USA 1, Chile 3 with USA’s Tom McCarthy (East Windsor, Conn.) still driving fast into the circle.

“We have developed well throughout the tournament however today was disappointing,” said Head Coach Chris Clements. “We had many opportunities but rushed them and therefore failed to convert. Chile took their’s and were able to put results on the scoreboard.”

The Hockey World League Round 2 will wrap up Sunday, March 8. The USMNT’s opponent and playing time slot will be determined at the completion of today’s matches. Be sure to follow @USAFieldHockey on Twitter for live updates on all USMNT matches at the Men’s Hockey World League Round 2. #HLW2015 #RoadToRio

USFHA media release

SA hockey men edge China in 15-goal thriller

JONATHAN COOK at Hartleyvale

SA midfielder Clint Panther suges upfield as China's Chen Du fades. ACTION PIX

In what is surely one of the most remarkable, high-octane Test matches seen in South Africa in years, the SA men’s hockey team shaded a super-energised China 4-3 in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout Saturday to take full points after the score was locked 4-4 in regulation time.

Saturday’s finale brought a fitting end to day one of what promises to be an action-packed Greenfields FIH World League Round 2 event at Hartleyvale Hockey Stadium in Cape Town over the course of the next week.

SA face a massive challenge against the classy, street-wise Egypt in the much-anticipated Africa continent derby at 4.15pm Sunday that could well decide the outcome of Pool A.

The SA/China Pool A clash started at a furious pace and in the first minute the green and gold’s shot-stopper Rassie Pieterse made a fine save from Long Sun’s snap-shot off the top of the strike zone. SA countered at lightning speed and Taine Paton’s cross from the left saw strike mate Pierre de Voux’s effort foiled by keeper Rui Xu advancing smartly off his goalline.

The left channel was to China’s liking and Zecheng Li’s quick strike brought a reflex block from Pieterse. The pressure told when China won a disputed penalty corner off the whistle of Tomas Holek of Czech Republic in the sixth minute.

A hotly disputed goal awarded by Holek in the seventh minute was the result, after Pieterse had made the initial save from Lixian Liu’s PC drag-flick. From the rebound, the ball was eventually scrambled over the line by Liguang E  after a frantic goalmouth melee (1-0). Pieterse was furious at Holek’s decision but the umpire was unmoved by the stopper’s animated gesticulations.

China continued to pile on the pressure and central defender Rhett Halkett plus midfielder Clint Panther were just two of the SA players galvanised into making goal-threatening intercepts during this charged-up encounter. The lads in green and gold came back well in the dying minutes of the first of the four 15-minute chukkas but the equaliser was not to be.

Not 45 seconds into the second chukka, Zecheng was awarded a deflection goal by Holek, much to the Chinese striker’s visible surprise, but the incredulous reaction of the South Africans brought the umpires together and the Czech official’s consult with fellow whistle-blower Eduardo Lizana of Spain saw sanity prevail - much to the packed grandstand’s delight.

Spectator appreciation grew markedly 83 seconds later (18th minute) when centre back and captain Austin Smith nailed the equaliser low to keeper Xu’s right off SA’s second consecutive PC, the first bravely blocked by the electrifying pace off the goalline of first-wave defender Weibao Ao.

At 1-1 it felt as if an entire match-worth’s action had been crammed into what had been less than a third of this richly satisfying fixture’s regulation 60 minutes. However, the umpires were not selling their decisions well and player frustration got increasingly out of control as virtually every decision was questioned.

China went 2-1 up in the 23rd when Yixian Liu placed his PC drag-flick low to Pieterse’s right. And there was more 58 seconds from the close of the second stanza (29th minute) when that man Smith rifled home a PC drag-flick that threatened to burst the net (2-2).

Just 46 seconds after the half-time changeover a rocket drag-flick off yet another PC underlined that Smith’s new-generation Princess A5 stick  - in its first Test match – was on the money, but ever-alert last line of defence Xu was up for the challenge.

In the 34th SA’s increasing assurance earned another PC and once again it was keeper Xu who denied Smith’s hat-trick effort. A dink-pass left by striker Julian Hykes saw fellow forward Paton’s goal-bound attempt pop agonisingly over the crossbar. The crowd went silent in the 36th when Talake Du’s PC drag-flick went high to Pieterse’s right and China were back in front (3-2). Within a minute (37th) it was 4-2 after Xiaoping Guo pounced on the rebound after Pieterse’s save.

SA continued to press hard but, as it had been for much of this enthralling contest, the combinations were not realising an adequate sequence of passes and numerous promising attacks were undone at the moment critique.

However that anomaly was soon forgotten three minutes from the close of the third chukka (42nd) when the crowd erupted after Hykes smashed the elusive white nut into the backboard off the top of the strike zone, this after Paton had held his nerve before making the goal-pass (4-3).

A minute into the fourth and final chukka (46th) the rapped crowd went wild when an unmarked Jet Eustice, lurking on the right, collected Tim Drummond’s visionary pass and slotted the ball between the sticks with comfort for the 4-4 scoreline; this after SA had launched their assault from the middle of the park. 

The drama showed no sign of letting up when Paton again prised open China’s left-side defence line and Dan Sibbald’s one-handed deflection sliced past the wrong side of the post. In the 52nd Pieterse made an astonishing save at full stretch from Chen Du’s pinpoint PC drag-flick. 

As the clock ticked down, both sides suffered the mortification of seeing potential game-breaking crosses from either wing slide just out of reach of despairing sticks, but the agony grew for SA in particular with just two minutes left when Hykes’ extreme pace saw the striker race around the right-hand baseline in a play that would have brought the winner on another day.

Draws are not entertained at International Hockey Federation (FIH) events and the teams went into a match-deciding penalty shootout. 

It was nerve-jangling stuff and the on-song Smith, Panther, Halkett and Eustice slotted four of SA’s five chances, Paton’s effort sliding outside the post. After China’s Long Sun, Lei Meng and Chen Du enjoyed success – Liguang E was pressured by Pieterse into a mistake during his go – SA led 4-3 with one to play. With the tension at breaking point, Pieterse made a brilliant double save off that final attempt by Chinese captain Tianjun Sun and the men in green and gold took the three match points in a 4-4 (4-3) blockbuster that witnessed eight regulation-time goals and seven successful shootout strikes.

SA (2) 4 (Austin Smith 2, Julian Hykes, Jet Eustice) China (2) 4 (Liguang E, Yixian Liu, Talake Du, Xiaoping Guo).

Penalty shootout: SA 4 (Austin Smith, Clint Panther, Rhett Halkett, Jet Eustice) China 3 (Long Sun, Lei Meng, Chen Du).

Other results –

Pool A:
Egypt 3 Switzerland 1

Pool B:
France 4 Azerbaijan 0
Czech Republic 2 Belarus 0. .

Pool B: 9:30 Azerbaijan v Belarus; 11:45 Czech Republic v France.
Pool A: 14:00 China v Switzerland; 16:15 Egypt v South Africa

SA: Rassie Pieterse (GK), Dylan Swanepoel, Rhett Halkett, Austin Smith (capt), Matt Guise-Brown, Jet Eustice, Clint Panther, Tim Drummond, Taine Paton, Pierre de Voux, Julian Hykes. Rolling subs: Gowan Jones (GK), Dan Bell, Robin Jones, Dan Sibbald, Natius Malgraff, Keenan Horne, Shannon Boucher.

China: Rui Xu (GK), Zhixuan Zhang, Yue Huang, Zipeng Wang, Zecheng Li, Chen Du, Liguang E, Long Sun, Weibao Ao, Tianjun Sun (capt), Yixian Li. Rolling subs: Rongyao Yan (GK), Lei Meng, Yang Ao, Talake Du, Bowen Wang, Xiaoping Guo, Wei Meng.

SA Hockey Association media release

Goals reign on a rainy day in HWL R2  in Delhi

K. Arumugam

As only expected goals reigned in the inaugural day of the Hockey World League (Women) Round 2 in New Delhi, which also saw sudden dip in temperature laced with incessant rains in the evening and thereafter.

Four matches produced 33 goals, which includes just a solitary goal from the losing side.

India notched up the biggest win (13-0) while Poland Thailand Match that ended 4-1 in favour of the former was the lowest in terms of goals it witnessed.

Despite playing under downpour, Indian girls showed enormous scoring prowess, especially in the last quarter -- where they struck six goals - in routing Ghana 13-0, the highest score on the opening day which marked only one sided contests.

Feature of India's win is a fluent four-goal by ever-improving Vandana Kataria whose third goal she struck, a forehand from right side of backline, is a sight to remember for long.

Goal 1: Veteran Deepika passed to Vandana Katariya who was inside D, the latter started the goal spree, now in the eighth minute.
Goal 2: In the 9th minute, Monika got a clean pass in the D, and slapped the ball into the nets
Goal 3: Deep Ekka struck through a penalty corner
Goal 4: Vandana Katariya deflected the ball in for India's fourth goal in the 21st minute.
Goal 5: Rani struck in the 23rd minute, which is also half time scoreline
Goal 6:In the third quarter, India added one more with a great stick work display and dispatch of ball into goal by Rani in the 33rd minute.
Goal 7: Jaspreet Kaur took the hit off a penalty corner, but the Ghana goalkeeper saved; Amandeep Kaur bounced on to the rebound.
Goal 8: In the 48th minute Vandana Katariya scored a brilliant field goal with a reverse shot from acute angle.
Goal 9: Japreet Kaur scored through a penalty corner (54thmin).
Goal 10: The team's tenth goal was scored by Poonam Rani
Goal 11: In the 55th minute, wily Lilima Minz posted an easy goal in a melee.
Goal 12: In the 56th minute, another reverse shot by Vandana Katariya gave India another goal.
Goal 13: India’s 13th goal came through a perfect penalty corner flick by Jaspreet Kaur again.


Malaysia 8 Kazakhstan 0

Captain Siti Ruhani struck first thro' penalty stroke in the seventh minute of the game itself, helping Malaysia to take the lead by 1-0. Nurul Mansur added another goal in the tenth minute(2-0). Siti Othman successfully converted a penalty corner in the 28th minute (3-0) followed by Fatin Mahd Sukri in the 29th minute (4-0). In the third quarter, Fazilla Sylvester Silin made a beautiful field goal in the 33rd minute(5-0)followed by Norbaini Hashim in the 37th minute. Surizan Noh pumped in the ball through a field effort in the 53rd minute. With only a minute left for the final hoot, Hanis Onn scored a winning goal and emerged as the winner defeating Kazakhstan 8-0.

Russia 7 Singapore 0

Russian eves struck their first goal though captain Irina Osipova. and then with just four minutes to go for the first quarter, Ksenia Shamina netted another field goal (2-0).Margarita Derpenkina successfully converted a penalty corner in the twentieth minute (3-0). Marina Fedorova notched a goal through a penalty corner conversion in the 38th minute (4-0). Russia Anastasiia Reviakina in the 47th minute (5-0), Marina Fedorova (6-0) in the 50th minute were followed by Olesia Petrova (7-0).

Poland 4 Thailand 1

Captain Marlena Rybacha struck in the seventh minute off the first penalty cornerPoland. Magdalena Zagajska sneaked in a field goal in the 38th minute (2-0) while in the 45th minute Kornkanok Sanpoung fired in a field goal to reduce the score to 2-1. In the very opening minute of the fourth quarter Poland increased their lead to 3-1 when they secured a penalty corner opportunity in the 46th minute and Joanna Wieloch successfully converted it into a goal. With just two minutes to the final, Marlena Rybacha struck again through a penalty corner.

Tomorrow's matches
Kazakhstan vs Singapore 1315 HRS IST
Russia vs Malaysia 1530 HRS IST
Ghana vs Thailand 1745 HRS IST
Poland vs India 2000 HRS IST


Indian women maul Ghana 13-0 in FIH Hockey World League Round 2

NEW DELHI: Vandana Katariya scored four goals as India mauled a hapless Ghana 13-0 to begin their campaign in the FIH Women's Hockey World League Round 2 in style at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium on Saturday.

Besides Vandana's four strikes, Jaspreet Kaur and Rani struck twice each while Deep Ekka, Monika, Poonam Rani, Amandeep Kaur and Lilima Minz found the target once each as goals rained in the completely one-sided match.

The Indians scored almost at will as they toyed with their lowly opponents in a Pool A match. India next play Poland on Sunday.

In other matches earlier in the day, Malaysia thrashed Kazakhstan 8-0 while Russia drubbed Singapore 7-0 in Pool B. In the closest match of the day, Poland beat Thailand 4-1 in Pool A.

The eight-team World League Round 2 holds importance as each team will look at making it to the World League Round 3 which is the final stage of qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Ranked highest in the tournaments, India are the favourites to win the tournament.

The Times of India

Malaysian eves thrash Kazakhstan 8-0 in World League Round 2

NEW DELHI: Malaysia began their campaign in the FIH Women's Hockey World League Round 2 with a 8-0 thrashing of Kazakhstan 8-0 in the inaugural match here on Saturday.

Eight different players scored for Malaysia who completely dominated the match at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium here.

Siti Ruhani (7th minute), Nurul Mansur (10th), Siti Othman (28th) and Fatin Sukri (29th) scored the first four goals while Fazilla Sylvester Silin (33rd), Norbaini Hashim (37th), Surizan Noh (53rd) and Hanis Onn (59th) netted the last four.

The first quarter of the match saw Malaysia and Kazakhstan in an attacking mode as both the sides tried to score the first goal.

Captain Siti Ruhani did not make any mistake while firing a penalty stroke in the seventh minute before Nurul Mansur found the target in the 10th minute through a field effort.

In the second quarter, Malaysian eves penetrated in their opponents' striking circle more frequently. Siti Othman successfully converted a penalty corner in the 28th minute and with just a minute left to end the second quarter, Fatin Mahd Sukri fired in a field goal.

Malaysia continued their domination in the third quarter and Fazilla Sylvester Silin scored a beautifully crafted field goal in the 33rd minute and Norbaini Hashim added the sixth one in the 37th minute.

Surizan Noh pumped in the seventh goal in the 53rd minute of the game before Hanis Onn completed the route with a goal with only a minute left for the final hooter.

The Times of India

Malaysian women whip Kazak 8-0

THE Malaysian women's hockey team got off to a rousing start when they whipped Kazakhstan 8-0 in the World League Round Two in New Delhi yesterday.

Malaysia also hammered Kazakhstan 8-0 at the Incheon Asian Games in Busan last year.

The interesting fact against Kazakstan was that eight different players scored the eight goals.

Their next opponents are Russia today, which will be their toughest match in Group B, before they wrap up the fixtures against Singapore on Tuesday which should be a another walk in the park.

The women have never advanced to the World League Semi-finals, but look good to break the jinx in New Delhi as they are seeded second in the tournament.

Siti Ruhani started the goal-count with a seventh minute penalty stroke while Nurul Mansur (10th), Siti Othman (28th), Fatin Sukri (29th), Fazilla Sylvester Silin (33rd) and Norbaini Hashim (37th), Surizan Noh (53rd) and Hanis Onn (59th).

"Everything fell into place against Kazakhstan and the huge margin is a big boost as we head into the toughest clash in our group against Russia tomorrow (today).

"The confidence is there as we aim to play in the final when the dust settles, and if the team play like they did against Kazakhstan, I am confident Russia can be beaten as well," said Malaysian team manager Ernawati Mahmud.

NOTE: Malaysia 6 WAIS 0 in Down Under Tour.

Milo Cup second leg

Meanwhile, the second leg of the MHC-Milo-NSC Milo Cup quarter-finals will be played today, with no upsets expected from the Division Two Teams.

In the first leg on Friday, Division One teams SSTMI Thunderbolts, UniKL Young Guns, Petaling Jaya City Council and SSTMi-MSP Thunderbolts scored convincing wins and look set to advance to the semi-finals without much fuss.

TODAY: Quarterfinals second leg-- 1Mas Perlis (0) v SSTMI Thunderbolts (10) (Kangar, 4.45pm); BJSS Juniors (1) v SSP-MSP Thunderbolts (6) (Ministry of Education, 4.45pm); SMKDBL PHJ (1) v Petaling Jaya City Council (3) (Batu Pahat, 4.45pm); Nur Insafi-Penang HA (0) v UniKL Young Guns (3)(Sungai Petani, 4.45pm).

Note: First Leg scores in parenthesis.

Jugjet's World of Field Hockey

Hockey girls start World League campaign with big win

By S. Ramaguru

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia got off to an ideal start in the World Hockey League Second Round with an 8-0 mauling of Kazakhstan at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi.

Malaysia, the world No. 21 and second seeds, had an easier time than expected in their Group B opener.

Skipper Siti Ruhani started the ball rolling by converting a penalty stroke in the seventh minute.

Nurul Mansur doubled the tally with a field goal in the 10th minute.

Then in a nine-minute blitz, Malaysians added four more goals through Siti Othman (28th), Fatin Mohamed Shukri (29th), Fazilla Slyvester Silin (33rd) and Norbaini Mohamed Hashim (37th).

Surizan Mohamed Noh added the seventh goal in the 53rd minute and Hannis Onn completed the rout in the 59th minute.

National coach Mohamed Nasihin Nubli was happy to secure a win.

“It’s always difficult to play the opening match. On top of that, the players have not played together since the Asian Games (in October). We were quite apprehensive, but it turned out fine as the forwards made the chances count.

“There were eight different goalscorers. We need to keep this going as we expect a tough time against Russia in the second game tomorrow (on Sunday). I don’t want the players to let their guard down at any time,” said Nasihin.

The Star of Malaysia

Fazilla concerned about bumpy pitch in New Delhi

By Aftar Singh

Fazilla (right) is worried about executing penalty flicks on the bumpy pitch at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi.

KUALA LUMPUR: Penalty corner specialist Fazilla Sylvester Silin is concerned with the bumpy pitch at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi, the venue for the women’s World League Second Round hockey tournament.

Malaysia, the world No. 21 and second seeds, will open their Group B campaign against Kazakhstan on Saturday.

“I trained on the pitch twice and it is not easy to execute the penalty corner flicks well because of the bumpy conditions,” said the 27-year-old Fazilla.

To make matters worse, Malaysia will not have the services of their second penalty corner flicker Nur Aisyah Yaacob as she is ill since arriving in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Fazilla, who made her international debut in 2007 and has 69 internationals caps, believes Malaysia cannot just rely on penalty goals to beat Kazakhstan.

“We need to score field goals too,” said the Sarawakian.

Malaysia last played Kazakhstan at the Incheon Asian Games in South Korea last year. Then, Malaysia won 8-0 with Fazilla scoring a field goal.

“We will not take Kazakhstan lightly. Our mission is to qualify for the World League Third Round (Semi-Finals) in June. To achieve that we must finish in the top two here,” said Fazilla.

After Kazakhstan, Malaysia play Russia tomorrow and Singapore on Tuesday.

World No. 13 and top seeds India, the Asian Games bronze medallists, are the favourites to win the tournament.

India will kick off their Group A campaign against Ghana. The other teams in the group are Poland and Thailand.

The World League is a qualifying tournament for next year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

The Star of Malaysia

Beeston relegated from Premier Division

University of Birmingham and Beeston battle for the ball March 7 2015 Credit Andy Smith

BATTLING Beeston were relegated from the Investec Women’s Hockey League Premier Division after a 2-0 defeat at the hands of University of Birmingham on Saturday.

Goals from Lucie Daman and Hannah Martin saw University of Birmingham take three points which keeps their hopes of claiming a play-off spot alive.

Unbeaten Surbiton had long since guaranteed their place at April’s play-offs at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

However, they faced second-placed Clifton in what was one of their biggest challenges of the season. It was a test they passed with flying colours, as goals from Sarah Page and Jenna Woolven saw them win 2-0.

Canterbury moved up to second and dented Leicester’s hopes of a play-off berth by beating them 5-1. Eliza Brett hit a brace and there were further goals from Dirkie Chamberlain, Grace Balsdon and Lizzie Neal.

Bowdon Hightown moved out of the relegation zone at the expense of Buckingham, beating their fellow strugglers 1-0 thanks to a goal from Lisa-Emma Crewe.

Play-off rivals Holcombe and Reading fought out a goalless draw, leaving both sides still in with a chance of reaching the play-offs – although Holcombe are still fourth and in the driving seat.

Investec Conference West

Slough were presented with their trophy for winning the Investec Conference West championship after a 2-0 win against Olton and West Warwicks.

The champions had to wait until the 62nd minute for a breakthrough with Mel Ball forcing the ball home. Charlie Brydon added a second from a penalty corner just three minutes later. The defeat leaves Olton just three points above the relegation zone.

Cheltenham’s relegation was confirmed as they lost 4-1 to Isca. Emily Mitchem gave them a glimmer of hope, giving them the lead on 32 minutes but a Meg Crowson hat-trick saw Isca win comfortably.

Swansea beat Gloucester 3-1, Bristol Firebrands are still second from bottom after losing 1-0 to Stourport and Trojans beat Oxford Hawks 2-1.

Investec Conference North

Wakefield all but confirmed their place in the Investec Conference North promotion play-offs with a 2-1 win at second place Brooklands Poynton.

Sally Walton and Cat Horn scored the goals to open up a six-point gap at the top, as Brooklands missed the chance to claw themselves to within touching distance of the league leaders.

Kendal took a giant step towards safety with a narrow 2-0 win over Whitley Bay and Tynemouth, a result which moves them into eighth place after Liverpool Sefton were beaten by the University of Durham, losing 3-0.

Cannock’s survival hopes are looking increasingly slim after they were despatched 8-0 by Sutton Coldfield.

Investec Conference East

Horsham were beaten 1-0 by Harleston Magpies in the Investec Conference East, meaning their only hope of survival would be via the relegation play-offs.

Lucy Whiting’s early goal condemned Horsham to defeat and left eighth place out of their reach, after Ipswich won 3-1 at Bedford to strengthen their chances of survival.

That defeat leaves Bedford also likely to feature in the relegation equation, with victory for Ipswich opening up a five-point gap at the bottom with just two games to play.

Elsewhere Chelmsford lost 1-0 to Sevenoaks to leave them with work still to do to ensure survival, whilst Wimbledon moved into fourth with a 1-0 win over St Albans.

Investec Women’s Hockey League (Saturday, March 7 2015):

Investec Women's Premier Division: University of Birmingham 2, Beeston 0; Bowdon Hightown 1, Buckingham 0; Surbiton 2, Clifton 0; Canterbury 5, Leicester 1; Holcombe 0, Reading 0.

Investec Women's Conference West: Trojans 2, Oxford Hawks 1; Stourport 1, Bristol Firebrands 0; Swansea City 3, Gloucester City 1; Cheltenham 1, Isca 4; Slough 2, Olton and West Warwicks 0.

Investec Women's Conference North: Brooklands Poynton 1, Wakefield 2; Kendal 2, Whitely Bay and Tynemouth 0; Liverpool Sefton 0, University of Durham 3; Loughborough Students 3, Ben Rhydding 4; Sutton Coldfield 8, Cannock 0.

Investec Women's Conference East: Sevenoaks 1, Chelmsford 0; Wimbledon 1, St Albans 0; Bedford 1, Ipswich 3; Horsham 0, Harleston Magpies 1; East Grinstead 4, Maidenhead 1.

England Hockey Board Media release

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