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12 Punjab Warriors players? Judge for yourself

These screen grabs are from The Official YouTube stream. Note the running time of the video in the bottom left. This covers a pan from 2:47:27 - 2:47:30. Punjab Warriors are in blue.

4 Punjab Warriors players in shot

1 second later the same 4 players in shot

1 second later 8 Punjab Warriors players in shot - the two on the right have fallen back from the half way line leaving 2 players up field.

1 second later the far wing who was running back is no longer in shot leaving 3 players up field out of shot. 8 players are in shot plus the three up field makes eleven players. The goal Keeper is not in shot

The Goalkeeper is now in shot as are another 7 Punjab Warriors. In the sot above the Mumbai Magician and his marker are now out of shot - 9 Punjab players as are the other three still up field - 12 players in total.
This is where the mistake may have happened. Immediately after the Timeout 5 minutes from the end of the gameyou can see 12 players to the left of the Trainer as the others leave the field to the right. The Keeper in red is the Punjab Warriors Keeper as confirmed by the shirt colour of the Keeper leaving the field to the bottom right.


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