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Coaching E-Newsletter #5 DEVELOPING Coaches and Players

By Shiv Jagday, FIH Coach

Bridge the gap between Soft Skills and Hard Skills, to create an optimum balance of Art, Grace and Power; and make the game more appealing to the masses.

Core Themes covered in this issue

Tactical: In the CNL #4, we covered thinking Strategies to perform and maintain the possession of the ball in a confined space, under pressure and in the Right Defensive Quadrant (RDQ). In this issue we are going to go a step further, while covering “How to” pass the ball with a mini hit to a teammate, while maintaining the ball possession, as a team. Especially, when the opponents execute a full court press in the RDQ. And leave themselves vulnerable in other pockets of the field.
Technical: How to execute a short or long range hit with a short back swing in the RDQ.
Power point presentations and video clips:
Supporting the core themes of this issue.
Training Method Tips:
With detailed explanations simulated in game situations, caught on a video camera
Motivational Quotes: Calmness under pressure.

Read the full newsletter here

In case if you have not read the previous 4 CNL’s, please do so. As all these CNL’s are interlinked and interdependent, like building blocks. It will be hard, for some of you, to understand the topics covered in this issue and the ones in the future, especially the game concepts and the terminology.
Please visit www.coachshiv.com and click on the tab on the top right side “Coaching Newsletter”. And you will find the link to all the previous issues.

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